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Jordan Gross restructured

Mar 27 2013 11:14 AM YoungPanthers89 Carolina Panthers
BREAKING: Panthers OT Jordan Gross has agreed to a restructured contract. Base salary reduced from $8.7M to $1M in '13, $6.7M to $1M in '14.

I'm not sure at this point if years were added on to the contract, but that would make sense. Hope to know more soon.

That'll help.

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We're back in business
Damn! $8m in cap room!
I wouldn't even consider that "re-structure". He just took a massive pay cut. This is great. WE HAVE CAP ROOM!!!
that fuging Gettleman guy, i swear.....
Alan Branch please.
Oh thank you mr gross
Restructures as in took less money or converted base to a bonus? or a combination of both?
Base salary reduced, but no mention of if or how much was converted to bonus. There is no way he simply agreed to 1/8 the salary this season.
so did he just give up $13 million?
On the surface that looks like a pretty sizable pay cut. Thank you indeed Mr. Gross.

I'll wait to see how it all comes out before I get too excited though.
Fuggin RIGHT
Yeah I don't think he just voluntary taking 7 million less, its probably converted into a bonus.

Restructures as in took less money or converted base to a bonus? or a combination of both?

I'd assume a combo. Wonder if/how long we extended him as well. Can't wait to hear all the details.
I bet it was base to bonus with a slight cut in the base overall for it to be that damn big
Thats awesome
Hell yeah! Let's pick up a free agent NT and G, then we'll really be able to take the BPA. Shoot, with the way G-man gets these vets on the cheap, we could pick up an O and D Lineman for the vet min and then roll 7 mil over for Cam and Hardy's contracts next year.

Edit: Ok, so this probably doesn't translate to 7 mil in cap room. Either way, fug yeah!
In Gettlemen We Trust.

we have to use part of this money for our oline in honor of Gross
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K now as I understand it, a restructure indicates that the money is simply being moved to later years as in re-organizing the contract. This sounds like an outright pay-cut.....can anyone clear this up?
And that is what a leader of a team does. JWD Gross and Gettleman.
A BIG salute n mini statue worthy.

Thank you Mr. Gross!

Even if we brought in a Joe Thomas and cut Gross..something would have felt wrong.
Gross just said that winning was more important than buying that new yacht he has been looking at. Thanks Gross!!
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Gettleman lawing down the law and getting it done right!