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Official Panthers - Patriots Gameday Thread

Nov 18 2013 07:00 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
In their most anticipated Monday Night Football game in years, the Panthers seek to establish themselves as a top tier team in the NFL.

The Bank will be blacked out and louder than ever this evening.


Radio: 1110WBT

I will be tweeting observations and pics starting at 7pm, follow @CarolinaHuddle

Keys to a Panthers victory:

1. Long sustained scoring drives, keep Brady off of the field.
2. Apply pressure from the front 4, blitzing will not phase Brady. The ball comes out too quickly.
3. Take advantage of Patriots rookie safety Harmon with Ted Ginn on deep routes.
4. Run, Cam, Run. Cam breaking a long run will force the Patriots to rush less and contain more.

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