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  1. I immediately think of Julio Jones when I think of successful blockbuster trades. 5 picks and 2 first rounders for him, he's a hall of famer and helped them get to the superbowl.
  2. Dude looks fat and ugly as fug in his profile pic.
  3. he's right about the cap situation hurting him but Its not as much about a rebuild as he thinks. Regardless, he was a good team mate and great in the community, wish him the best, hes also well spoken so I wouldn't mind seeing him doing something in the booth with the cajuns soon.
  4. in 2019, there were a few games he showed some flashes when he was healthy, it was just last year, sheeesh. He has a ton to prove, but might as well bring him back and see if he flashes any potential.
  5. further proving we will take a bag of cheetos and a mountain dew over Teddy. Its literally more likely that PJ walker is our starter next season than Teddy
  6. mahomes gonna die because of Remmers, sheesh.
  7. to be fair, he was on a team committed to losing, last year trading ramsey, and hell CUTTING fournette before the season. He was lead by a god awful front office and an even worse coaching staff. FWIW, he sure as hell is an improvement over teddy
  8. FWIW, I wouldn't hate kicking the tires on Trubisky, Chicago is a place of sorrow and despair for QB's and he came into the NFL with John Fox and now has Matt Nagy, both of which certifiably suck. Trubisky was always a project that needed extra coaching at the next level, and I dont think he ever got that coaching in the NFL, could be good with Rhule and co.
  9. FFS, lets just be honest, we're now in a place where we're literally trying to bribe teams to take Teddy...what a fantastic contract...
  10. I'll pull for him, but my prediction is that we'll be drafting a qb again within the next 5 years and rhule wont make it through his contract if Fields is the pick, especially if we trade up for it. JMO though
  11. Im not all against Wilson, but I will say that personally I get Jimmy Clausen vibes from him. I dont want him, and I would absolutely prefer Trey Lance, but that said, if we end up drafting him, I will still be pulling like heck for him.
  12. I meant more historically. They lucked into Warner and the greatest show on turf, then back to the irrelevance for years until they lucked into the combo with mcvay and that defense. My main thing is organizationally, they're closer to the buccaneers which despite their success this year isnt exactly a place you want to be compared to.
  13. I wanted stafford, but I will say, We're gonna find out REAL quick if McVay is the genius everyone made him out to be. Jared goff for his faults has been between 4000 and 4500 yards per season the last 4 years and has a 2:1 TD/INT ratio. he clearly was on pace to be a franchise QB and the rams have been kind of a dumpster fire, so I absolutely could see them having fuged this up too.
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