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  1. great minds, posted essentially same thought at the same time.
  2. honestly sucks that covid hit, xfl was actually fun last season and was gaining some momentum. I think XFL actually would have taken on the role we've wanted for a while as essentially a spring minor league.
  3. use this meme responsibly huddle.
  4. I can see a possible trade of Robby, he has good value as a 1000 yard reciever on the last year of his contract, if we have no intent on resigning him, and we can use his current value plus cheap last year of contract to levy into some serious value for us, then it makes sense. That said, i dont believe we are going to move him, he'll be here this next season.
  5. We definitely have the pieces to have a winning season and be in play for a playoff spot, it literally all comes down to darnold and how he performs.
  6. If Jones leaves, Mark my words, Ryan will be exposed as the fraud he is.
  7. Everett brown was drafted a year later, traded for, and he was trash without injuries, I'd say him. thank god Hurney is gone.
  8. Jeeze, my joke took a turn. No hes not coming back anytime soon. Yes he will most likely retire a panther IMO, if for nothing else, its probably good for his brand as he'll be able to sell some extra vintage jerseys. end of the day, for every "Cam bad because black" hucklefug out there, there were just as many if not maybe more "cam do no wrong ever" dipshits. Vast majority of fans lie in between, and he knows this.
  9. But cam IS gonna resign with the panthers!....(in a few years when he's ready to retire and we do a 1 day contract so he can retire a panther).
  10. Gosh, remember that drive where Little looked like he wasn't the worst player on our roster? me either.
  11. I know man. FWIW, I turned off the game, no clue whats happening, I just am horribly cursed.
  12. embarrassing...just embarrassing. I shouldn't watch this team, I watched 3 games this year, and all 3 were embarrassingly bad losses, how the fug was this team supposed to be not-garbage. Thank god we gave mr injury a billion dollars to never play when it counts. atleast I can go back to not giving a fug about the hornets.
  13. I'm sure it'll be daniel Jones fault for him being worthless.
  14. Warning to our new york brethren, lock your refrigerators. I'm sorry, I just dont give a poo about him, that POS literally was/is the reason Cams career went sideways because his fat ass gave up on the pass against SD then didnt even try to tackle the guy who intercepted the pass. Cam injured his shoulder trying to make up for his lard ass then blamed cam for him being shitty.
  15. It was close, was considering it, but the one and only foucault start was legitimate nightmare fuel. I was considering Artis payne as well but Biakabutuka was supposed to be a franchise changer, he was a top 10 pick, and he was out of the league in 4 years. Gettis made the list only because EVERY year after his rookie year, people would swear it was his time to break out, and legit never had a reception after his rookie season. FWIW, I still like Fozzy, I thought he was alright as a third down back, he was never anything incredible, but we could have also done FAR worse.
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