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  1. He didnt want Young I agree, but how bad he sucks is certainly debatable. Last year Russell Wilson looked like utter trash, but under Sean Payton he looks good. Systems matter for QBs and it very well could be that we were square pegging Young into a round hole. If you put Cam Newton in the wrong system, instead of being the greatest running threat of a QB of our time, he could have looked like crap. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't look great, but I'm willing to see if there's a coach with a plan that plays to his strengths before I wholly give up on him.
  2. Now THIS is absolutely correct. They held the Offense together and they had a good defense, those 2 things will produce wins as long as you don't get in the way. Hell it was the Rivera Method with Cam and a dominant defense.
  3. Dude, you're first point is so insanely wrong it hurts. He had Luck his first season in 2018, 2019 he retired before the season and they had jacoby brissett, third year they had the final year of Phillip rivers career, next was Carson Wentz, and his final year in Indy he had Matt Ryan. In no world did he have andrew luck for "most of it". also its pretty openly known now that Reich wanted Stroud, Tepper wanted Young, so we took young. Reich is a trashcan of a coach, but we don't have to make up stuff to prove our point.
  4. Will probably go through, a lot of buzz will come up with ben johnson and jim harbaugh, and the when everyone is excited about one of them Tepper will hire some window licking moron like hue jackson.
  5. that is the correct answer. Urban failed at every turn and was a scumbag. Rosens play however was so bad that it got Wilks fired
  6. Kinda, honestly I think he wanted a guaranteed loser because when Wilks coached well last season it made it harder for him to hire the guy HE wanted because fans generally wanted Wilks. Last thing he wants is evero being a good coach then having that same problem this off-season, so might as well go with a coach we know will lose.
  7. I bet against the panthers this week with a friend of mine. He's a titans fan and swore they were worse, I knew we were worse. Easiest 20 bucks ever.
  8. my god, I didnt even think about it, dude is set for life with whats happened the past 2 seasons. owed 36 mil when fired in Indy, has a 4 year contract here where hes gonna get paid, and thats not counting the money he made from indy BEFORE he was fired.
  9. The sad truth is, I really wonder if Christensen at Tackle and icky at guard would actually be a good combo. If I remember correctly, Brady had some athleticism, his knock was the arm length (god what a dumb thing scouts fixate on). I also seem to remember that Brady was never really a mauler so literally flipping them could be a good thing next season. As I've said, Obviously that cant be the plan (gotta get someone this offseason for tackle), but I damn sure would open the competition and see if it could work.
  10. thats kinda my point, he needs to learn the position, get him some real world play time right now. The Toth dude was listed as a Tackle, and Ricky Lee is a tackle. Dont really care who it is, they can go and be just as bad as Icky is while icky gets 6 games to help prepare him to play guard next season.
  11. Dont really care who they trot out at LT, but we need to rip the bandaid off and just move him to Guard. I'd rather a really good guard than the worst LT in the NFL. If he's bummed about it, its his own fault, he can either have a long career possibly as a guard, or be out of the NFL in 2 years as a Tackle.
  12. Frankie Luvu and Derrick Brown. Outside of that...welp, not much
  13. I will say we are as dysfunctional as it gets, but the Texans are proof positive that just because they fired a coach after 1 year it doesn't mean you cant find a good coach. Lets just look at recent history of coaches fired after 1 season and their replacements Houston 2021-David Culley --> 2022 Lovie Smith --> Demeco ryans Denver broncos 2022 - Hackett --> Sean Payton Jaguars 2021 - Urban Meyer --> Doug Pederson Browns 2019 - Freddie Kitchens --> Kevin Stefanski Cardinals 2018 - Steve Wilks --> Kliff Kingsbury 49ers 2015 - Tomsula --> 2016 Chip Kelly --> Kyle Shanahan Browns 2013 - Rob Chudzinkski --> Mike Pettine Jaguars 2012 - Mike Mularkey --> Gus Bradley Raiders 2011 - Hue Jackson --> Dennis Allen I made sure to keep the the stinkers too, but if you look at that list, there's some incredibly good coaches that we would be lucky to have, and all went to "dumpster fire organizations" who had just fired a coach after 1 year. If we have trouble attracting a coach its because of an overly demanding and meddling owner, not because we fired a coach after 1 season and even then, if Jim Irsay can attract a coach with him being insane, and the Texans being able to attract a coach while the owner has said racist poo, Im pretty sure Tepper can find a way to attract a coach.
  14. ya know, I can agree with that, Urban was a wild piece of poo and for as much as I dislike Rhule, he wasnt the kind of awful person Urban Meyer was.
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