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  1. depends on what "well" means. He needs to have a run like Tannehill in his first season down the stretch with the titans for me to consider it.
  2. Prime peppers would have literally been going blow for blow with von miller in that game. On offense, I know people will mention O-linemen and the obvious goat in Smitty but I'll toss a name out of left field for yall..Wesley Walls. With how the broncos brought pressure, having 2 safety blankets as strong as Olsen and Walls combined would force them to back out and would kind of negate the strength of their Defensive backs.
  3. dont forget the run the seahawks went on in 2013/2014, Legion of boom and Lynch were the real reasons for their title and the return the next year, russ was just a game manager at that time. In fact, the numbers he put up those years were very similar to Ryan Tannehill with the titans.
  4. We need to let him finish this run out, but the initial results make me feel like he is a capable of being a great head coach. I went and watched some of his Arizona press conferences, he seemed flustered and anxious. FWIW, while they screwed him over, I do think Wilks was in over his head a bit at the time, but that experience plus where he's at now is why he's looking good as a coach. I think the biggest mistake we could make is screwing this up like the raiders did. They had a good coach in Rich Bisaccia that locker room rallied around, instead they went and got the hot name for the next head coach and now their a raging tire fire. IF he continues this way, Keep Steve and see what he can do with the full time gig.
  5. I think I can confidently say that no one is going around sayin "Marshawn was such a good dude for drunk driving", might have more to do with the stuff he did prior to that...
  6. top 10 draft pick yet 1 1/2 out of first...We still in it baby!...somehow.
  7. I think if you're going with as small a sample size as Randy Fasani and Brian St. Pierre, you HAVE to include Will Grier. those were the 2 ugliest games I've ever seen from a QB.
  8. I get what you're saying, but god damn...thinking of if there were 22 steve smiths on the same team, there would be so much blood. I think steve smith would not be willing to deal with steve smiths poo talking.
  9. I dont care honestly, I'm to dissolutioned from watching us fail for a decade sadly....
  10. but we can do that without giving up another pick to do so, IE, if he plays enough this season his pick is bumped up by a round.
  11. I doubt it, Wilks seems like a guy who gains players trust by believing in them when they're down.
  12. please god put in darnold (words I never thought I'd say). Hes just as bad/good as mayfield but he wont cost us more draft picks.
  13. Seeing our defense get quick outs and our offense doing dick with it...
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