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Luke Kuechly Photos

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Photos of the Game - Dolphins Edition

Aug 18 2012 08:27 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the Panthers - Dolphins game...

I am fairly certain Greg Hardy is trying for a True Blood cameo....
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Jonathan Stewart knows who to thank for his TD....

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Charles Johnson beasting...
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Jon Beason being a mentor even when not playing...
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Jonathan Stewart making it look easy...
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Luke Kuechly and Terrell McClain teaming up... get used to seeing this.
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:: before

I know that woman. She used to be a librarian. Shush is the main word in her vocabulary.

No Captain, Chardonnay is.
I don't get it. Where's the rest of the pics? Am I missing a link somewhere?

Did Zod spend too much time focusing on Tannehill's wife? Can you at least share those pics?
Herbert The Love Bug
Aug 20 2012 02:44 PM

Back story:

The old woman in front of us (I am blocking most of her - but turned my hat around to get her in the pic) and her husband have been sitting in front of our seats for as long as I can remember - at least '98. Every single time we get too loud for her, she turns around and shushes us. We only got one shush on Friday, but it was after a crucial 3rd down stop in the 1st quarter - where people were acting like they were at a football game and cheering on the D.

After getting reprimanded by her for being too loud, we got someone behind us to snap a pic of us mocking her. Not all of us are wine and cheese in the clubs. We stayed til the end.

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you're friends with John Edwards?

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Nose picking is dirty !
That Charles Johnson pic is awesome.