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    Just a little something I got back when I lived in Auburn...pays to have friends within the program. 2 2011 Panthers draft picks signed it, Cam and Ziemba
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    I decided to get back into the hobby. This was my first purchase and my favorite player. It's the gold /25 version!
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    No, it looks great! Is it a LaFell one? Those 'cards' are amazing
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    I have a poo ton of autographs I've collected over the years. I'm working on a Panthers/Heels man cave right now so I'll post some of it from time to time.
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    here's some new goodies #1/1 #20/32 #6/49 #1/10 #31/99 #6/49 they all go great w/this one:D #1/1
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    Guys all nice cards in here. But nothing compares to my DWill collection Here's a small sample DWill Letterman set numbered 3/5 and all graded 9.5 expect 2: Dwill Sketch card numbered 1/1 And now the card of all cards. A DWill Exquisite Rookie Graded 9.5 (with possibly the best patch ever made) Enjoy
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    Finally got a rare Beason! His cards do not surface often (especially rare ones)......And luckydog will be pissed when he finds out how cheap i got this for:D (#1/6, technically a 1/1)
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    11 (i count the nameplate as a 1/1) I have a ton of competition From a dude on SCF named Chillydoggy (cool dude)Hes helped me out a few times w/some smitty RCs.

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