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    Sports Illustrated MMQB Robert Klemko @ RobertKlemko 10m ESPN production meetings right now.
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    He wasn't a terrible QB? Incorrect, he was God awful.
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    Some people on this forums board- 10. Justin Hardy 9. Justin Hardy 8. Justin Hardy 7. Justin Hardy 6. Justin Hardy 5. Justin Hardy 4. Justin Hardy 3. Justin Hardy 2. Justin Hardy 1. Justin Hardy
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    And what did I just bring home?
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    Charles Johnson 6'2" 285 lbs. Kony Ealy 6'4" 275 lbs. Frank Alexander 6'4" 270 lbs. Mario Addison 6'3" 260 lbs. Wes Horton 6'5" 265 lbs. See the pattern? I'm scanning the DEs/OLBs available and not seeing many that match that mold. The ones that do are Addison types instead of Johnson, Ealy, or Alexander types. DE Preston Smith is the closest one, and from what I can tell is projected 3rd or 4th round.
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    My question to everybody is why aren't more people talking about Chris Conley. I watched his highlights last night (obviously highlights don't show players flaws) but I feel in love with him as a receiver. He catches with his hands, blows the top off of defense and he goes over the middle to catch anything. I honestly don't know why he isn't been talked about as a late day 1 or day 2 pick. If you haven't seen his highlights please take a look.
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    "Teb0w is a more accurate passer than Cam will ever be." -Skip Bayless
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    Said it before: I think Kelly's ego is such that he believes he can even make a pro QB out of Teb0w.
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    Got the same thing in my fridge
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    So i watched Conley's best game (And the only available game from 2014) and I can see why he had a 5th round grade on him. He's not ready to play in the NFL. Te comparisons to Coates are ridiculous. Coates is a much better prospect. First off, I watched only one game for both Coates and Conley, both only had one from 2014 available. So I can't say a lot for either. But looking at Conley's statline, I'm not sure what all there is to see. He had only three other games over 50 yards, and only 2 other games with 4 catches or more. i'd like to see how he'd adjust to balls, and what he did against other comeptition, but at 5 catches, 128 and a td, this was the best display of his skill set at WR. First the good. He has very good acceleration, he has the ability to blow past DBs before they get a chance to redirect him or try to press him. is acceleration allows him to run quick, crisp routes which he showed off a few times against Ark. One he sat down on a route, then quckly turned and accelerated past the saftey who came down to get himself open for a big gain. He also has the ability to find himself the soft spot in the zone. Once, he was wide open on a route into the endzone, and the QB just didn't see him. i feel like he has upside but... He doesn't play up to his size or his 40 time. He's not very strong and it showed as he was redirected off of his routes a few times, and once just out powered by an Arkansas DB. Not once did I see him run that 4.35 speed and just completely take the top off a defense.On top of that, his agility and ability to get YAC seemed limited. Overal, Conley seems overhyped. The athletic talent is there, but he's going to be a project, honestly. As for Coates, I watched him against LSU and while he only had 4 catches, I can see why there's hype behind this guy. Coates is very physical, and plays every bit of the 6'2 he is. He can fight through contact and get off te line against physical DBs. On top of that, his mix of strength and speed allow him to be useful on any part of the field, short throws, deep balls, middle of the field, redzone. He's a very physically gifted WR. His YAC ability is impressive as well. He showed the ablity to fight through tackles and make moves to get more yards, and it was very impressive. i think my favorite thing about him is he boxes out DBs so well. Two of his big catches he used his body to shield off the DB and make the catch over them. Think of a WR with LaFell's body, but he atually uses his size to his advantage. Amazing. My biggest concerns are not unlike those of the ones I had with KB. Drops and route running. Against LSU, Coates had a perectly catchable ball just sail right through his hands, and apparently, he had a drop rate of 19.1 percent. Holy poo. Against LSU, I only saw him run somethng other than a straight vertical route once. Both of them I'd rather stay away from them first two rounds. But i'd take Caotes of Conley in literally any other round just because I think Coates gives you an instant impact at WR, with just as high of skill ceiling.
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    Federal government needs to recognize the Lumbees so NC can get a casino in Lumberton and I won't have to drive all the way out to Cherokee, NC to go to a casino. I will gladly give you my money when/if it happens
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    Biscuit birthday present from the Huddle!
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    Greg Gabriel, who was a scout for Giants 1985-2001 before spending 9 years as Director of College Scouting for the Bears (2002-2010): "The problem I have with evaluating Conley is that you don’t see those (impressive combine) numbers on tape. ... I felt he played more like a 4.50 type. ... (in his Combine workout), the only time that was disappointing was his 20 yard shuttle which was 4.30. ... I was a little disappointed in his ability to get off a jam consistently. Once free of a jam, he can break down going into a cut, but I don’t see top explosion coming out of the cuts (slow 20 yard shuttle). ... He is still very much a developmental player in that he needs to become a better route runner and also has to improve his release. After a period of learning, I see him as a player who will be a much better pro than he was a college player. It just won’t happen right away. ... Conley has very good hands and always catches the ball away from his body. He tracks the ball well and can adjust to the poorly thrown ball. After the catch, he is a good runner. ... Overall, Conley’s traits are outstanding, and because of that, he will get drafted high." http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/nfp-prospect-focus-chris-conley-and-justin-hardy/
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    What do you guys think of this list? 10. DGB 9. Jarvis Landry 8. Brandin Cooks 7. Kelvin Benjamin 6. Devante Parker 5. Amari Cooper 4. Kevin White 3. Mike Evans 2. Sammy Watkins 1. Odell Beckham Jr. http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000485529?campaign=Facebook_writers_jeremiah
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    We all have a few trash drinks we all like even if the general friend-Bro consensus is that they are terrible or girlie. In the trash beers: I love Natty Lights, PBR on tap and possibly Bud light with lime...all forced upon me from bowling leagues. In mixed drinks I will go with :Long Island iced teas, Blue Motorcycles and yes...bc I abused Vicks Formula 44 as a child I love the taste of Yager... I will still kill a 40 of Old E if you dare me but bust out the old hip hop...bc of all the dead homies.
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    I have no hate for him whatsoever. By all accounts he's a great guy. He's just a terrible quarterback.
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    Size thirty??? Way to make a guy feel fat
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    Blake Giusti @ BlakeG_18 1m On the third year he rose again
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    Hello fellow beer aficionados. Just wanted to start a thread to say, "suck it." Ballast Point. Stone Brewery. Mother Earth. Belching Beaver. Green Flash. Barrel Harbor. Pizza Port. Bagby. Modern Times. Oceanside Aleworks. Ballast Point again. Karl Strauss. Ballast fuging Point. We may be in a historic drought, but god damn we brew some mighty fine beers. Great weather. Beautiful beaches. Hottest chicks. Why does anyone live anywhere else?
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    Bud light lime....in the bottle.
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    I also like the bud light 'ritas. Specifically cranbrrrita and mangorita. I'm not even ashamed to admit that.
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    Let me know when and where you are. I'll take you on the hop highway. It's a stretch of freeway from Oceanside to San Marcos, with 16 budding breweries.
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    mixed drinks: mojitos, or are those considered manly? Either way, delish.
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    Miller Genuine Draft and Bud Select are pretty good for what they are, but I never advertise such things.
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    South Florida Sun-Sentinel Omar Kelly @ OmarKelly Apr 3 Imagine the Patriots with Phillip Dorsett . The thought it a little scary.
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    it's not really taboo it's more that other groups don't have deep seeded racism they're constantly trying to validate statistically
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    Beckham was not a better prospect than Watkins. White isn't better than Cooper.
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    I've been to Old Hickory, cool place. Had several of Foothills brews. I'm not familiar with Noda though, I'll have to keep my eyes open for them. That's why I like these types of forums and the Untappd app, helps with finding new Breweries,. Thanks.
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    I'll be blunt. White crime doesn't sell. No one wants to hear about a white guy that kidnaps a kid. It doesn't sell. White cop shoots a black kid, it's big ratings. The media generates hate. More people can relate to feeling prejudiced against, real or imagined, or to feeling the loss of a family member even though the death may have occurred naturally. They cant understand how some feels when their kid has never been taken. The media isn't about honesty, it's about money.
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    Been saying this forever if Odi is there at 25 we are taking him..you can get a OT in the second (Fisher) who could be the same as some of the first round guys. Charles Johnson and his contract also play a huge part in this, plus the pass rush was awful the first half of the year until CJ got into the groove. A rotation of CJ, Ealy, Alexander and a guy like Odi would be dominant with Ealy and Odi obviously being the future at DE for us.
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    Sweet man. We have a cabin in dugspur and my wife and I visited those. That get bent IPA is really good. I'm pretty close to a lot of them. We live in Statesville so we can take 40 east or west to find some good ones like olde hickory to the west. Foothills to the east. And south on 77 to get to a lot in Charlotte. My favorite being NODA. Ghost Hop is really good there plus super nice people showed us around on the tour
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    In Charlotte there is a black on black murder almost everyweek... Apparently no one gives a poo about it, not even blacks. It only matters when 2 different races get involved... Remember, media cares about ratings and they will push for stories that meet the demand.
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    Yep! Picking a random away game this year and going out to Denver for beers and to watch the game with the Mile High Cats
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    Russian River Lagunitas Bear Republic 21st Amendment Faction Triple Voodoo Russian River again Speakeasy Anchor Brewing Sudwerk Altamont Drakes Almanac Pyramid Ale Industries Sierra Nevada Knee Deep Russian fuging River again I canz play this game too! We can share Firestone Walker because it's kind of smack in the middle between us.
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    All those breweries you mentioned use water that comes from us up north, because you guys live in a fuging desert. So, you're welcome. Jk Cali bro love.
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    I will continue my campaign advocating for Michelob ultra until I'm banned.
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    That's what this offense needs. We could do worse in later rounds. Other than catching and the ability to break cleanly off the line and in the routes, straight line speed and an explosive vertical are arguably the most important things.
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    now: Charlie Campbell @ DraftCampbell 6h Updated 2015 Big Board. Miami WR Phillip Dorsett continues to rise. Charlie Campbell's new big board has Dorsett has his #4 WR: #3 Cooper #6 White #14 Parker #20 Phillip Dorsett [previous rank: #23] - 4/15/15: "Sources say that Dorsett should go in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, but if he somehow slips to Friday night, he will be an early second-round pick." http://www.walterfootball.com/draft2015bigboard.php
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    @ESPN730: Dorsett: "I got great feedback from the Panthers, I worked out for Ricky Proehl and got very good feedback, they are interested" @ESPN730: Dorsett: "The Panthers said they are missing just one piece on offense and that was an explosive receiver"
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    Also, my feelings if Hillary wins White House:
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    screw you...I'm not giving you any of my great advice on this...hope there's dead people in your new place!
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    Not sure what you real question is....... Just be honest with your realtor about what you are looking for....what are deal enders....honesty about your budget....etc Now, if you are trying to determine if the realtor is the right one to hire, then I would ask about how they will work for you....what areas of the city do they specialize in (make sure you get a realtor that sell a lot in the areas that you are interested in....not just the city, but the areas of the city). You will spend a lot of time with your realtor looking at houses and negotiating.....so you need to make sure that your personalities mesh.
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    Definitely do not mention that you are looking to buy a house.

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