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    Marty using his stimulus check
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    just look at the difference between how Cam and Lamar Jackson have been treated by their teams You have a freak athlete, once in a generation type talent at the QB position. What do you do? Baltimore: Let's devise a new offense that maximizes his strengths against defense's weakness and minimizes the contact he takes Carolina: QB POWER BABY RIGHT INTO THE LINE
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    Play the player who is better and not always the veteran. and a couple in-game adjustments would be cool. Ummm, if the opponents number 1 cb goes down, throw at and attack the replacement.
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    The Evolution of the Odd Dime: Baylor vs Oklahoma Pt. 1 – Coverages (2019) so this is a hugely detailed article that you might need to take a coffee break to read. I'll post a few snippets, but it's quite an exhaustive look at how Phil Snow's defense evolved coming from Temple and adjusting to the zany Big-12 landscape. what do you think, does it maybe give a window into why the defensive roster is being organized as it is? anyways there's a LOT more and I probably shouldn't give you a hundred quotes that you'll ignore. save the article for when you have a few minutes, it's quite enlightening, especially since we haven't heard a ton from Phil Snow on the subject. this is a great opportunity to begin to see what the new Panthers defense might very well look like. with all the spread offenses invading the NFL, it seems the Panthers' staff is well equipped to anticipate the evolution in offenses, and be prepared for it, both schematically and with personnel.
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    Should’ve stayed in St. Louis. Karma is a bitchhhh
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    Teddy Bridgewater and Robby Anderson appear to be having their own OTA sessions complete with playbook according to Anderson's social media.
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    I'd be trying to trade him at this point and let someone else deal with this. Dak just isn't that good.
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    It's very possible. Possibly the saddest thing about Cam being beaten to hell from carrying the Panthers' offense for years is the fact that a lot of "Panthers fans" are gloating and reveling in it. Fuging disgusting.
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    https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/4fo4xt/oc_in_defense_of_teddy_bridgewater/ Good read on Bridgewater's time in Minnesota that debunks a few narratives that continue to be put out there. Bridgewater takes a lot of flack for his supposedly lack of deep ball throws but a lot of that has had to do with the offenses he has played in. The post on reddit was posted in 2016 so how did Teddy fare with the deep ball in 2019? Teddy had a deep ball rate (a ball that travels more than 15 yards in the air) of 12.2%, while Brees had a 15.9% rate - not much of a difference. On throws that travelled more than 20 yards in the air (which is what the deep ball project now classifies as a 'deep throw') the deep ball accounted for 6.6% of Teddy AND Drew's passes. Teddy had a 38.5% completion % on his deep throws while Drew had a 36% completion %. Using The deep ball project's data (https://brickwallblitz.com/2020/02/21/the-2019-20-deep-ball-project-part-1-3/) In 2015 The Deep Ball Project classified a 'deep throw' as a ball that travelled more than 15 yards in the air. Teddy went 34/76 on deep throws with a 44.7%completion rate, while being accurate on 40/76 (52.6%). The deep ball accounted for 17% of Teddy's throws. For comparison Cam Newton during this same season went 40/100 on deep throws (40% comp rate), accurate on 52/100 (52%), with the deep ball accounting for 20.2% of his passes. It'll be very interesting to see what Teddy can do with an actual deep threat in Robby Anderson versus PFF's 101 ranked in 2015 Mike Wallace. It's not so much that Teddy doesn't throw the deep ball rather than his passing attempts being down in Minnesota due to their scheme. The percentages were a pleasant surprise. Teddy's lack of touchdown passes in Minnesota? Read the reddit post above first to get a better understanding of the situation in Minnesota. Their OL in 2015 made ours look good which also hindered his ability to get off deep shots. Plus they led the league in seven step drops *cough* Norv Turner. But to add to it, Minnesota ranked 32nd in pass attempts per game in 2015. Teddy ranked near the bottom of the league in red zone passing attempts with only 42 (Peterson led the league in rushing this year fyi). In 2014, Minnesota ranked 22nd in passing attempts per game with Teddy only throwing the ball 25 times down in the red zone (72% completion rate which led the league). Again, for comparison, in only 5.5 games this past season with the Saints, Teddy had 25 passing attempts in the red zone (7 touchdowns). Teddy was tied for 4th in the league with a 64% red zone completion percentage. You can quickly see why his touchdown numbers were down in Minnesota as they were a run first team where as Payton was throwing more. Teddy in his career has a 25:2 td/int ratio in the red zone, he takes care of the ball down there. People bring up Teddy's arm strength just like they do with Burrow and thats OK. What Teddy may lack in arm strength he makes up for with his ability to throw with anticipation and timing. In 2015... The Teddy as of right now is a good QB and people seem to forget he has only played 2 full seasons before 2019. He is still young and growing as a quarterback. He has busted his ass to get the chance to start again. The 5.5 games he played in New Orleans last year were his first meaningful game snaps since a playoff game in January 2016, where Walsh shanked a chip shot for the win. Teddy came in and showed he still has all the traits that had most people believing that Minnesota had found their franchise QB. Knowing the type of offense we're planning on running with the weapons we have while Joe Brady calls the plays... I feel like we should be more excited about the Bridgewater signing than most of us seem to be. Bridgewater is a leader, makes good decisions, is accurate, has good field awareness, understands defenses and coverages and most importantly, he's a winner.
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    Ross Cockrell please. Played surprisingly well last year coming back from that horrific injury and is a Pros pro. He should be even better after having a full year to get back into playing shape and can play multiple spots.
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    Whatever you're smoking or drinking, you should stop now.
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    We get to watch an offense led by Joe Brady with DJ Moore, CMC, and Robby Anderson as weapons chase games. That's two guys that had 1000 yards recieving last year and a guy who's been worth over 8 yards/target on around 100 targets in the motherfuging Jets offense for three straight years. If you add in a Curtis Samuel breakout season that's a top 5 yardage offense , Teddy will probably end up throwing the ball 40 times a game. And it will be glorious. one of the few things I am really excited about is Teddy Bridgewater throwing to Curtis Samuel. Last year Curtis Samuel finished 9th in the league in air yards, but only had 627 total receiving yards. Everybody else in the top-15 in air yards had over 1,000 yards receiving. He ranked first in the NFL in missed receiving yards (total yards on targets minus actual receiving yards) with 915. If Teddy is only a little more accurate than Kyle Allen and Joe Brady gets a bit more interesting with play-calling we could have a really entertaining offense. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. Could be a fun season. Reminds me of the inaugural 1995 season except a much younger team. We don’t really know what to expect so let’s see what happens. I know that most fans are concerned about what our defense is going to look like. People are focusing more on what we lost (Luke, McCoy, Poe, Bradberry, and Reid). But in all honesty, I believe that Shaq has an opportunity to take everything he has learned from Luke and TD over the years and become that next great Panthers LB. I'm not too upset over losing McCoy and Poe because we are getting KK back and so excited for Derrick Brown. Stephen Weatherly is a guy that is really being overlooked as a key contributor to this front four. He blossomed in Minnesota getting to learn and develop from a really great D-line up there. And I believe the team is going to give him every opportunity to be that 4th starter on the line. Did we lose a lot of guys who produced sacks for us? Sure, no more Super Mario, but Weatherly is younger and every bit as capable of stepping into Addison's role and at least duplicating his effort there. That gives Gross-Matos the opportunity to rotate in like Burns did last year. Whitehead can duplicate the tackle production from Luke, BUT of course there is no duplicating the combo of Luke's preparation and football IQ. So hopefully Shaq is ready to be the defensive QB (losing Reid's football IQ hurts too) and Whitehead is ready to keep being Mr. Consistency (4 seasons in a row of 100+ tackles). Let's be honest for a minute, we are going to suck at CB barring a minor miracle. At this point, losing Bradberry may be a bigger blow than losing Luke. IF Donte can rise from the ashes and build on that swagger he had early on, then we've got one competent starter day 1. Losing Reid's ability on the field won't be missed too much. I'm glad the team seems to be favoring bringing in safeties that are better at coverage than tackling (obviously you gotta be able to tackle, but DB's gotta be able to cover first and foremost). Reid is essentially a linebacker at this point. I wouldn't say our corps is inexperienced. Curtis is entering year 4 and DJ is entering year 3. These guys are the perfect storm of youth AND experience. Both dudes are oozing with talent. Robby Anderson is icing on the cake - 3 starting caliber WR's on the same team with the best pass-catching RB in the game? If Teddy can't excel with these guys, well then all the Teddy doubters will be proven right. My one true hope for our defense not sucking so much this year is that we are able to actually field an offense that can put points on the board, stay on the field, give the defense a break, not always play with a deficit (allowing other teams to rack up obscene rushing numbers/TDs).
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    That's kind of the definition of cutting of your nose to spite your face. Yeah you got the guy but you gave up a 6th round pick next year to do it for a guy that probably won't make your team. Add to the fact that they are pretty close to the cap next year and all those guys from the 2017 draft will be free agents and I don't know how smart of a move that really was.
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    Hope everyone is staying safe during Covid-19.. Hope this helps pass the time even though it's only 5 mins... lol
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    maybe we just had bad coaching
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    Cam might be the best wasted talent ever in the NFL. Wish we could start over with a rookie Cam with Rhule and Brady and see how different things would go.
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    Just asking people to be responsible, wear a mask and not pack into spaces has made a chunk of people to not follow those orders on purpose, lose their minds and say the government is implementing communism (WTF, look it up). Easing restrictions has apparently been interpretated as the pandemic is over. I think it's safe to assume reason, responsibility and basic expectations has left the conversation.
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    Elite QBs are getting paid way more than 7 million a year, and way more than 20 million a year. You're talking about guys taking backup money with a lot of baggage. Teddy is in the right-ish ballpark for a guy to be a transitional QB. Either he plays well and gets extended, or not and he gets cut or walks after 3 years. Either way he can be a mentor to the next Franchise QB if we go that route. There's actually this place in between crazy money for an elite starter, and dumpster money for a backup where QBs can exist. The Panthers can both have not won with this deal, and not lost with it either.
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    Will anyone be able to tell the difference between "some fans" and the usual BoA crowd?
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    I think Peppers birthday is actually in April. Not May.
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    Today we honor the fallen. Let us not take for granted that we live in a country that allows us to not only form our opinions but vocalize them without penalty. Let us reflect on those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I can enjoy our freedoms, days off work, BBQ on the grill, and for the love of all that is holy maybe even some football on Sundays. Stay safe out there and enjoy time with your family and friends! “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends."
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    Post you’re favorite Smith memories/highlights etc.
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    Just remember that for every two knuckleheaded guys like this there are 20 that are going out of their way performing charity and acts of kindness in their community. It’s a shame they don’t get the headlines.
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    the ikea rams
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    None of us are real. We are all just alt accounts created by Jeremy on the Huddle because the world ended on March 10th, 2006 and he was the lone living creature on earth cursed with immortality. After using up all the Earths supply of lotion for recreational purposes and building Godlike forearms he created the Huddle. On the first day he created Zod, the second Philly, third SCP, fourth Alejandro, fifth Grits Regret and on the sixth day he created Chuck and he was done. From that point onward the original six created more alt accounts to fill Jeremy's crippling loneliness and penchant for masochism by making us Panthers fans.
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    Hurney was going to be replaced after the 2020 draft.
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    Sure, the measures were extreme, but we did successfully limit the spread of Jimmy Clausen jersey sales.
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    This is why you don't do drugs kids.
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    PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING /posts foxnews link lol
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    My vote is for retractable roof
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    I don’t think it indicates anything except we’re weak as hell on D.
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    Actually develop players who are not drafted in the first round.
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    You initially said this was a gut feeling. Is this person a gastroenterologist?
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    can you be mad at him after that draft? Of course, his job involves many other duties than drafting players---but most Hurney haters (myself included) loath MH for everything he has done after round 1 of the draft. A few contracts and extensions, but 80% of my loathing was based on the draft. Sure, maybe the difference was Rhule and his staff. But whatever it was, whatever combination they used, it seemed to work. If credit goes to Rhule, credit goes to Marty for listening. If credit goes to Marty for finding the right players (as we seem to have done), credit goes to Rhule for his communication. The bottom line--it seems to have worked. While other teams were mucking through the later rounds in a predictable fashion, the Panthers went WVU/XFL (21 year old S) and found a 335lb NT who can run a 4.8 40. The grabbed an undrafted WR with 1600 yards and 17 TDs in college--who does that? I am not a Hurney fan, but how do you not extend his deal after what we saw? Maybe he was a good boy knowing he was on double-secret probation, or maybe he and Rhule are a good team. Of course, it is easy when these guys have never played a down and the coach's W-L record is 0-0. Still, I think the force to reel Marty into the fold has arrived. Now we can benefit from his experience and restrain his impulsive tendencies on draft day--maybe. Are there any haters who are thinking, "Maybe, just maybe..."?
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    I don’t want cam to get a ring I want the panthers to get a ring
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    It’s crazy to me how little success we have had over the years but then our ex-coaches and GM’s love to bring the same garbage players along with them whenever they go somewhere else. Win or lose, I’m happy to have Rhule right now. At least it’s fresh.
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    I made this comment about John Fox and I think it applies to Rivera. These are the guys who can get you to 8-8. If you were 2-14 last year, Rivera can get you to 8-8 pretty quickly. If you were 14-2 last year, he can get you to 8-8 pretty quickly. There will be ups and downs, but overall, expect an average of 8-8 whether you are Cincinnati or Kansas City. They basically can create stability out of chaos. What they can not do is take that stability to the next level on a consistent basis. And the Redskins, as an organization, will fight him in stabilizing things every step of the way!
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    Mine is something that I'm not sure I've seen anywhere, but just something I firmly believe in my heart: The league didn't want Cam to be the face of the NFL at their Superbowl 50 showcase, and wanted Peyton going out on top as the story, so they told the refs to call the game to make sure the Broncos won. I'll go to my grave believing Goodell screwed us.
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    I honestly doubt we so much as match last year's five win total.
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    Our side is hearsay and Payton is the only one that admitted to anything. If we are smart, we play dumb. What Brady texted to him could be a problem, unknown by me, and is not a very smart situation. All for some supposed to be UDFA QB....smdh
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    He has beefed up after escaping from Fox River State Penitentiary.

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