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    When Cam got hurt in the preseason, many of us Panther fans were worried that Cam would never be what he once was. When he came out the first 2 games and continued to look injured and play poorly we had visions of last season, and thought all hope was lost for this season. I mean, why wouldn't we think that? Cam has been that guy since day 1, the guy we could count on to carry this team. The thought of going forward without Cam was scary, and who did we have behind him? Kyle Allen, a guy who we have seen 1 regular season game where he looked good and 2 preseasons worth of bad tape, a guy who was an UDFA and was cut from the team last year. This season was sure to be lost. Then comes the Arizona game and Allen plays very well, there is hope. He continues to win 3 more games and put us in playoff contention. And what does a portion of the fan base do? Tear him down, analyze every deficiency, and try to calm any excitement others may have for him. Then he loses a game and looks bad in the process, it felt like these same people were excited about it and happy. This made no sense to me. I understand, we have all been carrying our shield for Cam and defending him since day 1, many felt like they still needed to do that now. Yes the Cam bashers came out of the woodwork and touted Kyle as Cams replacement, many said he was better. But, that is expected, that is what we have had to defend against the entire time Cam has been here. We were supposed to be better than that, we were supposed to not be like that faction of the fan base. Instead many acted just like that portion of the fan base, but towards Kyle Allen, an UDFA back up QB whose job is to win a few games while our starter gets healthy. He has done that, he has done everything that has been asked of him. He is 4-1. Is he doing everything that is expected from a backup QB? Yes. Is he better than most of us expected? Yes. Is there reason to be excited about it? Yes. Is he the future at QB for the Carolina Panthers? I don't know, but it doesn't matter. Right now I'm all in on Kyle Allen and any win he gets is a positive.
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    Wind power??? Useless. They need to find a way to harness the power of angst and it will fuel the facility forever.
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    We have three new moderators to help improve this joint and keep it one of the best sports related forums on the interwebs. @Cracka McNasty , @LinvilleGorge, and @rodeo now have the ability to moderate this forum. This includes issuing warnings and banning offenders.
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    It's funny people think athletes should have no life outside of football. The team is doing nothing today he can do what he wants.
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    Colin Jones... The man can do it all except for play his listed position.
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    So many of the squabbles on here are the same handful of people going at it thread after thread after thread. So I have an idea. What if we all fixed the problem together and just chose to ignore the people you know you don't want to hear more from? Simply hover over their icon, click "ignore user". Thats it, you don't need to be bothered by them ever again. (Sadly, you can't ignore me. I feel you, I have tried for years)
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    yep so funny that everyone who never gave cam a chance instantly gave kyle allen every chance and are nowhere to be found after farting up these boards with their gleefully stupid opinions for the first half of the season
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    Cam Newton thinks Kyle Allen keeps getting better. I agree with him. If Allen can just cut down on the fumbles while he gains more experience, I still don't think you can rule him out as a full time starter in this league. His game is far from perfect, but having played only a handful of games he looks better than the vast majority of NFL rookies have looked. If he can continue to improve he deserves a chance to compete for a starting job in this league.
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    This is just stupid. No, not Kyle Allen starting, but announcing it this far in advance. Why? It flies in the face of competitive advantage. The Saints did the right thing this past week. They waited until the last possible moment to announce their starting QB. Why? Because it forces your opponent to hedge their bets. If you don't know which QB is playing you have to either guess and go all in on one guy or half ass prepare for both.
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    On Sunday 12.5 Monday 10 By next week 8 probably
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    For what it’s worth, I thought I’d share a weird update on Gano. My wife is a teacher in Gaston County and yesterday they had an event at their school which featured Gano and Bradberry, as well as some of the Top Cats. Side note, I just realized last week I’ve worked with over the past three years one of the current Top Cats --- I may or may not have checked out her Instagram page. Anyway, Gano shows up and is on crutches, although he was just using one crutch and did not have on any sort of walking boot or cast. I know he’s on season-ending IR so hearing medical updates is typically not expected for IR players, but I thought this was odd that we’re 10 weeks into the season and Gano is still medically impaired and is dealing with a long recovery process. P.S. -- For 25 pies, I will link said Instagram page. By reading this sentence you agree to these terms.
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    I nominate KB_fan she's knowledgeable, objective, and a great fan.
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    Going crazy: not firing somebody after seven straight losses.
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    panthers would have needed jesus christ himself yesterday to make a difference
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    O-line. Next year we should have 3 good tackles in Moton, Little and Daley. I didn't say great, but good with more experience. Paradis could be what Poe was last yea, 1st year disappointment and maybe the injury is taken longer to come back from. Hope is my thought there. DVG is solid, not great but very good and cheap. Trai could be my only concern as injuries are taken a toll on him. I see them drafting or signing a G or possibly a C high in the draft. WR. I see another experienced FA WR being added as Moore will be wide but I see Samuel moving more to slot with his speed. After that, who knows, maybe a 4th or 5th round pick for depth and speed (and a little height). TE. I wonder if Olsen will be back and what happened with Thomas. I see them drafting a TE in the top 3 rounds, especially if Olsen goes into broadcasting. QB. Who knows but if Cams healthy, I would give him a shot. If not, is it Grier time? I would give him a couple of starts this year just to see. RB/FB. Set. D-line. I would sign Irvin one more year. Poe is good for another. Burns looks great and Miller & #98 (name escapes me) are good. Obada is good depth. Mario should have another year left in him. Just hope KK can come back and have a great year which I believe he will. Butler I believe is gone as he's flashed, so maybe they sign an experienced DT but not bad going into next year. LB. The loss of TD and the impact it had on Luke is/was tremendous. TD was great against the run and they fed off each other. Shaq has a lot of talent but I don't know if he was the answer they hoped (gap coverage, getting off blacks, etc.) The others I am not sure about and Burns and Miller play OLB too which are promising. This may need a high draft pick or top signing. LB has to be versatile with speed. DB's. Need to sign Bradberry. Jackson should be the slot corner and resign Cocktrell for the outside. Then build your depth. Reid is not showing the same he did least year so let's see how he finishes but at least he plays with passion and has talent. Love Tre's energy and I would sign him again. If a Safety can be found in the mid rounds, I would draft and develop. My point to all of this the team is just a few pieces away from being competitive and for the most part (except 2 games) we were competitive this year. Injuries derail most teams and some bad plays which is on the players, not coaches. Hurney can't be blames for injuries. He addressed every need with limited money and everybody praised him before the season. RR lost his franchise QB and arguably his 2nd best defensive player in KK and then a multitude of injuries, especially at LT. How can you blame him for injuries and the bad play of players? How do you know what's being said behind the scenes? If we can get to 8-8, 9-7 that's not bad for all that has happened. When Cam and KK went down after an 0-2 start, 9-7 was unimaginable. I have to believe Tepper sees that. Have faith and support, not tear down. Complaining is easy. Unconditional support is hard. Let's hope we stay competitive and regroup next year. We are not winning the Super Bowl this year but we can still win a few games. Getting the Saints at least once will be nice.
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    I woke up pretty excited about the last half of the season. So, what the hell, I made a video.
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    yeah, gonna have to go with the fact kyle allen hasn't been able to hit them consistently when they're wide open. samuel and moore have both improved leaps and bounds and have been largely held back by allen's inaccurate throws and inability to progress through his reads. trust me when i say if samuel or moore got traded to any other team, they'd have 1000 yard seasons easy.
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    Burns has pins in his right hand and can only line up on the right side because he can't plant his right hand. In addition to still having pain in his wrist. Once the pins are out you will see him get more snaps. Him punching the ground in that one game really screwed up his DROY year big time.
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    You're right. How could we justify drafting Cam right after we drafted Jimmy Clausen.
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    I know it's not the news many want to hear, but that is likely the end of the Cam era in Carolina. Look for him to be either released or traded before the NFL draft.
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    Tepper doesn't strike me as a guy that enjoys being embarrassed.
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    A lot of people have had a lot of negative things to say about Newton since before he was even drafted. He has contributed to some of it with his own mistakes and missteps, no doubt. Please do not think I'm here to defend things like "It's funny to hear a female talk about routes." But Newton also has been the subject of a mountain of unfair and unsubstantiated criticism on other matters. In 2011, around the draft, there was a debate about the sincerity of the young man's smile. Come on. Personally, I've loved watching him play and sincerely hope we all get to see it again -- whether in Carolina or elsewhere. This is a completely unique player in NFL history who started setting records in his rookie year and, I firmly believe, is three or four more years' worth of high-level production away from a legitimate Hall of Fame case. I wish he were more open and accessible because (a) I want to know more about him, and (b) I think it would broaden the deserved appreciation of him. But he is who he is, and the brilliance of who he has been as a player shouldn't be lost in the injury cloud under which his 2019 season never got going. The I-told-you-so-ers who revel in believing they were right that the way he played would cut his career short are missing the point. Even if he never plays again, this is a tell-your-grandkids-about-him player. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28030571/could-kyle-allen-carolina-dak-prescott-why-ultimate-bargain
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    Watching Trubisky play for another team actually gave me cancer. Watching him play for my team would be the equivalent of watching my family be murdered while someone dips their buffalo wings in ranch dressing all the while I struggle to pass a kidney stone the size of a soft ball through my cock hole.
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    Cam has been getting bashed on this trash forum by the tiki torch faction of this fan base since before he was drafted. Now, y 'all want to protect Kyle from negativity?
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    Star Lotulelei. Should of kept that man. He didn't make the sexy fun sack plays like KK. He had a different job/role. Star was the most underrated player we had over the last decade. Run D fell off the map when he left.
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    Via Joe Person The Athletic: Long term mediocrity will not be accepted (subscription required) Excerpts...
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    Curtis Samuel for all the hype he got in the offseason need to get much more aggressive. When Greg spoke about doing more than running around looking cool, I suspect it may be Samuel.
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    Because Grier was a 3rd round pick and was probably over drafted even at that spot, on top of the fact that the regime that drafted him is all but assured to be gone.
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    From a macro perspective. Run game has to be the foundation for the Panthers and defense to be solid/ elite at times. Kyle has to be efficient and make 3/4 critical throws to win the game. He did that agains the titans. The 32 yarder to Samuel on 3rd and 7 was a big time throw. Good throw to Moore when Moore had to toe tap and it got reviewed. He made those 3/4 good throws last week against the Titans and helped to win the game. Allen has shown improved movement in the pocket. Has shown some natural toughness in the pocket. One thing that has impressed Cosell is that he is a “turn it loose thrower”. Qbs have to make tough throws in tight windows or to receivers against man coverage that seem to be covered and he has shown the confidence to turn it loose. While the stats for CMC with Kyle under center are better, it does not mean that the team is better off not running zone read like they did with Cam. He said you can’t really make that comparison because it’s not about the zone read it’s about the personnel. In zone read they are in 11 personnel where when Kyle is under center they are in base personnel. It shows they have run better under base personnel, clearly. But they are different schemes. He can’t say it’s a QB thing, he doesn’t have a why answer yet. But it is there. (It could mean either 2 TE sets or Armah doing a good job blocking. Look for a bunch of base sets in GB with the weather against the beatable run D) Shaq brings a lot to the defense. Multidimensional. Can play in the box and in space. Nice chess piece to have. Good player. GB: The tackles struggled against LAC. But they aren’t really a weakness. They do have a better run pass balance with Lefluer as HC. More efficient. Aaron Jones is good in run and pass game. Rodgers does hold the ball a long time looking for second level throws. Pettine the DC for GB plays a lot of dime and nickel personnel. Move. A lot people around. Key element in the game is how GB will match up against our base personnel. Will he stay in nickel or dime? He has stayed with those looks a lot against base and they are not good in dime against the run. (Thats’s obvious. But they still stay with sometimes which is odd. Look for CMC to run the poo out of the ball out of base personnel) GB is capable of running the ball but have not shown commitment to it. It will be an interesting thing to watch coming off a bad game in LA what the GB will come out and try to do. Until next week.
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    Yea I'm tired of this... and I'm not clicking the vid
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    I wish that Rodger Goodell would get this dumbass idea out of his mind.
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    something else for the 49ers RBs to run across unopposed
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    If you have followed along with us on Twitter today, you’ll see where I stand on Newton. But people tend to forget how bad it was early on in year 2 for Cam:
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    He is a rookie they make mistakes. But he has the right composure and instincts. He is also capable of extending a playing. Stuff you cant teach.
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    I don't care how many drat picks we would get, what on earth has trubisky ever shown you in the nfl to show that he's a better option than cam?! People are absolutely crazy on this board, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Cam is the best thing that has ever happened to this franchise and everyone is ready to throw him under the bus for Kyle Allen, or this guy wants mitch trubisky, give me a break.
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    more concerned w/ the blocking up front. Syle is what he is. A big footed kicker. He will miss some. Trade off is he will give you a shot at kicks others can't. Lot of pressure getting through of late impacting kicks. That is my bigger concern.
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    Rivera has always been awful at developing and utilizing talent to get the most out of them. The only guys who developed were guys who were going to be good no matter what team they went to.
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    I'm still baffled that Hurney was rehired in the first place... has that ever happened in the NFL where a team fires a gm for incompetence and then turns around and brings him back a few years later? Like you didn't get enough of that the first go around.
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    Yeah, lets cut a player with this much character, integrity, and conviction in his beliefs.
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    Honestly, what else can he do right now? Is there a GM on the street who can magically draft guys in November or find Kurt Warner bagging groceries? It’s mid season so unless there’s a coaching candidate sitting on his ass, there’s not much to do right now except play the last 7 games and evaluate. The non-football stuff he can control and work on so why is it so bad that he is doing that? People complain about Spartanburg (not me, have a feeling the fan interactions go away) and practicing in a ball room and he’s fixing that quickly.
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    Lol Ron doesn’t game plan for weakness
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    Literally 0% chance this scenario plays out. Log off for a while.
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    That whole organization is a dumpster fire from the top down. I don't blame Williams for what he did, because it does seem the medical staff is borderline incompetent.

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