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    if margins are so slim....I would think that the Panthers essentially missing an ideal week of NFL practice/prep prior seasons is kinda a big deal. I mean that is why we have a bubble now. Because the margins are so slim.
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    I do not get the hate for this guy. He was a solid player. The talent has now improved at the receiver position. He did his job when he was here....IMO.
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    This show has honestly shown me why Tepper has faith in Rivera. Say what you want but the guy is a hell of a coach.
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    I noticed this morning when walking to my desk that the practice bubble is complete. I didn't see a post on this, if there is one, feel free to merge or delete.
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    Big pie to whoever names all of the players ;)
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    If 2018 wasn't a breakout season for CMC I don't know what is. Cam is the face until he stops playing. League MVP and most valued position. RBs can rarely, if ever, be the face of a winning franchise in this NFL.
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    Coach speak is coach speak and the huddle gets way too animated over the things Rivera says to media.
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    Honestly, that makes it sting even worse. We had the second best team of the decade and we let Shula completely drop the ball and cost us a Lombardi.
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    Our practices will officially be Patriots-proof.
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    Exciting to see Tepper and the Panthers embracing Megan Rapinoe at an organizational level! The message they're sending is clear: this ain't Jerry Richardson's Panthers, and if you have a problem with this team's inclusivity and progressive bent you should go to some other shithole team and fix them up the way you want. You won't be missed. I'm proud to be a fan of this organization!
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    Anyone that thought they were getting the full picture from press conferences and public statements is a moron.
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    y'all have short memories screw that dude and his broom
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    can't understand how any Panthers fan won't be glued to this. Did you see Tepper pound the desk on that missed field goal? Ron screaming at the team in the locker room? This is must see tv....cameras behind the scenes recording what really happens, not what our media team sends out.
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    "Look at me! Look at me!" Thank you JStew for EVERYTHING you have done.
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    We're unrankable right now. Without seeing how Cam's shoulder looks, we just don't know. 22nd might be about right if we're fielding a bum shouldered Cam or a 3rd round rookie at QB. Sure, we have some intriguing weapons, but at the end of the day this is a QB driven league now.
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    The Huddle is such an impressionable bunch lol. Cam Jordan talks trash: “What a piece of poo...F that guy”. Cam Jordan says something flattering: “What a cool, likeable guy”. It’s like the love/hate relationship with PFF depending on what their rating system says about our team at any given moment.
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    Your SB defeat was truly epic and will likely never be bested but in the past 6 years, we have won 3 division titles, been to the playoffs 4 times and are 58-37-1. In the same 6 years you have won 1 division title, been to the playoffs 2 times and are 46-50. Maybe head to head you’ve gotten the better of us but you are trying to keep up overall.
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    The other day I was visiting New Orleans and I was wearing a panthers jersey. I was in IHOP and started arguing with one of the waiters. He was telling me how overrated Cam was and I asked him to name me Cam Newtons top 5 weapons in his 8 year career. (I told him he wasnt allowed to include christian or dj moore) He said, "1 would have to be Steve smith, 2 greg olsen, 3 would have to be Tedd ginn, 4 Kelvin Benjamin, and 5 Devin funchess".... I told him.. Listen to the words that just came out of your mouth... We both paused then started laughing. I think he realized how goofy he sounded. We have year 13 Steve Smith at 1.. a tight end at 2, a reciever who has been in the league for 14 years in Ginn except for his lone good season came in our Superbowl year. So I'm going to give that credit to cam. A reciever who people make memes about being fat and has been traded to 3 different squads. And a reciever who led the league in drops last year..... Anyway. That brings me to my next point. Cam has never had this much talent around him. With DJ, Curtis, Christian, a healthy Greg Olsen and the backup room filled with solid vets, people should be terrified. He's about to go off... I truly believe cam is one of the most disrespected quarterbacks of our era... unrightfully so. I really think if Brian burns can be a 10 + sack guy, then we can make another trip to the superbowl... And this time I have a feeling he's bringing the trophy home...
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    Came across this little tidbit... We all expected CMC to be on that list. But DJ Moore? He had the most yards after contact than any other receiver in the NFL AND with only 55 receptions. Whoo wee mane. This kid is going to light it up this season.
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    I feel like I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe the newly hired analytics guy can push some of this info through.
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    I mean, if they didn't like it they should have stopped him... Jordan really has a ton of love for Cam as a football player. All he ever does is sing his praises. He seems like the kind of dude that desires top competition and appreciates the challenge of facing off against Cam twice a year. He's also a top tier trash talker so it's easy to hate him if he isn't on your team.
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    Found out our #2 is on the way yesterday. I'm freaking the fug out. I never planned to have any, now we're 8 months away from having two.
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    Shinn is the worst sports owner this city has ever had. Johnson, Richardson, and Jordan aren’t much to write home about, either. Tepper doesn’t really have to do much to be the best. Hell, him building that practice bubble already has him in consideration as the best lol
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    Good to see it’s nice to have a owner who is doing whatever it takes to be competitive
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    This can’t be right. The huddle experts told me all year that Rivera is an incompetent moron more worried about keeping his job than Cams health... This is why I sometimes hate some of you guys lol
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    RIP Cat Man. Rest in peace. https://twitter.com/ChrisLeaTV/status/1147261747352485888
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    X-Clown was other-worldly epic. The sequence of sudden-death plays that made it all possible was just as remarkable. Here’s a little slice of nostalgia for Panthers fans before we get down to business here in a few weeks at Camp Wofford.
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    Man, do I ever have some bad news for you...
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    Spoiler alert: it was nothing.
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    A professional football team consisting of many guys making north of 7 figures a year and a few making north of 8 figures a year suiting up for a franchise worth over $2 billion was practicing in a fuging hotel ballroom. Just marinate in the absurdity of that for a moment.
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    We've been saying they'll be in cap hell for almost a decade now and it never happens.
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    Bro just post the pictures in one post.
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    Colin Cowherd might have the most hate-able face on earth. Wait.
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    The huddle’s broke Jerry Epstein checking in
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    You fail to mention how we let our two best players walk for absolutely nothing. If the plan was to tank and rebuild it would probably have been a good idea to try and get as much value as we possibly could for them.
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    The Carolina Reapers Pepper eating contests at halftime.
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    PFF has always hated Cam. Funny how they pick and choose specific plays of that game leaving out the whole picture. That lions game was the classic Rivera/Norv shitshow, we get a 7 point lead in the first quarter and after that they decide to slow play until the 4thQ, in which they finally give Cam a fast pace no huddle offense and we put up 2 scores. Oh that’s the game Funchess had 5 drops, and Samuel got the ball ripped from his arms and intercepted.
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    Let me guess, this is about to turn into a "Why can't we sign Greg Hardy" thread...
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    Good morning, Panthers fans. I’ve been reading this board for quite a few years now. Hardly ever posted anything. Just a little background info on myself. Im from and live in Kentucky. I have been a diehard fan of this franchise since I was 10 years old. The only Panthers game I’ve ever got to see was 13 or 14 years ago in Cincinnati, which is about an hour and a half from where I live. Fast forward to today and I’m taking my brother and his fiancé to BOA Stadium for the Jags on October 6th. My first home game in 16 years as a fan, I cannot be more excited. Just wanted to see what fun bars or things to do there are close to downtown. I’ll be in the city from early afternoon Saturday until Monday morning. Any and all suggestions would be great!! Thanks fellas.
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    that's less than we pay for healthcare now. nice, we'll save money. fiscally conservative.
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    https://www.madden-school.com/madden-20-rookie-player-ratings-revealed/amp/?__twitter_impression=true *Note Will Grier had a higher ranking than Daniel Jones Burns was among the top 10 of all the rookies
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    The current Hornets are the worst ran organization in all of sports. Jordan has absolutely no business owning a team
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    Yep, Zeke Elliott is probably the best RB in the NFL right now and he still gets overshadowed by a mediocre QB in Dak Prescott.
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    Here it is....all the feels. I wish he played with us even longer. He is someone that we are still trying to replace to this day.

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