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  1. And I have to go to sleep but I couldn’t resist, one last time, showing you how dumb you and Trump really are. Read Trump’s tweet and your post and please now put me into my place once and for all by answering two simple questions 1. What were the years Democrats had majority in both house and the Senate? 2, When did DACA start? Lmaooo go ahead I’ll read it tomorrow U mad bro?
  2. I thought I was gonna get away with Correcting the iPhone spelling mistakes Scott Free, but you’re holding the smocking gun now. :p
  3. Aww you mad cause now you can’t make fun of Ocasio for the same thing Trump did lmao And damn!! You were just getting used to bringing it up every day. And if meant the Supreme Court then he’s even dumber than her hahah
  4. Gazi

    When Trump suffers an actual stroke

    Yeah I’ll probably take a day off like the majority of the population that hates his big gut. Can’t be missing out
  5. Gazi

    When Trump suffers an actual stroke

    Why would the Democrats support China? There are no communists in our government. Theee are socialists, but you already know the difference between the two, right? Right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Trump borrowing money from China in order to give it to the farmers affected by Chinese tariffs? Sounds like socialisn to me, and thy name is Trump lol
  6. Sounds like Ocasio is already qualified to be President.
  7. He was talking about the Presidency, House and the Senate . Judiciary is not controlled by any party, it has always been and always will be neutral. And if you really need to know, five judges have been nominated by a Republican and four by a Democratic President.. You’re just as dumb as your President.
  8. The only dumb Indian in the world.just had to be a Panthers fan. There is no God :(
  9. Gazi

    We have to talk about white privilege

    He can see... everything. He knows.. everything.
  10. Gazi

    We have to talk about white privilege

    Aren’t they traveling by bus?
  11. Long nonsensical meaningless dribble at this hour? Hmm..
  12. How many times is your sorry ass gonna leave and come back? lol
  13. Gazi

    We have to talk about white privilege

    What? You don’t like my jokes?