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  1. Can’t believe it’s 2018 and we’re sharing a fan fork forum with users who display white supremscist photos as their avatars and the management thinks it’s ok to do so. Not me. Goodbye
  2. Gazi

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    He should resign by Wednesday. Maybe President MushroomCock can nominate someone who doesn’t go around raping people.
  3. Gazi

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    Oopsie! It only took a few short days but it looks like 63 of the 65 women who initially signed the pledge may be backing away from their public support of Kavanaugh. Politico attempted to confirmstatements from the women involved in the GOP’s letter but could receive only two firm notices of full support that still exists. This, after the 65 women came forward very quickly to throw their support behind the potential SCOTUS justice immediately after he was accused of a https://hillreporter.com/kavanaugh-loses-support-from-63-out-of-65-women-who-vouched-for-him-7467
  4. Gazi

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    He’s done. Next!
  5. For some reason no feminists turned after being labeled FemiNazis for years. Weird.
  6. This is what they decided to leak to the press.
  7. Gazi

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    They took money from a white supremacist to endorse him lol http://polipace.com/2018/04/26/diamond-silk-illegally-bribed-white-supremacisrt-paul-nehlan-endorse/
  8. https://www.businessinsider.com/aaron-rodgers-kneeling-national-anthem-trump-nfl-protest-2017-9 https://deadspin.com/aaron-rodgers-criticizes-packers-fan-who-screamed-musl-1742763512 “just another libtard”
  9. Gazi

    Stay safe ya'll

    Stay safe. And if you need shelter just go to one of Pat’s properties.
  10. About the same number of players from a year ago when Trump decided to use the protests for his own benefit. NFL didn’t cave. Kap didn’t cave. Nike picked a side. Papa John lost his company. So who’s really winning?