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  1. xav8tor

    Obada will be active

    Given the prior history of certain roster decisions, no, it wasn't merely in question, it was a justified fear.
  2. xav8tor

    Norv....love this

    No, not at all. It's not so much a question of what play to run, as it is, WHEN to run it. Even so, while many prior plays are still in the playbook, according to the man himself, he's throwing in new wrinkles as time goes on, whether it's due to something observed the previous play, or over over a span of weeks. IMHO, and that of many others, we rarely, if EVER, saw that from Shula. Norv told us that's what he does. Contrast that to the Broncos' DC mocking us after the SB in that regard: "They didn't change a thing." Case closed. PS - 1) Stewart up the middle. 2) Not enough yards, try it again. 3) Let Cam heave it to one of his receivers who can't get open in the 0.4 seconds his QB has before the pocket collapses or a DE evades blockers (usually the LT in later years). 4) Punt. Next offensive series, and the one after it: Rinse and repeat.
  3. xav8tor

    Norv....love this

    Norv coming onboard (not to mention Tepper) is probably one of the most exciting changes I've seen in this decade since Cam and Luke were drafted (getting Peppers back was also very, very cool). Shula's in game predictability was far more than frustrating. I'd sit there in games I attended and pre snap, call out plays well beforehand with about 80% accuracy to the delight, and simultaneous dismay, of nearby knowledgeable fellow fans. Hell, my wife could almost do that, and she just came on board as a fan of football itself only about five years ago. Had it not been for a pair of free unexpected clubs, other than to check out CMC, I doubt I would have gone to see a game last year. Now, once again, I'm again on a constant prowl to find a good deal to see these changes happen live, and revel in the moment(s). IIRC, there's been more than one published quote attributed to the staff that, in the past, we used to basically plan our game, and stick with it, as opposed to anything more than minor in game adjustments. Mind boggling, especially when I recently read a few in depth articles where it was stated that the majority of coaches and coordinators open with a script for about two or three series of plays, then essentially ad lib and adjust prn. Compare that former Panthers philosophy to the current hot shots (e.g., McVay), or to Belichick, who probably scraps his gameplan and does a rewrite because of something he saw in warm ups (in fact, I think I read that somewhere about targeting one specific player). I've been a fan, fair weather or foul, since day one, but Norv brings something new and long needed: a coach/coordinator who plays and plans to the strengths and weaknesses of his own roster, and that of the opposition...in real time!
  4. On the PS, as a gimme for the random NFCS int'l experiment, yeah he was an answer "already on the roster," but they didn't have to promote him, much less activate him. That said, I share your, and many others' concerns. True, it was only a limited number of snaps in a single game, his lack of prior experience, etc. and so on, but imagine his impact if he maintains a half to even a third of those stats/plays when his number is called for an entire series of games. DE won't be nearly as big of a concern as it was until, inevitably, we have to fill Pepper's shoes. As an objective observer, I see something in this guy that few people have. Efe has that "it" factor three times over, and if beating odds is the question, this is not a guy I would bet against as it stands right now. Yes, it's a feel good story, and you could easily assign all sorts of ulterior motives to the hoopla, but "film don't lie." If Efe is so raw and inexperienced, then, even at 26 (recall Pep's current age, Wake entering the NFL at 26, etc.) what the heck is his ceiling? Back on the OT question, while Marty, RR, and crew have made some nice moves recently, based upon their own history, I'm not nearly as convinced that they'll make the commitment and decisions required for Obada to have the best shot at success. I hope I'm wrong. After last week in 19 plays, if I'm combining all of the stats correctly (and even if I'm not): 1 INT, 1 sack, 1 PD, a QB hit (overturned FF), and based upon Obada's own personal history, I am 110% certain that he deserves a real shot. And, let's not forget the intangible factor he brings to the entire team. That was clear after every big play he made on the field, and the reactions of people on the sideline. With upcoming injury related and similar in season roster moves, I am hoping that the FO maintains a clear head and that Obada doesn't become that kind of casualty. For example, regardless of positional needs, no way any sane human being at this point in time would demote Obada in favor of half the guys on IR unless he just has a total meltdown and flames out. I don't see that happening, but I do still fear a head scratching move by one or more of the guys in street clothes.
  5. Granted, one game (and only 19 snaps at that) does not an all pro make, but the most recent NFC DPW might beg to differ. Time will tell, and rookie mistakes will happen, but I got a feeling there's a chance that you might well have to revise your assessment of whether we added anything at DE on the 53.
  6. The mere fact that >80% of posters here can't figure out where CMC "should" be, and what he "might" do, isn't surprising, given the often insanely biased or uninformed opinions expressed. However, the fact that opposing defenses don't know the answers to those questions either is a HUGE aspect of CMC's value. Having improved his run game quickly, similar to how Luke improved his coverage skills, 22 presents a unique threat. As a receiver, as I've said before, he's been coached by a pretty good WR himself since he could walk...and probably before that. I guarantee you that daddy was tossing a football shaped rattle at the kid when he was six months old. Why try to pigeonhole CMC? That makes no sense. If it ain't broke don't fix it. We have actual problems that need to be addressed aggressively, but CMC isn't one of them. Keep it unpredictable: "It's that wheel route, it's that wheel route!" (Cut to shot of poo eating grins on CMC and Cam's faces). Make 'em guess and let them have to try to counter CMC by shifting FOUR or FIVE guys when he motions out (remember the Pats game last year?). Speaking of the Pats, we're on to Cincinnati!
  7. Thanks. Wasn't at all my best effort, but I'm mostly displeased about misspelling Bryant's first name. Just tryin' to turn this thread into something that's more preseason worthy reading. You should hear my RN wife's purposeful mangling of medical terms when she goes to (far too many, unfortunately) doctor appts. The looks on their faces is priceless. Now she's got me doing it, and not just here. I recently told my GP that the pain I was experiencing wasn't a muscle spasm, but more "boneular" in nature. He laughed so hard he had to wipe spit off of the computer screen. That's just scratching the surface. Next time a player gets nicked up, I'll try to work another one in somewhere.
  8. T’aint that hard to do do. Lattimore had a butt INT last year, Baldwin apparently pulled one out after a challenge, Matravis Bryant almost squeezed one for a TD but slomo reveals it was more crotchular (it’s a word ‘cause you know what I meant), and our old friend Gary Barnidge dropped a deuce (x3) on the Ravens with a solid butt catch while playing for, who else, the Browns! Google that poo.
  9. I sure didn't. It was just the way I like 'em. Thanks. Signed, Von
  10. Trade Funch straight up for a starter on OL? Nope. Not happening even if someone would consider it. Look northwards, no matter how much you hate them. Watch what BB and Josh do to compensate for the loss of Solder and you might get an idea of how to plug OL holes competently in a pinch. Of course, when your QB only holds the ball of a max of 1.87 seconds, and has been deadly accurate/cold as ice (or hot as fire, depending on how you look at it), for nigh on two decades, and still at peak performance, that might be a factor worthy of consideration, but Norv gonna take care of that, right? OL is a problem, and was a significant one even before DW went down today. WR is not a big issue this season, at least not as much as in recent years. PS - I'd be fine with Bersin back as a #4 if we lose a brighter prospect(s) in camp. Hate all you want. You can't put up stats if your number isn't called, but when it was, the numbers spoke for themselves. Money on 3rds and a decent ST guy (unless you put him in to be a PR...LoL), but we definitely have that covered now....deep, at least on paper. PPS - You can forget about CMC running more between the tackles, which was a really dumb idea to begin with. Not who he is (in the NFL behind / our OL). I love the kid...used properly, but that ain't it. Behind a decent line with thoughtful play design/calls, no reason he's not potentially good for 1300 to 1500 AP yds.
  11. Be careful. Even though it's been some time ago since I was in the airline biz and things have changed, there were a few horror stories where they had ways of tracking that sort of thing, and in one case, allegedly, came after the pax with the threat of a lawsuit to recoup the price difference. No idea if it's actually true, but the fine print might say they could do it.
  12. I gotta correct myself too. I just looked at the cumulative average and doubled the RDU, which equals the CLT avg. Brain fart. What I should have said, is "up to" twice as much. The bottom line still stands though. It's double digits more to fly out of CLT. Always has been since US Air bought Piedmont back around 89 or90. Now it's just worse...far worse.
  13. True, Charlotte was the far better choice, but as far as airports go, thinking RDU is "pricer" is just plain wrong. AA DOMINATES CLT, and charges accordingly. Below are six city pairs, economy nonstop averages. flying out of CLT, on average, costs twice as much as it does to fly out of RDU, and these are restricted coach prices. You don't even want to know what full fare first class costs are. On long hauls, I've even considered driving to RDU to save the $$$. Furthermore, often, where connecting flights are required out of RDU to the destination, guess where the connecting city is? Yep. CLT. Same flight on the final leg, hundreds of dollars less. DEP ARR Avg. Price Diff. in % KCLT ATL 536 164.42 KCLT MIA 475 130.14 KCLT DCA 321 110.31 KCLT PHL 621 221.00 KCLT ORD 475 128.73 KCLT SFO 627 109.23 Avg, 143.97 KRDU ATL 326 60.82 KRDU MIA 365 76.84 KRDU DCA 291 90.65 KRDU PHL 281 45.25 KRDU ORD 369 77.68 KRDU SFO 574 91.55 Avg, 73.80
  14. Wut? I'm confused. Last time I checked, Jax was in south GA, not NY.
  15. Nice eye Zod. Can we all chip in and get you to the MIA game? Some shots at that one would be nice, especially if the weather is warm.