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  1. You cant claim something is an objective fact if you cant provide direct evidence.
  2. I don't agree. We may have still lost, but if the game is called fairly it's a close game.
  3. You realize that on the Kazee hit, Torrey Smith also got flagged for defending cam right? So why weren't the Steelers flagged? If you're going to argue that the calls were consistent, at least follow through. Also how is offensive PI a good no call?
  4. jfo89

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    So you agree the refs aren't perfect and could very well mess up calls that influence a game. Such as uncalled holding and offensive pass interference, as well as not reviewing a touchdown, and spotting the ball ahead(for the Steelers), and behind(for the Panthers) of where it should have been. Or how about not calling unnecessary roughness on the Steelers o-line after the Eric Reid hit.
  5. Luke was fine yesterday. Twice he was in the right gap to make a tackle for no gain and got held or pushed in the back. McDonald also pushed off and still didn't score, even though they gave him the TD.
  6. jfo89

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    So despite multiple occurrences of blatant referee bias over the years, you don't think it's possible that the refs in this game were going try to make sure the Steelers had the momentum? I can't remember who we were playing a couple years ago, but the guy that was supposed to be head ref of that game was a big fan of the other team. So with things like that happening, how can you call it a flimsy excuse?
  7. jfo89

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    So you don't believe in momentum in sports?
  8. O-line also didn't have much time to prep for what Pittsburgh would throw at them as far as blitzes. There were free rushers at multiple points in the game. I don't think they're as bad as they looked last night either.
  9. jfo89

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    We lost badly because we never had a chance to get back into it based on poor officiating from the beginning.
  10. jfo89

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    I mean if I was a fan of another team I'm sure I could come up with plenty of examples for that team. I'm obviously a Panthers fan, which is why I'm posting here, and not another forum.
  11. jfo89

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    So you couldn't see the missed calls tonight? How about in the super bowl? No? How about the home playoff game against the 49ers?
  12. Man the Steelers are getting away with a lot of poo out there. Oh well, we came back from worse. Defense needs to get their poo together though.
  13. We'll see if Bradberry moves into the slot with JuJu. I could also see us playing a lot of zone coverage on those bunch formations. If the Steelers running game starts off hot we could be in trouble early.
  14. They switch sides and both see time in the slot. They also run a lot of bunch formations. I would imagine that after watching tape on the panthers the Steelers will want to use JuJu more in the slot to take advantage of his size/speed over Munnerlyn.
  15. JuJu will have himself a game against Captain and McDonald will have a couple big catches. We hold Connor to under 100 all purpose yards, maybe 1 TD. AB will probably score because he's AB. Ben will turn the ball over, at least twice. The Steelers drop lineman into coverage and blitz too often to match our speed. #98 Vince Williams cant cover Moore/Samuel/Byrd's speed or Olsen's size. DJ Moore will score, and have 100+ yards. McCaffrey will have some big runs early and 50-60 receiving yards. Olsen will score. 34-28 Panthers
  16. I disagree with this, they don't have a great D. They have an opportunistic secondary with a decent defensive line. They're also used to playing from ahead, which is why the run defense is ranked so highly, but they're not that great. plus P.J. Williams and Ken Crawley are exploitable. I realize Eli Apple is their new LCB but I've never been that impressed with him.
  17. I wouldn't count on the saints losing another game, even on the road. They have some tough ones ahead but that offense is so good. I think we can sweep them though and take the division, but we have to win the turnover differential. You don't want to give Brees more opportunities to score than necessary.
  18. I do think his knee was bothering him a little for a couple of weeks. He looked a bit off after the Dallas game. But he looked great last week. .
  19. I want to pie this more
  20. jfo89

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    Last weeks game against the skins actually reminded me a bit of the 2017 Eagles game. If not for stupid mistakes, we win that game. The week after, we followed it up with more turnovers against the bears. I think we put together a more complete game this week and pull out a win.
  21. I think coaching on offense has been pretty good, other than some personnel decisions. Coaching on the defensive side has been substandard. The real problem is Riveras game management.
  22. Samuel scores again, this time he gets behind the defender on the sideline on a play action. Running game feasts, including Cam. Defense picks up 4 sacks and a LB gets a pick. Crowder beats Jackson on a post. Alex Smith picks up a couple first downs with his legs but other than that we shut down their run game. Reed is held in check. Thompson is held to under 60 total yards. 27-13 Panthers
  23. Honestly the packers were running the ball pretty well against them, they just fell behind early so they didn't stick with it. Aaron Rodgers on a bum knee had a couple decent pick ups against them, I expect cam to have 50+ rush yards.
  24. jfo89

    Hey Wayne, you are an idiot.

    Yea, vick and rg3 are huge, And Big Ben is tiny.
  25. 30-17 Panthers. Luke has a pick. Pass rush struggles early but picks it up. McCaffrey has 150+ total yards and 2 TDs. Samuel has a 40+ yard catch. Barkley is held to 80 total yards. OBJ has 110 and a TD. Eli throws for under 250, and has 2 TDs.