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  1. 1. Trade Down 2. Trade Back 3. Trade Down 4. Trade Back 5. Trade Down Too many needs to miss chance to turn pick into a couple of very good players.
  2. Glad to hear some positive news, although someone will likely seek to have you banned for not touting the huddle apocalyptical line. Throwing in the “Happy New Year” obviously made it even worse.
  3. So, I am imagining Tepper blowing up at the two punt return TD. He gets word to Fewell to please @&%$$#^% stop somebody. Fewell takes out CMC.
  4. Been a horrible year but many of us stay engaged to watch CMC become the 3rd 1,000/1,000 player. 4th quarter, only 67 yards short. Colts have no solution for CMC as an out of backfield receiver. But wait, Fewell and the coaches can stop him. How do you take him out while he is on a roll? 67 yards short - which is more than his per game average. I bet next week he gets to 999 and Fewell benches him again.
  5. CMC has averaged under 63 yards per game receiving and Fewell takes him out with a drive left with 67 yards to get to the record. Even another 15-20 yards would make getting the record easier. The one thing we have to cheer for this year and the coach does what the Colts D couldn't do - keeps CMC from gaining any more yards.
  6. Jackson looked like Nakamura on that play except did the little old lady slip and fall where Nakamura did the spinning drunk fall.
  7. He's been working with Kyle Allen for weeks and Allen still refuses to trust his eyes and hit check downs rather than taking a sack. So, I'm not even excited about keeping him as QB coach.
  8. Mixonian As painful to watch as he is to listen to as he describes the disaster unfolding. You can do like me and listen to the other team's broadcast if you are traveling during games. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_National_Football_League_broadcasters
  9. It has to be Matt Willig. If you don't believe me, check the link. Matt Willig Can't miss for the Hall Of Fame
  10. Nothing wrong with chewing Bubble Tape, but pretty sure that's a yo-yo to keep self entertained in between plays.
  11. Not sure I get the hate. Great LB name. Led TSU in tackles against teams no one has heard of. Runner up for prom queen. Toothpaste model. Championship!
  12. That's right, not anywhere near the four tackles Hardy had for 2014. Especially when you count the half dozen or so tackles Hardy had on Holder in one outing. However, Coleman's salary was only $280,000 per tackle - Hardy clocks in at $3,275,000 per tackle - unless you count his take downs of Holder, which would cut the rate to $1,310,000 per tackle.
  13. Loved his work on "Diff'rent Strokes" but seems a little short to play safety.
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