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  1. RevJ

    Run defense concern

    Fixed it for you. Love the guy, love his story, but he was a liability yesterday. Can't help but thing J. carter would have put up more of a fight.
  2. Can't help but think Rivera realizes that expectations are going to be higher with Tepper. The previous owner was ummm . . distracted with other matters.
  3. It’s an end of the season game to determine if the Panthers can get into the playoffs. You can choose any one of the plays/scenarios below for the best chance to advance. 1. We only need a short field goal to win the game. The angle is difficult but easily within Gano’s capabilities. However, for protection Rivera trots out the only player in NFL history with a “blocked snap” . 2. Cam is in his groove and he has one on one coverage on Curtis Samuel, who already has over 1,200 receiving yards for the first 15 games. But, Matt Kalil is in to protect his blind side. He is going up against a 53 year old with a prosthetic leg and on oxygen for COPD but Kalil is in “his best health in years” and is sure he is ready. 3. It’s 4th and 38 from inside their own 5. The Cowboys have Dak Prescott what appears to be the last play of the season. His 4th wide receiver splits out against Kevon Seymour with the veteran Haruki Nakamura backing him up. 4. It's first and goal. As the Panthers break the huddle, David Tepper reveals that along with agreeing to allow the Richardson statue to stand, he consented for Mike Shula to return to draw up a plan for the final regular season red zone series.
  4. RevJ

    Panthers sign OT; IR Williams

    Just heard yesterday, (Peter King, I think), talking about how bad the Texans OL is - and we get the one they didn't keep.
  5. Can't do that, Amini's leg had the only block his body has ever been credited with. Nevermind the block was an extra point, his leg has promise . . .
  6. Hroniss Grasu Thought I had a mild outbreak of the Hroniss Grasu once. A strong course of antibiotics, a rotted prune rub, and witch doctor helped me get over it with minimal scarring .
  7. RevJ

    Re-watching the game

    Van Buren is a stud. Love it when dead people play well .
  8. Lynch is not very good so I'd only be willing to give up one body part of a "completely healthy again" Matt Kalil and Silatolu
  9. 1. Can't stand Theismann, his hyperbole on Watson is a good example of why. 2. I usually skip washing my hands if I think a guy is watching me pee . . .
  10. So this is deep dive journalism??? "We’d walk through the advertising department and eventually make our way up to the newsroom, which was both empty and full of promise." Gonna really miss nuggets like that. IMHO, Person really struggled at quick reactions, be it asking good questions or tweeting. He would almost have to be better writing stories. I love reading Peter King and some of the other good sports journalists - but would rate Person as "empty and needing promise". For his sake, and anyone who will pay to get behind the wall at The Athletic - I hope that I am wrong.
  11. Any chance Tepper's connection with Steelers could yield Josh Dobbs?
  12. RevJ

    LG Brendan Mahon

    Man, I'm with you on Amini - but lighten up on Canton. They have invested a lot to clean that town up and it does not deserve to be populated with bullied NFL players,
  13. RevJ

    No minority partners

    I see what you did there but I doubt much excitement occurred. You see, "minority" is a four syllable word. IMHO, most racists, (and most radicals for that matter), rarely process words over two syllables, and it is highly unlikely that they would click on any topic with any words with even three syllables.