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  1. I see one more win against the Redskins, don't underestimate the Colts they actually have a decent Defense, a good O-line, and a pretty good RB.
  2. I'm not ready to throw Tepper under the bus yet. He's put all his focus on catching the Panthers up with other organizations on the business side and he gave Ron and Hurney the benefit of the doubt for last season, I don't see that happening again this time.
  3. Daily reminder that Ron and Hurney have never produced a winning season together.
  4. Just shows that Ron still hasn't figured out how to counter the adjustments opposing teams have made since the Super Bowl.
  5. Just a friendly reminder that Ron and Hurney have never produced a winning season together.
  6. Nope, better to get on with the process while the roster still has some youth on their side. Ron has ran his course as Panthers HC, he's accomplished a few significant feats here but his cons far outweigh the pros.
  7. They can run the old tried and true 46 for all I care. After 9 years of Ron I've seen this same song and dance before. He'll make some adjustments for the next game, the run defense will perform better, and then they'll go back to getting gashed again the following week. No consistency week to week. That's been Ron's tenure as a HC. I'm just ready for him to be canned so the Panthers can finally join the rest of the modern NFL.
  8. Basically Ron is the common denominator. The defense has performed like that his entire tenure, one week they're dominating the opposing offense and the next week they're getting torched up and down the field.
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