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  1. R.I.P to the Mamba, R.I.P to his daughter, and R.I.P to everybody else onboard.
  2. If they release Cam there's only one QB they should be concerned with landing.
  3. I want the Chief to win so Andy Reid can get another ring but I think that 49ers defense is going to put a halt to that.
  4. From reading up on him he sounds just the right person for the job. Panthers salary cap has been a glaring problem for quite a while and Hurney was well on his way to cap hell again.
  5. Pretty much how I feel, it's too soon. Any highlights I see just gets me infuriated that we wasted Luke's career because of ol' Tugboat.
  6. I think they should still draft a LB. Kunaszyk did look good in the few snaps he got and he deserves a shot.
  7. I think he's had some health issues so he's took a step back from performing
  8. 12:40 mark of the video is all the explanation you need for any doubters. How long have Panthers fan been asking for Head Coach or OC that can adapt and evolve with the pace of the game? It's a damn shame that Luke and Cam didn't get a coaching staff like this while they were in their primes but I'm excited for the future of Panthers, I see a lot of wins coming.
  9. The Sundays were already hard, now there's just going to be a new staff.
  10. Got figured out after the Super Bowl loss and never recovered.
  11. Yea nah I'm good, things are looking bright. Ron can continue to rot in mediocrity with the Deadskins.
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