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  1. I am white and I am supreme... but I am not a white supremacist. I bet that just made your head explode. You black supremacist you.
  2. How come blah blah, whaaa, someone need a whambulance? Or a kick in the teeth to knock some common sense into you? Join us and the great Donald to be on the right side of history mate! Hip hip hooray
  3. Seems to me that Trump is fugging you turd breath libtard's and your libtarded agenda right on up lol. Go find a safe space to pout puss* boys.
  4. From henceforth you libturds will bow to your master and king when in his presence
  5. Number of people at Crooked Hillary's inauguration
  6. Facts is Facts... even if they are alternative
  7. https://www.heritage.org/election-integrity/commentary/judge-upholds-alabama-voter-id-law-win-common-sense ALL states need common sense policies such as these great folks in Alabama. Thank God NC seems to be following suit. Wooty woot.
  8. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Don't like it? Canada or Mexico are waiting for you. Lol.
  9. lol at the Loser left. Me and my boy Trump are... #WINNING. AHHH feels good
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