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  1. We have a lot more women posting on this site than when I first joined this site.
  2. Seahawk fans are more worried about us than the playoff game they have this week? Thats when you know we are in their heads and they are worried about us
  3. Olsen is gonna have like 300 total yards against the Falcons this year from what i saw
  4. Bersin actually got cut WOW. Im surprised they actually did it
  5. I feel like he is just using God to portray a narrative about him
  6. The flag should have been down a LONG time ago but i'm glad finally being taken seriously. Spurrier pointed out to the SC governor in 2007 that it needed to be taken down and nobody seemed to care.
  7. Oh I know. Lewis doesn't get the respect he deserves in my opinion. Kinda like Trufant
  8. He didn't? lol but I'm just messin Lewis is an underrated corner and I agree with the second thing you said ​
  9. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 50s50 seconds ago Cam Newton signed 5-year, $103.8 million extension, per source. Earns him $67.6 million in first three year. Deal... http://fb.me/1MXrtqZUR
  10. When is this deal gonna get fuging done lol apparently Cam has a presser on Wednesday so that should be interesting
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