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  1. How is he a dimwit? Plus he didn’t even say anything on that clip? I just posted what happened lol
  2. Some Panther fans say things like Igo just stated but then get mad when we criticize him for giving him starter standards.
  3. Then can you explain why I can’t give him starter standards when people believe he should be the starter for the future?
  4. The thing is tho Cam got destroyed for it meanwhile for Allen it is viewed a good step forward and that he should be the future for it
  5. So is he’s a “better player” and a “MVP” only when it’s time to criticize him?
  6. What would you be saying if Cam made this throw with the game on the line?
  7. What would this board be saying if Cam made this throw with the game on the line? He’d get murdered but somehow Allen is being praised.
  8. Lol so because people poo my thread, that automatically makes them right? Great logic if so
  9. Cam had games end just like this last year and y’all murdered him. Hell even Week 2 this year lol. But Kyle Allen is the “future” for doing the same thing? Some of y’all have a lot of Cam hate in you that you’d rather not admit
  10. And he was murdered for it. Redskins Lions Browns etc. Will Kyle Allen? Or will you just show your own bias?
  11. Have to with all the ignorance said about him taking the job from Cam Week 1 lol
  12. The funny thing is with Kyle Allen playing bad. I thought Grier would have a good chance to prove he should be the backup only for him to play worse lol
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