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  1. On 3/28/2020 at 7:13 AM, NanceUSMC said:

    Just wanted to send a wave from Fort Worth...  Hospital I work at is obviously seeing COVID-19 patients, but we're well staffed, well equipped, highly capable and meeting this head on...  I'm not front line staff, and am sequestered like everyone else, supporting those who are...  

    Everyone please stay safe and responsible, and this too shall pass...

    Love from Texas!

    Holy cow!

    The legend I signed up on this dark little corner of the internet to read his draft breakdown.


    Hope you and yours are doing well.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Harbingers said:

    Independent restaurant coalition

    Put it in a hyperlink since it’s a long ass PDF link. The biggest issue I see, the emergency grant isn’t gonna do poo for most Small business restaurants, who’s operating expense a week is over 10 grand easy.

    It’s incentivizing keeping employees on the payroll but when the government closes your business kinda mixed messages there. 

    Its not just for restaurants, any business under 500 employees can qualify.  We are a technology firm and already working with our previous SBA banker to be ready for when this gets signed.

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  3. 35 minutes ago, SmokinwithWilly said:

    I'm not sure that it's all straight up fuging evil. Companies work off contracts and they may simply not be able to guarantee a job when employees come back if too many employees leave for 12 weeks and they can't fulfill their obligations. Is it better to go ahead and let them go or do you let them take unpaid leave and fire them when the 12 weeks are up because all your contracts went somewhere else because you couldn't meet demand. It's a hard thing to consider, I've had to do it myself in the past couple of days. It's a situation I'm definitely losing sleep over and I don't have to worry about the threshold. 

    Its pretty evil when there will be an SBA program to cover what Mnuchin said yesterday could be up to 2 months worth of payroll




    The Small Business Administration, under the stimulus package, will oversee the Paycheck Protection Program, which will distribute $350 billion to small businesses that can be partially forgiven if the companies meet certain requirements. The loans will be available to companies with 500 or fewer employees.

    “The SBA loans strike a balance between loans on favorable terms and grants by providing forgiveness to firms that use loaned funds for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, and utility payments,” said Garrett Watson, senior policy analyst at the Tax Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.



    This ensures that the firms “have skin in the game” while also giving businesses a better chance at surviving the pandemic, he said.

    Loans will be administered by banks and other lenders, which American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Stan Veuger said “will hopefully speed up the process.”

    Businesses can receive loans up to $10 million, based on how much the company paid its employees between Jan. 1 and Feb. 29. The loans will carry an interest rate up to 4%. The bill provides for an expedited origination process.

    If the business uses the loan funds for the approved purposes and maintains the average size of its full-time workforce based on when it received the loan, the principal of the loan will be forgiven, meaning the company will only need to pay back the interest accrued.


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  4. 15 hours ago, Cpt slay a ho said:

    I trust you understand the difference in finalizing tb and the potential in finalizing an agreement to sign cam to your club, just for starters I’m sure a team wants to have there dr’s evaluate cam and not just go off the physical he took in atl 

    I was simply stating that he and his team could meet with any interested front office

    You took that to breaking NFL rules

    Now you want to make it about physicals


    Here's a thread about a player our team had interest in and signed yesterday


  5. 1 hour ago, Cpt slay a ho said:

    That’s good for you, but in the nfl breaking rules and regulations have severe consequences, not to mention there’s a microscope on the nfl like most major sports outlets, so a meeting taking place with cam when the nfl has suspended all nfl related activities is going to result in a black lash especially with sports shows already having limited topics 

    Interesting.  I mean we finalized TB today.

  6. 3 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    I would assume those companies are already running at 100% capacity and cranking out as many as they possibly can. If this pandemic goes as bad as it possibly could go, then we're not talking about needing a few more. We're talking about needing exponentially more than we currently have.


    I admit I haven't done super deep research at this point but there doesn't seem to be much crossover.  Phillps is the one that jumps out but there is no obvious (a google search) real crossover.

  7. 17 minutes ago, Cpt slay a ho said:

    What sense does the last part make ? There’s a quarantine, so he can’t meet with teams ect anyway, also there’s no way to determine who and who doesn’t have Interest without being someone who’s directly involved. I’d wait until the quarantine is over before jumping the gun on that one 

    I meet with co-workers and clients everyday from home and we conduct business.  If someone wanted to meet with Cam they could.

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  8. My wife came up with a debate drinking game for the Biden/Trump debate.

    You have to drink when either of these happen:

    • Trump claims something was perfect/great/best
    • Biden says "Look" and changes the subject

    I figure Ill be hammered in the first 30 minutes

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  9. Just now, fitty76 said:

    I'm not doing 4 more years of Trump.  Sorry.  

    What I take from that is that you would vote for literaly a frog or a dog or anything whether it was capable speech or not over trump

    I mean seriously dude, Biden might actually qualify as a deduction on someones taxes as a mentally impaired dependent.


  10. 3 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    My wife's boss is a complete moron about this. She still wants everyone in the office. They are certainly not an essential business. My wife can easily work from home. She already works remotely one day a week. I'm sure tomorrow's plan of action will be to figure out how they can claim to qualify as an essential business. Meanwhile, the boss has done absolutely nothing to change her usual daily routine and doesn't like the fact that everyone else in the office is trying to maintain social distancing standards. She has an out of state vacation planned soon and absolutely still plans to go.

    Sounds like an ultra hard headed version of our owner.  We are in the SaaS world and there is nothing preventing every one of our employees (save our office manager) from working remotely.

    This is going to have a long term and positive impact on our company.

  11. 1 minute ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    It won't happen. Especially with the vague loopholes in place for businesses to claim they're critical.


    Maybe.  We went full WFH last week and our owner is so against WFH that although he tolerated it before this crisis he would make folks feel guilty when they called WFH when we got 12+ inches of snow overnight.


    My point being that people who were against it 4 weeks ago are having a change of heart these days

  12. 1 minute ago, Davidson Deac II said:

    But his basic point is correct.  There aren't near enough military personnel in the US to enact and enforce martial law across the entire country.  They could set up checkpoints, but that would just be controlling movement, not enacting martial law.

    No and I didnt really mean to suggest otherwise I mean I opened with acknowledgement of the factual truth of what he said.  As a resident of the Denver Metro though I was taken aback by the 8k sq mi number and when I went to verify it realized how misleading LGs statement was.  So I was offering a clarification more than a correction.


    As far as marshal law is concerned I agree that its a practical impossibility on a nationwide scale.

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  13. 16 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    Just to put it into perspective, just the Denver metro area is over 8000 square miles. There are only 3500 in the entire Colorado National Guard. That's roughly one person for every 2.3 square miles. Meanwhile, there's almost 3 million residents in those 8000 square miles.

    That's not gonna work unless people willingly comply in which case it's unnecessary to begin with.

    According to Wikipedia you're not wrong. 8344 sq mi by their number.  But looking at the county map they are including a whole lot of near empty space in that 8300.  I mean that metro area contains Park county with 2200 sq mi and 18k people.

    Your statement, while technically right, is still misleading.  How many guardsmen would it take to cover the 10's of empty square miles around DIA?

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