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  1. You’re 100% correct. Why is he playing if he’s not physically able? Answer: dumbass Ron Rivera.
  2. Billy Love

    KK Short?

    It’s simple, he’s Over rated and Over paid.
  3. Billy Love


    Who’s gonna teach our secondary coach?
  4. Billy Love


    3 = the number of muthafuggers that get fired today if I’m the GM. 1. Ron Rivera 2. Richard Rodgers 3. Eric Washington And Chase Blackburn better not be in my line of sight or it will be 4.
  5. Can, yes. Will, not a chance if they play like they have in the past 2 games. There’s a big difference between: Can do’s, and Will do’s.
  6. Billy Love


    If I’m not mistaken, college scouting reports suggests that although Ridley was more NFL ready, DJ Moore had a much higher upside. Let’s give the kid some time. Yesterday was a huge learning experience for him that he will/should never forget, and hopefully never repeat.
  7. Billy Love

    Rivera Monday presser

    Cheap ass JR should have provided this team with an indoor practice facility, no question about it. Our team runs walk through practices in hotel banquet rooms during inclement weather situations, that’s fuggin absurd. But Ron should have never used that as an excuse.
  8. we've been on the verge of being a really good team, a really long time. Nothing ever changes with this Ron Rivera regime...NOTHING!
  9. Very good observation. I’ve noticed it too. Defense always seems rushed/confused/chaotic at pre snap.
  10. Tepper needs to have an extremely short conversation with Ron and tell him that he coaches like a pussy and he’s fired.
  11. They need to show some “BALLS”
  12. That’s the problem. We’ve been “chillin” since the 2015 SB loss. Just “smelling ourselves” and not doing sh!t to get better. And now you see the results = more of the same.