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  1. My guess is Tepper already has the Foundry property secured. I’ve also heard rumors that pipe and foundry has Purchased new property for relocation in the ashboro area.
  2. We scored a grand total of 3 points and lost by 26 to a falcon team that until today only had 2 wins. A professional football team that cannot score more than 3 points has a lot of issues.
  3. “Blood” insinuates we’re alive. They smell rotting flesh.
  4. Playoffs? Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs. we can’t do didly poo out there.
  5. Unfortunately, Rivera needs to be fired regardless of the outcome of Sunday’s game.
  6. The team needs to see this video right before the game.
  7. Tepper has spent a year observing the day to day operations and I’m sure he’s ready to make some much needed changes.
  8. Tepper is tired of seeing his executive managers (FO) abusing the company assets.
  9. If ole Nipple shorts taught us anything it was to “ keep churning the bottom your rosta “
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