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  1. No. Jerry’s reasoning for being a cheap bastard was every $ he spends on team facilities = less $ in his account.
  2. Disagree completely. Having a professional football facility to hold practice in inclement weather is critical to late season success. Especially, as you point out, league parity. So, if teams are similarly aligned talent wise, and football is a game off inches, having an effective practice(s) good be the difference in a win or a loss. A win in late season play could mean, your season is done or you move on to the playoffs or the next level of the playoffs. Practicing in a hotel ballroom and being limited to a simple walk through is beneath a competitive NFL francishe.
  3. Too funny. I thought those were “wooly booger” eyebrows too.
  4. In reality you’re feeding Tepper. If you forfeit your Psl’s, the Panthers will Absorb them and sell them for retail or sell your seats as single game ticket sales until the PSL’s sell. The Panther actual benefit from PSL forfeitures.
  5. Ron says he’s not aware that Cam has an injury
  6. Growing pains???? QB throws an interception in ROOKIE MINI CAMP.
  7. Armoni Edwards. He’s gonna be a great receiver one day.
  8. All jokes aside. ^ is absolutely the most spot on comment of all. It’s none of our business.
  9. No wonder he couldn’t throw the ball more 20 yards last season...dry sac = no strength.
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