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  1. Understanding of and execution of time clock management game planning —-> in game adjustments hold ALL in the organization accountable player evaluation and roster adjustments team sense of urgency ability to build on a lead during game rather than coast while up by 3. Infectious team confidence and killer instinct let’s tackle these issues first, and Wins will come as a net result of these improvements
  2. And the Washington team thinks Ron Rivera is going to be their savior.
  3. If Cam could have passed an NFL physical with flying colors he would still be a Panther
  4. Not for aggravated armed robbery in Florida. These are serious charges and carry significant time.
  5. I can’t think of one modern dome that doesn’t have a retractable roof. Minnesota may be the exception.
  6. If we’re getting a shinny new dome. This is the PERFECT location for it.
  7. I’d bet he already had an agreement with CPF well before this announcement
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