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  1. OP start thread, Trolling the trolls. And how does that make you any different than the ones you criticize? You come across as a condescending prick. If the huddle is beneath you, check out.
  2. the Panthers buried themselves with that sh!t show performance last night. anyone, who knows anything, about the game of football sees that we need a QB...because we don't have one right now. CAM looked unbelievably, embarrassingly and undeniably horrible last night...and that's putting it mildly. The receivers body language last night told the whole story. the fans inside the stadium suffered an historic 4 qtrs. of nausea watching in disbelief that Cam's physical abilities have deminished to this pitiful level. I HOLD THIS CLOWN COACHING STAFF RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS 100%. THEY RAN CAM NEWTON INTO THE GROUND...AND PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION, THEY'RE DOING THE SAME THING TO CHRISTIAN. FUG RON RIVERA!
  3. Cam needed to adjust ball velocity based on the situation. He always put way too much zip on the shorter route passes. He’s now throwing more short route passes. Seems to reason Cam’s not throwing with much zip. PLUS Cam is coming off surgery. Wouldn’t it be prudent to work his way in to throwing harder and longer passes as the season progresses?? That would help strengthen the healing shoulder right. WTF Cam can’t do Sh!t right in some peoples eyes...even when he does what they suggest he should do.
  4. Greg has good hands...period. At this point In his career, that’s all he has left. He’s always been slow, combine that with 2 plus years of a broken foot and now a bad back and mix in old age...not promising. If Greg scores a TD it will be because he caught a ball while standing in the end zone. Give me more Ian Thomas.
  5. As we all know, there are only 16 regular season games each year. As a staff, you have ALL offseason to prepare. The Panthers looked lost yesterday in the area of time management. how many times has this happened under Rivera??? The response is always, we’ll get it right next week. bullish!t. This staff couldn’t prepare itself for the Rams and had all off season to do so. What makes me think you can figure it out in next 3 days. It’s the same old bullish!t from Ron. ZERO urgency on offense when time is critical. Zero common sense when using time outs.
  6. I would much rather watch: grass grow, paint dry or flies fu$k before wasting another minute of my life listening to the horrible, and I do mean horrible, Wilson and Parcell show.
  7. Panthers should have hired Buckner. He’s a student of football.
  8. He turned down a BIG extension while he was with San Francisco.
  9. Waiting for everyone to scan phone a gate is gonna cause a bottle neck at entrances. It will get ugly on those hot September game days
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