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  1. I’m a hardcore panther fan. I don’t really care about the 24 other teams you refer to. The reality is, we’ve done nothing but sh!t the bed since SuperBowl 50. Right now, we don’t deserve primetime respect.
  2. What have we done SINCE 2015 to garner respect? honestly, what?
  3. Do you have to move your desk at lunchtime to allow cars to park at the Restaurant? I know you are from AZ and all but you office is going to get hot as a MOFO beginning this month through October
  4. Finally, a good offseason acquisition
  5. Ron’s problem is he still doesn’t have the natural instinct to know when to take chances and when to play it safe. He’ll punt on 4th and 1/2 yard on the openents 10 Yard line and turn around and go for it on 4th and 6 on our own 40.
  6. So tell me, when is Ron going to start following John’s advice? Ron is still too conservative and predicable.
  7. I understand 100%, and that’s why I thought I would mess with you a bit. Life is short Red, let’s enjoy it.
  8. I was really just fugin with you, but I see now you have no sense of humor. Loosen up man.
  9. why is it always a White thing with you Red????
  10. People need to realize Landry and OBJ are tight. Cleveland is set for success.
  11. My comment was a statement, not a question. And yes, I watched all of the games and saw our defense struggle mightily. The question is, did of our horsesh!t front office watch the games.
  12. If Kyle Love is our best interior D-lineman we have bigger problems than losing him to free agency
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