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  1. I don't know where you keep getting all the great pics, but damn!

  2. BTW your girlfriend doesn't look as good with the really short hair in Scream 4. She needs to grow it back out some. Still awesome? Sure, but the hair needs to grow back out.

  3. Awesome! I can't believe that POS Two guys frenching pic made it on the board!

  4. Yes, I like it too. NC Biscuit sends me some avvie worthy stuff and I use them. Right now, he is on a mission to find a pic of 2 girls kissing while one of them has a hand on a third gals bewbies, lol.

  5. Sigh, this whole CBA/ Draft thing has given me a headache. Need some top new stuff from panthasan or NC.

  6. Awesome. Started researching mine after Braveheart came out lol. I have been throwing in the Highland games since about 98. Had to take a few years off after blowing my patellar tendon and family getting in the way. Getting back into it now.

  7. Love your pic above. Some of my ancestors are from the Highlands, others from Glasgow area.

  8. She is Chloe Vevrier.......some big ol knockers!

  9. I gotta know who is the avatar?