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  1. im not reading this thread but rapaport is notoriously uninformed and is likely just speculating here
  2. they were able to wear down the defense. they went up 10 points very quickly, which gave them some leeway to attack Cam and play keepaway on offense. Peyton had just enough in the tank to do that, and Ron didn't adjust to a more attacking gameplay, instead choosing to play it conservative and wait for them to make a mistake. Of course playing it conservative was all Peyton wanted to do. Peyton's ball control game allowed the broncos defense to be fresh, so they could continually attack and control the pace of the game. Shula didn't adjust (because he isn't capable of it) and they made just the right number of plays at the right time. If you look at the two teams in hindsight, the Panthers two biggest weaknesses that year were offensive tackle and coaching. And it just so happens the Broncos had real good edge rushers and Wade Phillips. Also Wade figured out first that refs were going to treat Cam like a RB so all engines go for straight dives into his head.
  3. the reason they call that a herschel walker haul is because it hasn't happened in three decades, and it's not going to happen again. like why would a team trade a first for CMC when they could probably have alvin kamara for a third?
  4. I've never once slammed fans of players like cam newton (whatever that means) as vick fans, and I'm not sure there's anyone on this forum who was shitting harder on CMC before this year than I was. i'd challenge you to find the post where i did that but we both know you'd just slither away
  5. they also don't have to do anything on him since they have a 5th year option
  6. maybe they should have thrown a screen or two in the super bowl, i dunno
  7. I wouldn't mind to be honest. Can't line up cap space and have it play. CMC is effectively two positions. Would honestly make sense to get his contract out of the way now, especially in the scenario you're paying a rookie QB for the next 4-5 years. If cam is gone and they decide to tank, just go ahead and front load a deal for him and get it over with.
  8. yeah, not only is CMC the face of the franchise at this point (gotta put someone on the tickets), but he's going to have a different career arc than most running backs. He's already one of the better slot receivers in the game. As we move forward and away from Ron Rivera, we'll see less of CMC the between the tackles runner and more of something more in line with the current century.
  9. Yeah. Pretty much. Tank for Taylor might be on.
  10. if you watched his video, I think it's pretty clear it's about injury.
  11. oh absolutely, jeremy. Luke owes this team nothing. melt down Richardson's statue and replace it with Luke's.
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