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  1. really pretty impressed this got him, since they were fine with him paying off cuban cabana boys after banging his wife not once, but twice.
  2. Shuler chose not to run again for the 2012 election. Since then things have uh changed
  3. moe lives in my parent's neighborhood and is going to dog walk this kid meadows didn't run to hide in the white house because he thought he'd have an easier reelection. he also probably thought it'd help him build his case for senate in 2022 but uh
  4. all the big college football checkmarks reporting it rip
  5. theyve been trying to edit out he profanities in the NBA and MLB and failing miserably. i never knew MLB players were just screaming obscenities every other play. NBA.... well yeah
  6. in 1995 you were allowed to bring scanners to Death Valley stadium to listen to the coach's radios i was 9 and only allowed to listen one time
  7. my dad in asheville thought it was a bear just like slamming against the side of the house and grabbed a gun yeah great dad, scare the earthquake away with your .22
  8. generally the very young team with a new coach installing a brand new system would prefer extra practice time but i guess not this time.
  9. oh the play call on offense gets in before there's five seconds on the clock? coach of the year
  10. i mean there's an element i guess of taking advantage of inefficiencies in the system but i think mostly its because you want more fast dudes that can hit hard as opposed to hard hitters that can move fast. but the nfl has definitely moved to more of the way they play offense in the big 12 (with some notable exceptions) so having the guy who managed to reasonably figure it out, without a lot of comparable talent, is a huge boon.
  11. i mean it's kinda weird because ruhle is eventually gonna be running a four safety system like he installed at baylor. that's going to be a nfl staple in about 5 years so we get to see it first hurray like he might line up in the box occasionally but we're not going to be able to call him a linebacker like we would traditionally
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