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  1. if cam is on the roster next year, he costs 20 million in cap space. cutting him leaves 2 million. why would the team extend him at this point it's a bad position to be in
  2. Cam doesn't owe the team anything. They've got him killed for years. If he wants to retire, more power to him. Health is more important than anything else.
  3. It really didn't look like much to be honest. iirc correctly he just kinda hit his arm on something in a follow through, and walked off shaking his arm. He would have immediately had an MRI on it, and the team would have known right away what the injury was and what the treatment was going to be. Shame too; that could have been a good team. Instead we got the white glove experience. But the Panthers didn't IR jake right away. I have no idea why. Nothing that requires Tommy John would have healed on its own. The injury occurred September 23rd. They didn't place him on IR until October 8th. Every week he was "day to day" until finally he was going under the knife. And the weirdest thing was how quiet everyone in the organization was about it. They wouldn't give any interviews at all. No information was shared, adn this was back when the Panthers still had beat writers trying to get it. There was no "he's out for two weeks, but we have faith in our backup." And not even Jake said anything about it, which was super strange because he was absolutely the kind of guy who gave an interview to anyone. It was just odd silence. Everyone who was posting here at the time remembers what it was like. People can be stubborn about surgeries, and athletes are no exception. Oftentimes people don't want to be told "this isn't going to heal on its own." But here we are again. QB is obviously injured. Hurney and the coach are saying he's day to day. Cam isn't saying anything. sounds familiarrrrrrr
  4. this is exactly how hurney handled delhomme's injury in 2007. refused to IR, drew it out, no timeline on recovery, evaluating day to day.
  5. remember the only reason we learned about luck was because the owner leaked it to the media lmao
  6. we also need that first to draft a qb next year
  7. also there are reports Marrone dropped a hard R during the confrontation. Look at the reaction from the edge of the bench
  8. yeah thats the other thing. glazer is the most inexplicably connected person in the nfl.
  9. yeah i called this upstream where my checkmark twitter
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