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  1. electro's horse

    Most impressive rookie season?

    KB also led the league in drops and drop percentage iirc
  2. also we should sign east european weightlifters as project players.
  3. after the third round just draft the biggest, fastest, strongest, blackest motherfugers you can find teach them a position later
  4. electro's horse

    Wall Street Journal On Kaep/Reid Settlement

    this is absolutely bullshit by the way
  5. lmao who gives a poo what john elway has to say he just said 35 year old joe flacco is entering the prime of his career
  6. competent, smart moves but nothing good enough to really make us dangerous.
  7. boat shoes are a comfortable and practical option for people who aren't comfortable showing their jacked up, hairy toes check your #footprivilege
  8. re: his fashion, dude is huge. there's only so many options when you're that big. not getting wrecked by someone half your size is apparently not one of them for him, however.
  9. looks like he trips on the curb rip his left knee
  10. electro's horse

    Post FA mock

    Oline, rusher, safety, nickel order based on best available
  11. electro's horse

    Best Left Tackle ever?

    i want to live in that universe where we pulled off the joe thomas trade in 2015
  12. electro's horse

    Mayo to the 49ers

    how did the saints not sign him?
  13. electro's horse


    fug the cap consequences that waste of space needs to go on an ass eating tour of the carolinas after the poo he did. every fan gets to line up. me first and i had chili for lunch
  14. Panthers do have an in house mental health professional.
  15. electro's horse

    Barry Sanders Highlights

    like he was full speed here