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  1. see i dunno i think greg hardy could give him a run for his money
  2. someone made a thread to troll people on this board and, shocker, it worked
  3. i dont think the panthers stop the saints on the next drive tho
  4. i thought this was about me and i smiled because it'd be the first time anyone's remembered in years
  5. people criticizing cam's work ethic don't have the balls to just straight up say they hate him because he's black.
  6. yeah but he's lining up inside where it's easier to move him around and take advantage of defensive lineups. like when Rivera and co were sticking him on the outside, it was pretty easy to take him out of the game. plus, he's just not that great with a safety over top and a corner in his face. He's soft. on the inside they can move him around, either to let him get away from a linebacker or take advantage of nickel and dime sets and get easy yards on the ground, which is what they're doing.
  7. if we're looking for one date, i would say it was earlier in the year. Week 1 against Denver. because that was when the NFL displayed for the world to see they were going to let defenses murder cam and never throw a flag.
  8. rivera and co kept trying to get him to lineup like DJ Moore. Run routes, beat man coverage, come back to the ball, run block etc. And that's just not him at all. I've always said Samuel would thrive somewhere like KC where the coaches know how to scheme open receivers, and that obviously wasn't going to happen under the previous regime. Now there's nowhere for him on the field most of the time. He's at best a number 3 receiver or RB. But Brady and Ruhle have figured out he's lethal on third downs, and thank god for it because the Panthers are constantly in them. Samuel does a lot of things good but nothing great. He's fantastic at shedding a single defender and he has good hands. Linebackers basically can't match up with him, and he has the versatility to move behind the QB if they think they have favorable matchups for running. Just another example of this coaching staff making the best of what we have and knowing how to put players in a position to succeed.
  9. anyone notice the announcers claim whitehead never gets credit for being one of the better linebackers in the game? 1. i think they were trying to talk about shaq 2. that's technically true; no one claims that 3. shaq is also not one of the best linebackers in the game
  10. lots of whispers out of new england that his shoulder has fallen apart again
  11. that absolutely does not happen under rivera
  12. listen we're not bad enough to get the first overall pick. so it's back to superbowl or bust there's nothing in between
  13. yeah there's a lot of starters out there on defense who won't be in the nfl next year
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