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  1. can't believe he didn't mention colin jones what disrespect
  2. GOAT is basically asking how the field of epidemiology works
  3. they're succeeding the smell is overpowering
  4. this is just a random image from dragoncon. imagine this across four hotels
  5. DragonCon is one of the most crowded, least healthy looking things you've ever seen in your life. Hambeasts shoulder to shoulder, sweating and panting, spread out over 4 hotels, drunkenly humping each other in secret orgies every single night, half of them are on mobile oxygen already DragonCon this year would simply be referred to as "The Incident" by future epidemiologists
  6. almost like things were closed down for a long weekend or something
  7. one of my patients is an old man who gets a steroid shot and rocephin shot every week "SO I DONT GET PNEUMONIA" he's had the covid test 3 times lmao it doesn't even phase him we do whatever we can to get him the fug out
  8. did anyone else read this in like an 18th century new england accent
  9. except in asheville where the housing bubble never fuging crashes
  10. if anyone buys these i will fuging find you
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