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  1. Happens literally all the time
  2. no the family wants out of the PSLs
  3. again, the last one was in 2016 like he has played football since then
  4. or you draft a qb in the 1st round and hope for the best which, again, take those odds
  5. lmao morale? PSLs bitch we're tied to the mast of this sinking ship
  6. i switched up ADA and HIPAA. it's always confusing for me because i work in healthcare and you have absolutely no protections for health considerations because of obvious reasons. not that it matters because no matter what you're fired for in healthcare someone will hire you right back lmao and im trying to make a joke here dude about surgeons. generally hammers see everything as a nail.
  7. bigger than the risk it's not going to get better? but yeah, your second point is the more salient one
  8. That's not what you said. You made a broad sweeping statement that was grossly incorrect. I watch doctors all the time go straight for surgical procedures; it's called acute care. What you meant to say is that a GP will generally recommend that a person try RICE, rehab, etc before going under the knife. as an addendum, there isn't a surgeon alive, especially ortho, who doesn't immediately recommend surgery; that's why everyone hates surgeons.
  9. Yeah, that's the real problem, isn't it? basically if you get good odds on the panthers drafting kyler murray you should take it.
  10. ADA covers that but there are certain "exceptions" that vary person to person depending on how good your lawyer is.
  11. you'd think google would have something on that from before 2016 but whelp
  12. Don't assume Cam plays football again.
  13. why do people keep saying this? Is it like Boomer's lead diseased brains imagining they were at woodstock or whatever?