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  1. i don't care paying women less because less people watch their sport is a stupid line of reasoning no matter how many times you repeat it. it says more about the people not watching (you) than it does the players. they are good at what they do. they are better than the men. they should earn as much.
  2. who cares leaning on this "more people watch therefore we shouldn't address the inequality" is an appeal to the magical authority of THE FREE MARKET and lets incurious people like yourself avoid any kind of critical self examination. maybe if more people are watching the men trip over their own dicks that says more about the people watching than the product itself grasping desperately at these viewership numbers as a way to justify their poo wages is like someone who keeps killing the goats to make the corn grow because some temple priest told them to. except the god your worshipping is now some abstract notion of an just economy you love because it benefits you and your station in life.
  3. i love these defenses based on hypotheticals of the men not being a steaming embarrassment to the country. whole lot of insecurity is coming out here. "if i was better at my job i'd deserve to be making more money than you"
  4. stay in asheville instead and just drive in for the game and spend the night in charlotte
  5. generally what it is. get yourself tested and be compliant, kiddos.
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