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  1. this is good give him an office, trot him out to events, keep him involved
  2. if he gets a cervical fusion he's never playing again lol
  3. gotta hand it to him for everything he's come back from. this is a real blow.
  4. With the exception of like Patrick Jeffers, no player got treated worse by the Carolina Panthers than Matt Moore. Fox sent him out there to die against the Giants just because he was pouting about Hurney taking over the team.
  5. if he wins ROTY he won't be the only one slinging web
  6. jesus he beat texas on a naked boot leg and horns down'd the entire crowd what more do you want
  7. he wasn't the BPA, he just had the best SPARQ score and gettleman loves fat people.
  8. i think that was honestly one of hurney's more solid first three rounds. everything addressed a need. There's a theory that you really just want more picks because no one knows who will develop and who won't, but they got grier at a good spot so in my mind that takes the edge off trading another third. i like to think you take the biggest strongest motherfugers and let them be coached, so im fine with taking little. i dunno i think it was pretty solid. Even in 2007, even though beason and kalil turned out to be incredible, neither of them were drafted for their eventual position. Kalil was drafted to play guard, and Beason OLB. addressed needs, no crazy trade ups, everyone is big enough to play their position, no ridiculous developmental players; good job hurn dog
  9. if hurney had got him in the first, then through hurney magic he would have been first team all pro his rookie year. Now, in the second? He might already be dead
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