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  1. 43 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    Who we elect honestly doesn't matter. Our votes matter on election day and that's it. Our votes are largely driven by who the large donors decide to back because those are the only candidates who can afford to run a campaign that can have a chance to end in getting elected. Once they're in office, all those favors they had to give to get those campaign funds get called in and lobbyists do the rest. Our politicians are just rubber stamps for the people and organizations that put them in office and keep them in office. That's just the sad reality.

    it's almost like a tiny percentage of people owning the vast majority of the wealth is not such a great thing for society.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Harbingers said:

    Thats because anyone who gets intubated are given the highest level of sedation possible.

    in some cases, but not always; at least not long term. generally they are given more initially but the goal is to bring them back to minimum amount needed for the duration.

    Fun (and not scary at all) fact, to quote an RT i know-  ""we are running out of sedation so they are having to go other routes"



    I love how everyone is a fkn medical expert now lol

  3. 1 minute ago, JARROD said:

    No... I mean No,..

    the same reason I can’t watch even great episodes of Game of Thrones.... the last 1.5 episodes are like the ref tosses, Ron flubs,.. and last fumble in that game...

    dracarys GIF

    thats a pretty great analogy haha


    I do still dust off the cardiac cats dvd every once in a rare while.

  4. 6 minutes ago, JARROD said:

    Well in the 2015 defense,... like someone else said, we were fighting refs,.. NFL was not going to allow Peyton Manning to exit without a Super Bowl.

    i truly hated everything about how that game went down, except just the fact that they made it that far. just a train wreck from start to finish. I still haven't re-watched it.

  5. 4 minutes ago, JARROD said:

    The 1996 team beat Steve Young’s 49ers who were all but unstoppable 2 times,.. probably cost them the Super Bowl that year since they didn’t get a bye and had to play Green Bay in Lambeau. Not many remember just how good those teams were

    Oh i def agree with you there. not really tryna poo on the 96 team at all. as far as fun seasons as a whole they would be top of my list. the first year they played in the new stadium and won every game at home, it was magical. honestly if we are doing winning seasons and not just SB years id say 96, 03, 05/08, 15 in that order.

    15 was a monster year willed into existence by QB1 and that defense, but something was just off about it and i think that it was ron fkn rivera. we always seems to jump out to a nice lead then let the other team back into it and end with a score that was way closer than it ever should have been . I feel like all of the tests that the 03 team faced, along with that mid-season slump prepared them for the SB and it showed on the field. I almost feel like that 15 squad walked into the SB expecting to win and just didnt know how to recover from being handled. the coaching just killed them. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, JARROD said:

    2003 our team was using steroids ha. It’s irrelevant. I do think the team was better in 2003 even though Cam, Luke, TD and Josh made the 2015 team better on their own.

    I still think 1996 proved they were better.

    they had to beat San Francisco twice, Dallas and then play Green Bay in Lambeau. And that’s back when all of those teams were Super Bowl teams,...2003 and 2015 teams didn’t have that type of challenge.

    03 team beat the defending Sb champs 2 times that year, in 2 totally diff fashions.

  7. 2 minutes ago, stbugs said:

    It’s funny how people remember things. The 2013 team won 5 of 12 games by 4 or less. The 2015 team won 4 of 17 games by 4 or less.

    its all about matchups and not simply numbers. the 15 team had a tendency to let teams make it close in the 2nd half and I think 03 team could have taken advantage of that. 03 team scraped and clawed their way to sb 38 and i think it affected the way the game unfolded. 15 team got punched in the mouth and never recovered.

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  8. On 4/1/2020 at 7:28 PM, CarolinaSock said:

    I work in medical coding and specifically I code for ICU and pulmonary doctors. The hospitals I code for seem to have increased their testing and are getting the results back much faster than a week ago at least in the charlotte area. Last week I was seeing patients that had been admitted almost a week before they finally had results back, now the turn around seems to be a day in most cases. They are testing anyone with flu like symptoms or in respiratory distress. I know this is just anecdotal but at least in the charlotte area hospitals they seem to be getting much better with frequency and turnaround in testing.

    I code as well, but i do pathology and lab coding. I also noticed an increase in tests around the same time you did; we were swamped this week. Then i noticed that the U0002's weren't billable until after 1 April and that makes me think that we were holding all of the fkn cases until then. I worked cases today that were done middle of march and earlier, it has been crazy.

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