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  1. Butterflyj30

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    I feel bad for the guy!! They are going all the way in on the panthers twitter he better be good and be good like this Sunday
  2. Butterflyj30

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    They wouldn't even let the guy get on the field!! We need all the help we can get
  3. Butterflyj30

    What you gonna do this afternoon?

    Watch a good movie and relax
  4. Butterflyj30

    Soooo.... Your wounds licked yet?

    I am going to try my best to turn off all football today and get back into the groove next week
  5. Butterflyj30

    4 TDs on 11 touches...

    They should let Byrd to the Returns and let DJ and Samuel stick to WR I don't understand why the coaches can't figure this out
  6. Butterflyj30

    Kyle Love fell asleep during the game

    I think Kyle was praying!! Like others have said Kyle is our best DT
  7. Butterflyj30

    Dez Bryant tears achilles in practice

    That is really sad
  8. Butterflyj30

    Bright spot from last night

    I love that lol
  9. Butterflyj30

    Saints got Dez

    This is how I felt watching the Panthers last night!! I was like don't do it Panthers LOL
  10. Cam is very optimistic about things going forward
  11. The Panthers are trending all over twitter I can't look