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  1. Karli wanted Captain America dead physically but it seems Captain’s name is gonna be dead to the world more than anything. Talk about uncalculated move.
  2. Now Im going to wonder what other players Fit had in mind when calling around early in the process
  3. Cam knows deep down he is prepping for post football life. His ATL cigar lounge is doing well and I believe he has plans to expand if I saw correctly.
  4. 1st- Micah Parsons, LB 2nd- Creed Humphreys, C/G 3rd- Josh Ball, Tackle I think first round will be BPA and I’m on the Parsons train Creed will be there at 39 and will be able to plug into guard this year and be the center of the future. Josh Ball...he was at the senior bowl and showed ALOT of athleticism to be a left tackle. He had his issues at Florida state but transferring helped him tremendously.
  5. Seattle has that voodoo...voodoo donuts...it can happen. If Sam pans out this place will have the much needed enema.
  6. There’s a lot negative nancy posters being proved wrong the past few days... “nO oNe wAnTeD sAm” no a number of teams inquired ”nO oNe wAnTs tEdDy” Ian’s info says otherwise
  7. Was just about to say this, almost a month later and the first wave money is done.
  8. I think he has a 2 game suspension but that’s not the worst thing in the world.
  9. Yeah I’ve heard that too but that’s what I mean by dust settling. Burrow might want Chase but the staff has the final say but it is the Bengals so there is always the chance they make a Bengals move.
  10. I think once the dust settles, he doesn’t make it past 5 so that Cincy can protect Burrow.
  11. Josh Allen and Sam Darnold both have very similar numbers their rookie seasons...Allen's have gone up but so has the team around him...Darnold's have trended down but so has the team around him....wonder if there is a connection
  12. I chuckled when he used Rosen as an example of “perfect form for what to do”
  13. I see no issues with this. If we gave them a 1st then yeah it would be an issue but we didn’t...a lot of the negativity to this is coming from the normal negative crowd here. Jets Twitter is a good mix of people wishing Sam luck because they admit the Jets royally fuged him.
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