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  1. Depends... If PJ an Will are still the only others on the roster I would be sad (2) Now if a rookie was behind him taking time to get ready I would be fine and understand (8)
  2. All that talent and only 1 early super bowl to show for it. The 2018 and 2019 teams were far better than the 2009 team.
  3. You’re not helping your case because chuck literally posts this every time he gets called out.
  4. Yeah I was interested In Purdy but he went back to ISU for 2021.
  5. So much This. We are doing homework and not putting on a show. We didn’t hire a firm to give us a set list which kinda makes me happier.
  6. If he were truly Haslam he would have fired Ron from the get go. He was patient and didn’t want to rock the boat till he needed to and it’s finally the time. If we have these issues in 2024+ then yeah I would wonder but in the words of Aaron Rodgers RELAXXXXXXX
  7. Want to talk about a cluster. There’s probably so much going on behind the scenes then could be reported.
  8. I know the chances are still small but in 2016 the Cowboys used the senior bowl to scout Dak so they were not surprised what they were getting when they drafted him.
  9. When it comes to free agency I always feel it’s best to go for mid tier guys because they don’t break the bank and are still looking for a bigger payday. Its always the top level guys that are looking for their 2nd contract that breaks the bank that never seems to preform. The Albert Hayensworths and Josh Normans of the world.
  10. What do you want to make a situation perfect? I’m not a big fan of this sit back and wait philosophy that some people have while waiting for their “perfect spot” because there is a chance that “perfect spot” never opens. I’m just taking in general too not just from a Panthers/GM perspective.
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