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  1. This is a reflection on the Observer. It’s why the writers are trying to unionize.
  2. Clearly he’s using this spot to spy for McDermott. WELCOME BACK LUKE 🥹
  3. Not to sound sour but last time that was the case that didn’t really work out for Luck in the end. If you’re the #1 player you just have to accept you’re not going to a #1 situation. The whole “I’m not playing for them” thing annoys me when your a draft prospect and not a free agent. also was reading there are much better high school QB prospect than Manning.
  4. Did see an interesting theory that after OTAs that Seattle saw Geno and Lock were “not it” so they are looking to add but I’m of the opinion that’s not really true because the mandatory OTA stuff really doesn’t show squat because its glorified walk thrus.
  5. Carroll has worn out his welcome in Seattle and a number of people I talked to in Seattle when I went last fall were hoping he retried at the end of the season…Wilson leaving probably increased that sentiment.
  6. Anyone getting the vibe this is being pushed out by Cleveland for us to bite?
  7. If we get a QB, the era of mocking “first round TE to Carolina” will come back… ad nauseam
  8. Wilks took a lot of leadership lessons under Ron and they have translated. Say what you want about Rivera but his presence was felt in the building in a positive way and Wilks follows that. Arizona royally fuged up firing Wilks and not firing Keim. Arians did what he does best and leaves when things are bad and left Steve with nothing in terms of roster and Keim makes Marty seem like a competent GM. Marty was just meh and unwise, Keim is a pompous child that put all the Arizona issues on Steve when he was mostly to blame.
  9. FIFY Wilks is already receiving love from players in the building.
  10. We need more size on the edge. The off tackle Runs towards the end of the year were getting stupid.
  11. He's from the Carolinas. I met his late father on a construction site in the early 2010's and he was always on the phone with Carlos in a happy excited voice because it was around draft time.
  12. Anderson’s yearly “get people to engage me” tweet. A tradition unlike any other.
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