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  1. But we’re gonna ignore 11-5 and playoffs on 2016? The giants defense couldn’t stop anyone when he was a head coach and the revolving door of coaches that game afterwards showed that maybe there might be something to the giants themselves and not McAdoo.
  2. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2706450-patrick-mahomes-reportedly-was-giants-draft-target-before-chiefs-traded-up.amp.html might help if I attach the links… But he liked him predraft in 2017
  3. The report that McAdoo wanted Mahomes in 2017 and the Giants front office said no is kinda believable. Ben the OC needs to be separated from Ben the HC. If he brings Pat Flarhety with him as a line coach I’ll have a little more faith in the staff next year.
  4. Only issue I can see is that the lawsuit baggage can be hid in a smaller market…New York will be a constant barrage about it from the media.
  5. Daboll and Russell Wilson cooking in New York in 2022
  6. From a Panthers perspective we are not the only team to be ever told no by candidates for a job. Heck the colts were left at the alter by McDaniels.
  7. Florio is hearing rumblings that’s Kingsbury could be let go in Arizona. Not gonna lie if he is let go I can see why we haven’t let Rhule go yet. There’s so much competition so riding with what you got might be the current strategy.
  8. Damnit I told y’all see y’all in March in the deadline Watson thread…it’s not even February
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