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  1. I have a feeling a cigarette butt and the roof cleaning chemicals might have something to do with it…someone is getting fired.
  2. Other teams recognize we are improving overall…that’s a good thing. We ain’t the Jags like some on here want to believe.
  3. The fact that he was fine last week and not this week…and I believe he is the only coach to opt out. The USC timing being key.
  4. So it’s no secret that Urban Meyer has been linked to the USC gig ever since he left Ohio State for “health reasons” The Jags have been low key a dumpster fire all training camp and even Trevor is not gonna save them from a top 5 pick. Well…it’s being report that Urban does not want to do any press conferences with the Broncos media this week (which is actually a new rule where in the past it was required) I really don’t think he is a NFL coach come week 4…
  5. Yeah my seats are lower bowl and my wife and I could feel the difference even there…that might go in our favor against AC dome teams
  6. Not gonna lie…Defense looked much faster but I attribute that to being more athletic than past defenses prior.
  7. I read somewhere but I can’t remember the kickers name the last time the ravens did that and got trade value the team that traded for the kicker ate it in the end because they ended up being cut a year later.
  8. We keep beating ourselves up over this kicker thing but half the NFL is going through a kicker flex right now it’s not just a Panthers issue
  9. Chance of storms too…I know it’s turf now but we’ve always had some luck when it rains against the Saints. andddd now it’s clear as I typed that…
  10. I know the Panthers o line isn’t the greatest but the raiders Lind is pretty decent but they can’t do anything…shows the Panthers have a lot going for them.
  11. Carr has regressed but I mostly blame that on Gruden…dude can’t coach up a qb to save his life…probably just waiting for the Aaron Rodgers sweepstakes.
  12. Slater gained traction going into the draft for how he handled Chase Young in college. not to get all college conference pride but I swear the big 10 produces better lineman than the SEC.
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