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  1. I see where you’re coming from but the main thing is there is more value in a pass rusher vs a RB.
  2. We’ll see how he does pre draft and what not. People were saying Josh Allen would get a GM fired too. I have a coworker who’s brother works with lsu football and there’s rumblings around nfl scout talk that Levis will be a candidate for pick 1.
  3. It’s actually quite catchy and I think it’s just a Panther thing because my dork ass tried to Shazam it and it came back with nothing.
  4. Jeff Nixon will probably be the first to go with him. No clue on who Matt will hire as a DC…none…I have no one in mind who would be his DC (sarcasm)
  5. Hmmm I don’t that’s fully accurate but I also don’t know the language of his contract but here is Florio’s take. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/10/10/david-tepper-was-wise-to-not-delay-the-inevitable-with-matt-rhule/amp/ Beyond the obvious fact that there’s no reason to wait, the move puts Rhule immediately in play for one of the various head-coaching jobs that will be available at the college level. With the Panthers getting a dollar-for-dollar credit against Rhule’s buyout on what he makes elsewhere, it’s in Tepper’s financial interests to put Rhule in position to have a land rush for his services.
  6. Are you seeing that somewhere because there’s offset language that basically the panthers are only on the hook for the difference in guaranteed money And if Nebraska offers more guaranteed than owed it’s a wash an panthers owe nothing.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving all you folks this side of the nut house.
  8. I can’t believe Mike Tomlin, Andy Reid, or Bill Belichick isn’t on this list what is Dave Tepper doing!!! Classic huddle amiright @TheSpecialJuan But I like that list in all honesty
  9. No he didn’t…you might be thinking of the pre-Harbaugh 49ers
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