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  1. I don’t have a link but it’s word of mouth. Lucas Oil is older but think for a second...it’s hosted a number of final 4s and other big events and is retractable. I mean the Panthers version would be a lot more up to date but more of just the idea of how it functions.
  2. From what I have heard, Tepper loves the basic structure of Lucas Oil so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what the new stadium is based on.
  3. Vegas says our win total is 7.5 which Is average so I assume most smart people see the team/line as average. I trust that over PFF.
  4. For real. If you want to go straight on stats then Brown is in the same path as Chris Jones which isn’t bad at all.
  5. “I want more weapons” -Aaron Rodgers “PFF says we have the 14th ranked Corp bro!” -GB office - Aaron Rodgers
  6. From what I have heard everything that happened was on him and not the team/organization.
  7. If only we could get a monster jam before they put the turf in.
  8. Shade is forbidden in Spartanburg.
  9. A lot of those have the Bucs in the top 2 and basically a guessing game for the rest of the South. I wonder how many prime time games NO gets this year without Brees. Probably like 2-3 as opposed to the 5 Brees got them.
  10. Could you imagine the piss and vinegar coming from Eagles fans if they didn't win it all in 2017 I know there’s still hatred now but God can you imagine how bad it would be.
  11. Roy and YGMs development because everything went down hill as a franchise once we lost being dominant in the trenches. Brown, YGM, Roy, Burns, and hopefully Nixon bring back the 2013 intensity
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