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  1. I don’t think Shaq’s reworked contract has been released has it? (Side note)
  2. No matter how good the prospect is TE is a weird position that takes time to develop. Having a vet and a rookie is not a bad thing.
  3. Mine too but if you get any Intel that they like someone more than the other try and use it to your advantage to the best you can.
  4. It’s not that we are calling Houston, we are sitting there and they are guessing is the ploy. Tweets and reports that we love Bryce are what drive Houston to call us. We might actually take Young #1 who knows but that’s the whole idea…the longer you have people/teams in the dark the better.
  5. You do have the right to question but there are gonna be rebukes...I'm not gonna lie I am biased because I had Sanders pegged as a target the moment FA season hit.
  6. Eh no, because we have not really seen our new offense in person but if I were a betting man its not gonna be the North and South running style we saw at the end of last year. Look at the Eagles, those running schemes are what we are gonna run and its not really Foreman friendly imo
  7. If we offered Foreman a multi year deal it was clearly less than 3 a year which he wasn't happy with. Oh well. Foreman had an offer on the table well before Miles Sanders became a Panther
  8. Foreman signed a 1 year deal...if he goes off again you think he's gonna be ok with 3 a year on a multi year deal? He gonna want more than what we paid Sanders.
  9. Miles Sanders is RB1 here and Foreman wanted to be RB1 which is not here. He signed another 1 year deal to prove he is a lead back. If he goes off next year he will sign with someone to be that RB1 on a multi year deal.
  10. Houston loves Bryce Young and its not a secret, if Houston wants Bryce and we are good with Stroud you make it seem like we want Young and you kindly ask to send us #2 and #12 over if you want him that much Houston. Very least #2 and #33
  11. Didn’t watch but from I heard this thing sucked.
  12. If I would have told you in 2012 that Andy Dalton would be a Panther one day…
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