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  1. Apples and Oranges honestly. Pegula is an example of this.
  2. Naw, he needs coaching. Great prospect but he is raw.
  3. Having a strong running game doesn’t mean the qb is bad. Its literally the Ben Johnson/Jared Goff lions.
  4. Im assuming JPJ is gone at 33 but if Graham Barton is there at 33 take him. He is smart as hell and can play center.
  5. Both situations lead to the same outcome lesson wise depending on your coach.
  6. What are you talking about? 2023 was all awful football because the offensive staff didn’t know how to operate. It wasn’t a conscience that we beat the Texans but the fact that “Frank took back over” showed there was more going on than you realized.
  7. But we also beat the Texans when Frank wasn’t calling plays just saying.
  8. Is that Bryce or the system? Did better when Reich was gone. You can have fun with rookie numbers when they play more than 8 games like a lot of rookie QBs.
  9. Because you can’t judge anything in the nfl in a 2 year window. The nfl is forever changing, no scout/member/exec will admit that. It’s why the KC chiefs focused on defense this past year. What’s also changing is this leagues view of QBs, you’re gonna have to work with meh play for the actual player to develop even if he’s the first pick, so what CJ is playing better, he’s in a much better place (that had 3 head coaches in 4 years and took their current head coach being a former player to work after 3 years of shitty play)
  10. God what an awful argument are you the The Real Deal incarnation?
  11. His year 1 was the biggest cluster fug of a team offensively anyone has ever seen. When multiple talking heads say he wasn’t even a chance it might be wise to take their word and wait and see. Frank Reich and his staff was literally work than the Texans David Culley staff.
  12. His name is Ace Boogie…please don’t.
  13. You’ve already written off Bryce when no football has been played in 2024.
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