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  1. I get the joke but this is just a move they made so he can go back to Philly plus McBride has done well for Arizona.
  2. There is a lot of unknowns going into this offseason. Mike Kaye brought it up on Kyle Bailey’s show that even though this job isn’t appealing at the moment, it might not be appealing to a first time GM but a retread might see it as a good possibility. Two names he brought up were Dave Caldwell (Former Jags now with the Eagles) and Tom Dimitroff (former falcons GM now running a private firm for nfl scouting) I know Adam Peters is the golden calf but I’m of the belief he’s in San Fran till he retires. I figured why not throw around some names. Scott isn’t safe…where there is smoke there is fire and no one has seen Scott or heard from him…he wasn’t at the press conference.
  3. Sometimes that is ok because we really wanted the short guy in Lincoln back in 2020. The nfl is riddled with stories of teams saving themselves from their own mistakes.
  4. If I were a betting man I would put some money down on MacDonald.
  5. Have you heard anyone in the Panthers org mentioning him or seeing him? He’s on the hot seat as well. That Boston Globe piece hinted that Scott’s job isn’t safe.
  6. I’m getting the feeling that McDermott is gonna be on the hot seat when he shouldn’t be because of how “bad” things have been this year up in Buffalo.
  7. I’m gonna be cliche but Ben is the coach we deserve but not the one we need right now. We need someone to help build up the foundation, Ben can be a wizard in scheming but I want someone to lay a foundation (could Ben do that too? I’m kinda leery on that) like first year Harbaugh or McDermott.
  8. But also the general consensus that no matter what we/any team would have offered the Ravens would have matched it.
  9. I think Brown gets a deal and Burns gets non exclusive tag this offseason that’s just my opinion.
  10. Im not a super draft nerd but looking ahead, QB 1 is still TBD for 2025.
  11. Spanos’ are too cheap for someone like Johnson so I fully expect him to be in Washington next year.
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