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  1. I trust Rhule knows college prospects way better than hurney. We will be fine as long as they don’t give Marty full reign
  2. We ain’t tanking we gonna put half a 100 up and hope the other team can’t score 50
  3. Throws a better deep ball than anyone on roster at this present time. Grier is in jeopardy
  4. Some really great talent this year on OL. Unbelievable athletes
  5. Wirfs is gonna be a beast dude is making it look very easy
  6. That drop off usually coincides with the first huge contract.
  7. With hurney still in charge I don’t think he drafts a LT in the first it would be admitting he made a mistake last year when he moved up to draft Little. Just like he’s not drafting a project Qb in later rounds because that would signal he made another mistake drafting Grier
  8. If we win the nfc south next year matt rhule should have a statue in front of the stadium. Hoping for the best but I don’t expect us to win it. Defense needs a total overhaul.
  9. I never cared much for Sherman. Glad KC finally went after him. He’s getting by on reputation alone nowadays.
  10. Ballgame.... KCs defense getting ready to get gashed SF won’t throw another pass shanahan ain’t letting jimmy g mess this up.
  11. Well if it’s true u learn more from your failures than your successes. RR should be a genius by now. Lol
  12. Probably means he works overtime instead of clocking out at 5pm and doesn’t go on a semi vacay during a bye week
  13. I’m positive he’s an improvement over our last dc
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