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  1. Well that seals the deal. They’ll probably set a single game sack record against us
  2. I’d say quite a few are in self preservation mode. Trai Turner looks like he’s blocking In a pro bowl game.
  3. Thomas had 3 falcons on him what’s the odds someone else was open
  4. If he returns another one out of the end zone he should be cut on the spot
  5. They usually are. And our previous HC was considered a defensive Genius
  6. Replay of cmc last run Trai Turner absolutely whiffed the DT in front of him. Time to find a RG while we at it
  7. I dunno why opposing teams ever throw against us. Just run it up the gut every down for 8 yards
  8. Odds are better that you hit the lottery
  9. I think Washington’s been calling them all year. If Fewell has half a brain he will. Washington gone with RR soon as this years over anyway. And I don’t get why he’s been thought of as a great DL coach who’s he ever developed? Our DL might be worse than our OL
  10. Oakland A’s went to the playoffs using them years ago with a bunch of JAGs. Of course in the playoffs it’s a smaller sample size and it didn’t work out but it got em there. I think there is a happy medium to be used concerning analytics
  11. Exactly and Ron said from the start he wasn’t doing that. If u winning it isn’t a problem if u losing and getting curb stomped on the regular (and out coached ) you may wanna put some OT in.
  12. I don’t believe they should eat and breathe it for 24 /7 but staying over to get an advantage seems like the thing to do if you want to win and keep your job
  13. I always felt like he became very complacent once he went to the super bowl in 2015. His way or no way , wouldn’t change I always rembered a comment he made when first hired about not believing in staying after hours. Complacency or ego. Sometimes u got to put some overtime in to change the direction you are headed. I think he fell in love with the thoughts of being a head coach and didn’t work harder to stay one.
  14. Tepper gave Ron some rope after last year. RR supposedly took over defensive play calling. He hangs his hat on being a defensive coach and his defense this year is abysmal. He hung himself. His loyalty to his friends who have no talent for coaching was a huge downfall of his own doing Good luck in your future endeavors Ron.
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