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  1. If he’s as good as they say he is won’t take long for him to realize that was a bad FA signing.
  2. It’s awful coincidental he got offered money to play elsewhere but chose duke after they weren’t even in the running for him. Big surprise he chose duke when he did. And The whole Bagley recruiting and his fathers new job is sketchy. NCAA want ever do anything to their all time winningest coach though. He’s Teflon. But it’d be nice to see duke get investigated for 5 years like Unc did. See how coach kry manages that ..probably retire
  3. I don’t believe if it’s a true competition fozzy makes it this year. But RR likes him some vets that have limited ability. Probably keep fozzy and store a rook rb on ps for Belicheat to Poach
  4. Luck ran out. In all honesty They shoulda never got past UCF
  5. Switching to a hybrid 3-4..4-3 defense this year I can only assume we will be using all our timeouts now on defense to get the right personnel in. Seeing as RR has always run a tight ship in that regard
  6. Cuttinedge

    Golf Clubs

    Bunch of good advice. Look at some Taylor made 2.0 burner irons Easy to hit. Very forgiving and good distance. If u get good look into some Srixon forged irons. Taylor Made drivers are crazy forgiving. And Long. Don’t scrimp on the putter try a lot and buy a good one u feel confident while standing over. A great putt makes up for several poor shots. Now days average golfers shouldn’t carry anything less than a 5 iron. Hybrids are a godsend. Calaways or Taylor made
  7. It must be cause all we put back there is washed up 38yr olds Lol
  8. I do the lawn maintenance at several goodwills and they are the worst , carts left anywhere and everywhere. Usually because they have to be returned to inside the store And don’t even get me started on the cigarette butts. Smdh
  9. Had it Done probably 15 years ago after we had our 2nd child while on birth control And she didn’t want to keep taking birth control because of health and side effects. It was pretty much like everyone has already said. Took it easy for a weekend no problems.
  10. His gf is hot That's all I can come up with He should be history
  11. I like the kid better than Dickson already. Out with the old
  12. I'm good with Dodd at 30. And will fill a huge need cause CJ be long gone.
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