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  1. Probably means he works overtime instead of clocking out at 5pm and doesn’t go on a semi vacay during a bye week
  2. I’m positive he’s an improvement over our last dc
  3. Maybe Washington didn’t like being the scapegoat for Ron and his less than awesome defense
  4. Even I know the answers to both these questions and I’m almost 100% positive I’m not Luke. Or maybe I am
  5. Dude I thought the same thing. But for burrows sake I hope he isn’t cause leaf was a dam idiot i don’t think they are similar in talent it was in some of his interviews he kinda reminded me of leaf. Hopefully it’s just me being old and him being a millennial. Wish him the best in the nfl
  6. Good grief it’s so easy to hate Seattle and Wilson
  7. There’s never been a Fg over 50 yards “made” in that direction In the playoffs at arrowhead
  8. Wtf was 34 doing just run it in man !
  9. For what it’s worth I don’t have a problem with him palming his wife’s azz. Can’t say I blame him. At least he isn’t doing some Pervy chit in the office Hell he was excited give him a break and she’s got a nice one to palm so Wth
  10. Wut?? What’s that got to do with tepper having more money than LSU
  11. I don’t think LSU’s pockets are anywhere close to being as deep as butt grabbing Teppers are. Money won’t be an issue
  12. It’s very telling of his abilities that Ron didn’t take him to Washington when he took everyone else. Maybe Ron decided Eric wouldn’t be the reason he losses his job in Washington
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