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  1. Wish they had one of ginn focusing.... Dude got all world talent with average hands. The progress is clear as day too.
  2. nationsford

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    #score50450.... Get that started somone
  3. nationsford

    What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    havent seen alot of activity over there... make me feel good
  4. Omg!!! U wish I woulda gone out... Matter fact I'm bout to leave.... I got to celebrate with other fans thUs is ducking awsome
  5. nationsford

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    Commentators need to chill, they already got 6pts of the gronk push off...
  6. nationsford

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    Thank God we get Fox...these camera angels suck dick.
  7. nationsford

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    Push off on gronk, no?
  8. So you admit your jumping to the Panthers wagon after the lose?... Wasn't expecting that
  9. Hope you don't ither, to compare us to that weak as squad is your first mistake.... Believing your dribble is your second mistake... You gonna be an emotional wreck come Sunday evening... #Feastmode
  10. I geniuenly love this team and its ability to bring Carolina together. Love the huddle and the oppurtunity at a chance to see this great game in person!
  11. Field looks super shitty
  12. Love the fighting. Just insures we won't let our foot off the pedal..