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  1. The way 2020 going I see panther patriot superbowl. Calling it now
  2. Not sure why people are in favor of tanking. Thinking wild card this year. As for cb I like dennard. 5th best cb in free agency and the best left not signed.
  3. Dude killed himself trying to prove it...took to Ls that day...
  4. Was that you bub? But yes in short championship coming soon, and playoffs coming this year. Yes teddy gonna light the score board up.
  5. Teddy bringing us to the playoffs this year, bank on it
  6. Were in the playoffs , call it and will go back to this post. Panther fans are off in the guesstimation. We ballin
  7. All those players were cut from there teams.... saints were trying to keep teddy to start after brees era... fug wrong with yall.
  8. Were in the playoffs yall sleeping on your own team... offense is gonna put up points defense the main question
  9. Were gonna put up big time points on offense. We need these rookies to show out like they did in college.
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