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  1. Ron smiling while his team is getting ass raped yet again, fug this puta
  2. We are going to end up winning this game an end up saving that putas job
  3. You sound jealous, easily the game of the year so far... I'd be hyped like a mother fuger if Panthers did that
  4. Ballgame fellas, lights out... can we beat other team... gotta lot of work
  5. Yup game of the year... hope for a tie
  6. Holy poo, might be game of the year here fellas
  7. Russell Wilson u Dam beast, he got cheated out that run
  8. I feel you, this is the best game this week, all football fans are talking bout this... We will win convincingly
  9. Hopefully he gets back his mojo from the city that stole it from him during Superbowl 50
  10. Convincing win for the panthers... They will be in the talks as real nfc contender by the Sunday night game. We will get and disrupt jimmy g. Force him to do a Jamie's Winston impression. And our offense will have success with the dink and dunks. Cmc will be half ass contained but will score on a long run.
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