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  1. I choose to, in Gettleman's own words, trust his "ample gut." Guy is simply the shrewdest GM I the NFL. What a novel concept...drafting players that actually fit in your system and grading them accordingly. Meanwhile Atlanta, New Orleans, and Tampa look like they draft based on what Mel Kiper says.
  2. Seems like it would be in everyone's best interest if JNo signs a 4 year deal here for a hometown discount, that pays him $9-10 Million a year. We get him for a relative bargain and he gets financial security. If we end up tagging him...sure he gets $14 Million but with no other guarantee. Maybe he has a sub par year, maybe he gets hurt. He will also be going on 30 this time next year, will other teams be willing to pay shell out top flight CB money to a 30 year old CB? I think Revis was about 30 when he got his last deal...but will JNo really command Revis money? I trust your sources just thinking out loud.
  3. Lifelong fan. 30 years old and been going to games since Clemson days!!
  4. Love it. I'm as excited about this guy as I was about Kelvin this time last year. In Nippleshorts I trust. This dude can really spot talent, especially at receiver. Remember who he said was the only complete NFL ready receiver last year? Beckham. Then he drafted probably the 2nd best receiver in the class at 28. What a baller.
  5. Not sure what happens with his 40 at the combine, but 4.47 is fast even at a pro day. If you recall, kelvin only ran a 4.6 or so at the combine and decided not to run it again at the pro day, presumably because he didn't think he could do much better. Funchess' other combine events were better than Kelvins. Bench, Broad jump, and vertical leap. If Gettleman says he has football smarts too, we may have landed a seriously talented receiver.
  6. We have played to our personnel. We have not had a 3rd play-making linebacker to give snaps to. Now that we do, the defensive scheme will change to utilize him. I assume Gettleman, Rivera, and McDermott have some kind of plan to use this kid. These people do this for a living and I have no reason to think they are idiots...yet.
  7. In DG I trust. Until he misses terribly on a 1st round pick, I will continue to trust his decisions. At the end of the day, he gets paid to do this, the rest of us just don't have anything better to do. This was a super safe pick with tremendous upside. Welcome to Charlotte Shaq!
  8. This mostly proves his lawyer is an idiot. How this comment helps Jameis Winston in any way is beyond me.
  9. Like the signing. Dude wasn't even healthy and ranked above a, mostly healthy, Byron Bell. Oher has physical talent Bell will simply never have.
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