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  1. I will never forgive Gano for missing the game winner against Denver in 16.
  2. I have two kids under two so I’ve not been listening to the broadcast. I can only hope If its true it’s only for the preseason.
  3. I'm trying to talk the wife into going right now.
  4. Olsen is probably not a member of the NFLPA. EA has a contract with the NFLPA that allows EA to use the likeness of any player in which is a member of the association.
  5. Just an example of a lesser person trying to pull someone else down to make himself feel more important. Dwill is a clown and I couldn't care less about what he or Stephan A thinks.
  6. Watching All or nothing Captain showed me he was a leader in that locker room and I think any team would miss that aspect. He is a smart vet but it was time to move on and see what we have in the younger players.
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