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  1. Lest me not forget Fitzpatricks look from last season.
  2. Sorry bra, the panthers will win at SF. For the past 10 years, every away game I attend we win. I will be at the san fran game. Panthers win!
  3. I’ll be at that game. Whoever gives us the best chance to win is who i want starting.
  4. Good point. We are also making the assumption Cam still has 100% potential. His new 100% might be closer to his previous 80%.
  5. I tend to agree. I think the playbook has shifted but not necessarily opened. Unless he was referring to the fact cam has been injured so there are certain plays that wouldn’t have been called because cam cant do them right now?
  6. Thanks for the highlights. I think he’s correct, I dont see how we could bench Allen if he keeps winning.
  7. If Cam shook hands but smiled too much he would be killed for gloating.
  8. Allen looked like a quality QB against Ari and he managed the game perfectly. He in no way took over the game or even tried to. He did what a traditional QB does and got the ball to his playmakers. However, if Cam is healthy he has the ability and athleticism to take over a game and he gives us the best chance to win. Now, if you want to have a conversation if that’s actually good for our team or not. It’s certainly debatable. At this point we have seen the best of Cam and it wasn’t good enough to win a Superbowl. I really hope he proves me wrong, comes back and crushes teams on the way to a lombardi.
  9. I think we all can agree; Allen will never take over a game like Cam has Done on several occasions.
  10. Bro, you must not remember Smitty in his prime. 2005 he won the triple crown for receivers. CMC is great but he needs sustained success to be in consideration.
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