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  1. jbland

    We just hired Everette Brown

    Damn, you beat me.
  2. jbland

    We just hired Everette Brown

    Maybe he can teach our outside LB's his patented spin move that went nowhere.
  3. It would keep the stadium uptown which is my preference.
  4. I am all for it though I would prefer one that opens. Tepper is a genious at creating excitment. Panthers owner casually drops idea of a roof over BofA Stadium. Is it realistic? https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article225599205.html
  5. jbland

    Cam had shoulder surgery

    I wish him a speedy recovery and hope we havent seen the best of him.
  6. Makes sense especially since we are going to play in London. Get the locals on your side and we will have a competitive advantage.
  7. jbland

    A bunch of dicks (Panthers related)

    I'm not sure putting a dick on any logo is a "good look." Other than the Dallas, Atlanta, TB and Saints logo.
  8. Depending on cap hits none of them. Its time for a rebuild. Maybe Peppers on vet minimum.
  9. Gotta be honest, i love that meme.
  10. jbland


    On second thought I will give Hurney credit for being able to see talent in the first round. He did give us Peppers, Gross, Luke and Cam. Two of those should be HOFs.
  11. jbland


    I would give Seifert more credit than Hurney for rebounding. He drafted Smith. Peppers was luck. Had houston chosen peppers then Hurney wouldve chosen Carr. After that 02 draft he chose good but not great players in the first. I would argue his only really good draft was in 2007. I will never forgive him for the 08, 09 and 10 drafts.
  12. jbland


    Im assuming you wernt a fan during the Hurney days? He started trading future first round draft picks for scrubs and left us in salary cap hell by over paying players who had seen their best years behind them. The worst of these was Signing Jake to that huge extension after he imploded in the 2008 playoff game against Arizona.
  13. jbland


    Has nothing to do with Ron. Its Hurney he’s refering to.