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  1. Hurney sucks. Always has, always will.
  2. I would love it but the NFL and networks would rather go to commercial and make that money.
  3. Haha she’s hoping so, though I doubt we do it. Our house isn’t huge and I would rather use the space for something else.
  4. Man, I have 2 kids and we fill our dishwasher up every day. Granted, my wife cooks a lot. Whenever we have people over with their kids which is often we could use the extra space.
  5. Yea, my sister has two in her kitchen. One on each side of the island. My wife’s trying to talk me into two when we do our kitchen renovation later this year.
  6. I’m sure it’s a secondary dishwasher. Pretty common.
  7. Do you mean hire? Otherwise I’m not sure what you mean.
  8. I would prefer to go 2-14 as long as we are competing and fighting every game.
  9. “Tepper made Rhule pay.” Baller status.
  10. I feel that’s what Gman was trying to do here. I could be wrong.
  11. That’s a fact but I doubt Cam would be so public about him playing for the panthers if there were a chance we trade him this year.
  12. Didn’t Cam just say he was going to be playing here? I don’t think there’s anymore “if”
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