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  1. That’s an insult to a couple of high functioning retards I know.
  2. Wow, i didn’t realize there were so many whiny bitches on the huddle. Men, grow a pair and move on.
  3. Ain’t that the truth. No player is worth whatever it takes. Especially when you start trading future first/second round draft picks to get them.
  4. I would need that much weed to play for the browns.
  5. Hurney sucks. Always has, always will.
  6. I would love it but the NFL and networks would rather go to commercial and make that money.
  7. Haha she’s hoping so, though I doubt we do it. Our house isn’t huge and I would rather use the space for something else.
  8. Man, I have 2 kids and we fill our dishwasher up every day. Granted, my wife cooks a lot. Whenever we have people over with their kids which is often we could use the extra space.
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