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  1. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    FINALLY... Beat the raid on Saturday! So pumped. I had 153 tokens to turn in to the Vendor as well. I have every Raid Weapon and a couple armor pieces. Doing this raid blind was so satisfying. That is all.
  2. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    I hear you man. I keep thinking about going PC then $$$ brings me back to earth. Money seems to be allocated to thinks like the utility bill and other grown-up stuff. Seriously, willing to help you out with the Raid. I know my group is going to try tonight. We may be down a few guys though. If we don't have guys we can pick up we'll go the guided games route. I think that's an option for the raid and nightfall.
  3. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    I hear you. I hear you. I enjoyed PVP in D1 and now do as well in D2. I've just adapted my style. I play mostly with friends or clan mates as to make sure we run in 2 groups of 2. No way you can win an encounter of 2 or more even if you get the jump on them. Frags seem to be nerfed a bit as well as the first melee. Only a couple of ways to win vs a larger group. Rockets/Super/Sword.
  4. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    Nice. The rocket launcher is beast. You can increase it's velocity with a maxed out blast radius (i believe you loss a little BR for increase velocity) and has cluster bombs. It is OP if you ask me.
  5. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    Soooo..... About that RAID! Completed the baths, gardens, and gauntlet. We made it to what I presume to be the finale. Yet unable to finish. Doing so did net me and Both dropped at 305. I don't want to complain but I loath pulse rifles in D2. On to this weeks attempt. Hoping to get the scout rifle or auto rifle. Also trying to loot those secondary quests has been a b*tch.
  6. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    Nice. I still ove the MMT scout/sub machine gun combo. The extra mobility granted is huge. Especially in one part of the raid. I've completed sections of the raid. Just not in its entirety. Good luck. I'm in a relativly small clan. Around 10-12 members. We mostly complete as many of the weekly milestones as we can and then attempt the raid. I'm sure we'll put the pieces together eventually and complete it. It has been a challenge tring to do the raid without looking anything up online about it. But damn its exciting when we figure out something new without help from the online community.
  7. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    Sooo... I'm a bit of a try hard. I've got 4 sets of gear going for my main. A set of void, solar, and arc. My forth set is the Dead Orbit themed gear. It was nice to see my faction one. I got a new hand cannon, shotgun, pulse rifle, and sniper out of it. The pulse rifle and scout rifle are nice. The hand cannon looks nice otherwise it's a paper weight. i don't care for sniper rifles in this game so I broke the sniper rifle down. Currently sitting at 297 with my best gear.
  8. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    Feel free to hit me up anytime. tag is compton535
  9. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    I'm having better luck in PVP this time around as well. If you're going to "run-n-gun" do it with your fireteam. Otherwise hold choke points. You'll get 2 or 3 before they get you. Scout rifles are working really well for me in this manner. Mida Mini is a beast as well. Rat King fill OP with my team having it. Starting to see it more and more in PVP.
  10. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    I hear you. Funny how my one seems to be having issues shortly after announcing the new version of the xbone
  11. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    Awesome. I saw you online and @Kurb last night I believe. I was doing challenges and what not. Wasting time really. Having fun hitting up public events and secret locations.
  12. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    If your on xbox i don't mind helping. tag is compton535
  13. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    I hear ya. Last night my team and I figured how to SKIP the first part of the raid. We were like what!!!! We're far from finishing it. But going blind has been lots of fun. Rat king stacks up to 6X!!! Also picked up mida multi tool Last night.
  14. Cold Cat

    Destiny 2

    Just Picked up this bad boy last night. Funny how I also got the Blake Plague Skin for it on a drop earlier in the night. Doing the nightfall with more than 5 minutes left was HARD. Well worth it. Rat Kings Crew Sidearm for your kinetic (primary) Look it up!