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  1. To be fair, I feel like having a single issue (based around a non starter) is pretty positive compared to having multiple issues (based around starters). Does our O-Line need to play better? Definitely. I strongly feel the talent is there. They just need to get it done.
  2. The biggest complaint people are creating drama over..is our back up QB situation. Huge difference from last year, and frankly amazing.
  3. Ok. Lets play this game. What back up should we have targeted? What back up would be worth giving up Burns over? If our QB1 goes down, I don't want to get 2-3 more wins and miss the playoffs. I'd rather just get a higher draft pick.
  4. There is no back up QB in the NFL that could take over after Cam goes down and be worth it. Especially last year.
  5. Yall talk about our defense like they gave up 40 points in the first half.
  6. 31. I wouldn't want to trade DWilliams and a 1st. People have got to realize that the redskins already turned down a 1st round pick. Offers people are coming up with now are like.."I bet if we threw in a coupon book to mcdonalds and a 3rd round pick, we could get trent. And convince him to take a paycut".
  7. If we addressed LG instead of LT, yall would just be complaining how Hurney is ignoring the LT position. Acting like taking someone like Ford would negate Donald.
  8. I mean..sure. But the Redskins already said a 1st round pick isn't enough. I don't see them saying Little + 2nd is.
  9. If he is healthy, play him. I don't see it as being complicated.
  10. Because of his special teams play with the added perk of being a QB3 if both your QB1 and 2 get taken out....... Not because anyone views him as a QB2.
  11. Thats fine. Just remember. Joe Webb has 2 more pass completions more than Tre Boston does, over the last 7 years.
  12. Tre Boston is actually good enough to start. Joe Webb isn't good enough to play back up. Tre Boston actually played pretty well last year in his position. Joe Webb didn't throw a single pass attempt last year.
  13. I felt like I did already. Joe Webb has 7 pass attempts in the last 7 years (all in one drive). This is with 4 different teams. When he was with carolina before, he was not good enough to be Cam's back up. Nothing has changed. No NFL team views him as a QB2..or he would be one. Not making peanuts as a special teams player. Joe Webb's entire worth is quality special teams player that can go in at QB (but you really really hope you don't have to do that) if you are desperate. NFL teams don't view him as a quality back up. NFL teams don't view him as a QB2. Neither should we. So as to the statement that makes zero sense..I will once again point at Joe Webb's pass attempts. Seven pass attempts in seven years. That means he is not seeing the field as a QB. Because he is not good enough.
  14. So good teams don't let him on the field as a QB?
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