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  1. As a pro scout, can you show up to games in pads. You know. Just in case?
  2. This was his instagram This is what happens if you do a google search for "handshake against racism" Put so much thought into his PR reply he took the first stock photo he could off a google search.
  3. Brees definitely has the right to his opinion. And the consequence of voicing that opinion is letting the world know just how crappy of an opinion that is.
  4. We upgraded from dog poo to garbage. So. Improvement I guess. TBH I wasn't expecting much better.
  5. This would give some slight truth to the leak that he wants 45 in year 5 of his contract. He isn't asking for 45/year. But 35/year for years 1-4, 45 for year 5, is my take on it. 45/year will probably be the standard in 4-5 years. So he either wants a 4 year deal so he can renegotiate a new QB deal as soon as possible, or he wants to be paid that 5th year like he did. And yeah, I expect a deal to be hit before the tag deadline.
  6. I think the biggest issue is that Dak only wants 4 years. Dallas wants 5.
  7. Had his 5th year option declined. Missed half the season twice. More than 8 sacks once. More than 32 total tackles once. That is largely a bust for someone picked number 3 over all in the first round.
  8. The Falcons being good or not won't be based on Hurst/Gurley/Fowler. Hurst has been largely a bust relative to his draft status. Clear step down from Austin Hooper. Gurley is on a downward trend with his injury/knee situation in an offense that clearly prefers to pass. Fowler is hoping to reinvent himself (again) after being on a 3rd team since being drafted in 2015.
  9. Robbing people that won a bunch of money in a card game and using a friggin Lambo as a get away vehicle? I remember this mission in Grand Theft Auto.
  10. Miami is making them an offer they can't refuse.
  11. I hear Miami is getting CB Deandre Baker and CB Quinton Dunbar
  12. My guess is that due to Thanksgiving falling on week 12, they (for whatever reason) want no teams on bye.
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