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  1. I am fine with cleaning house in the off season. I don't see the benefit of doing so now.
  2. No. They aren't. Like I said. I am seriously questioning your reading comprehension.
  3. ...what? I am seriously questioning your reading comprehension at this point if you think "every NFL team struggles picking 3rd round picks" and "the coaches are putting Paradis in awful situations" are the same excuses. I didn't know you had such a horrible aversion to things like "facts" and "stats".
  4. Its not excuses. Its just showing how hard it is to hit on picks after the 1st/2nd round. And if we go into every draft with the expectation that 3rd+ picks should always turn into viable starters that is unrealistic and we will regularly be let down. Because that doesn't happen anywhere in the NFL. I am not defending the pick. Only pointing out how drafting isn't as easy as the hindsight arm chair GMs sitting behind a screen make it out to be.
  5. I never said "SEZ YOU". I merely asked you to provide a source for your claims. Apparently your go to move when asking to back up your claims is to ignore a person. I find that telling. You claim Cam Newton will not play next year without an extension. You claim Tepper is against giving Cam Newton an extension. I asked for this to be backed up. Your reply is what..to ignore me and completely misrepresent what I said? I guess I should have expected that. Your entire angle is to misrepresent things stated, and to act like your own pure speculation is fact and should not be questioned.
  6. Wait. You trust PFF? So you only like what random people you have no knowledge of and are online say about players/coaches, many that haven't played/coached, if it agrees with you.
  7. I definitely agree that is part of the issue. Instead of having our guards assist the Center (which is normal), they leave him isolated and have to assist our tackles. Paradis should not be in the position he is being put in, and expecting him to hold down the fort in that aspect would make him the number 1 center in the entire NFL.
  8. If you actually looked at the article, you'd have known it was more than "a couple of plays". And it shows plenty of bad plays, but explains why they were bad. Its more to it than "Paradis looked bad". Its why he was even in the horrible position he was in. Paradis is not being used in Carolina like he was used in Denver. This isn't a hard concept to get unless you refuse to look at tape.
  9. Per https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/matt-paradis-14618/ Paradis is a 7.2m dead cap hit next year. 5.4m 2021. Paradis doesn't need to be moved on from. The coaching does. Or our tackles do. I am not a fan of creating that much dead cap space for a player that has a history of playing well but is being put in a horrible situation this year.
  10. Yet your keystone argument is "maybe he is injured, I don't know". Not really selling yourself as someone knowledgeable about what is going on. Feel free to read the article and show how the person in question is wrong.
  11. This year Paradis was Center 17 on the pay chart. Will be Center 12 on the pay chart next year. Can be cut the next.
  12. But you are ignoring a huge alternative. Poor coaching that is setting Paradis up to fail.
  13. I wouldn't call The Riot Report a random internet guy. And he doesn't appear to be injured. And Denver used him differently than Carolina is. But hey. You obviously know what you are talking about.
  14. I am not sure I would go that far, and it has nothing to do with Paradis. If we continue to use him in the wrong situations, then he was a bad signing. Paradis was signed as a pass blocker who had known weaknesses that haven't changed. Apparently we go out of our way to put Paradis in a situation to let his weaknesses shine while never adapting. Not adapting to a pass rush. That sounds familiar.
  15. Which is odd because it would give people a new weapon in bashing Rivera.
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