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  1. Being a probrowl oline in the NFL is probably one of the least accurate and most over rated designations possible. Once you get one as an oline, they will basically feed you the following. Trai hadn't been pro bowl caliber in a while. Not saying I fully supported the trade. But it wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. I still think we should have gotten more. I just see pro bowl as one of the most useless stats when evaluating an oline. Its more about reputation than performance. Trai had what.. 2 pro-bowl caliber years if that?
  2. Winters will be competing with.. *checks notes* Daryl Williams for snaps atm. Competing. Not outright beating out. He will be a low snap count guy that at best is going to fill in for an injury the Bills have on their line. Assuming he beats out Daryl Williams.
  3. Don't worry guys. Not only is the NFL apparently not investigating, they are letting the only investigation being Washington investigate themselves. Not an independent investigator. But one Washington (so Dan Snyder) is paying themselves.
  4. You are mistaken. I am not a Hurney supporter. While I think he's done (over all) fine enough his second run, if he were fired today I wouldn't care. All I said is that using a fired coaches' win/loss record, a coach known to play the wrong players and make questionable decisions..seems like a silly main point to use when discussing him. I guess I am just in the boat if we want to discuss things he messed up on, we should discuss the things he messed up on. I am sure he has enough material without pushing Rivera's coaching failings on to him as well.
  5. Hurney is not in charge of getting wins. That is the coach. Hurney puts players on a team. The coach uses them. We just fired a coach known for not playing his better option, instead of going with vets. We are holding Hurney accountable to a coach that we all claim intentionally didn't let the better person play. If you want to argue Hurney should have ditched Rivera sooner? Ok. But pretending that the wins/losses are his fault, and that is the main criteria we should use to judge him..when we just spent years talking about having a head coach that would play veterans over better skilled younger players..sounds silly. And I just can't take it seriously. Yes, wins/losses are a part of it, but taking the win/loss record out of context and using it as the main/only criteria for judging a GM just sounds stupid.
  6. I will never understand rating a GM on his win/loss record. Didn't we just fire a coach because he routinely used the players he had available...wrong?
  7. On these boards, I was told many times that there is no way Cam would ever agree to play 1 year/20m in Carolina. I was ridiculed for disagreeing. I was told there is no way he'd ever agree to play without more of a commitment. *looks at the Pats contract* Huh. Looks like some people were really really really wrong.
  8. Not to change the topic. But I despise them. They are single handedly ruining the industry.
  9. I think there is one major difference. Context and the reason why the monuments were put up. For example. Most monuments weren't put up within 40-60 years of the civil war. Initially only markers for soldiers who had passed, etc were there. During the 1900-1950s, the time period of the Jim Crow segregation, and civil rights push..that is when they suddenly decided that we needed to put up this huge influx of confederate monuments. Markers were put up for battles, to remember the fallen. Monuments were put up in a time of racial divide to enhance that racial divide.
  10. As a pro scout, can you show up to games in pads. You know. Just in case?
  11. This was his instagram This is what happens if you do a google search for "handshake against racism" Put so much thought into his PR reply he took the first stock photo he could off a google search.
  12. Brees definitely has the right to his opinion. And the consequence of voicing that opinion is letting the world know just how crappy of an opinion that is.
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