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  1. I would be an idiot to believe it under these circumstances. I try my best not to be an idiot. While I fail at times, this won't be one of them.
  2. Thats fine. Just don't expect me to blindly believe it on hearsay.
  3. It was no secret that Burns and Little were high on the Panthers board, though. They were two of the most common names being mocked to us already. Months before the draft, Burns was being slotted to Carolina in the "too early" drafts. Little was as well, in the first round. So, not really impressed if someone "predicted" Carolina doing something everyone thought they were going to do.
  4. Hey, all I am saying is that a person posting in the paid area of the boards..who apparently has a connection no one else in the world had. Is pretty nifty. Too bad this information wasn't shown literally anywhere else.
  5. ...but you literally make assumptions. You used to get a bit defensive when I asked for sources for your assumptions earlier in the off season. When you say "I don't care"..people don't believe you.
  6. No clue what his predictions have been. But you mentioned last years draft. He predicted the guy that was mocked to us by nearly every major mock out there?
  7. Got it. Your entire "source" was a forum poster. The media has been talking about Cam 24/7 the last month. None of them had even a sniff of this information. But by golly, the Carolina Huddle broke a report that no one on the planet was aware of. And hid it in a paid section of the forum most can't access. Sounds legit.
  8. I don't have All Pro. Are you saying that the only source for Cam being unwilling to play on his contract, was a post in the Carolina Huddle?
  9. Oh I don't want to call out people on the forums.
  10. But I was told that Cam was not willing to play out the last year of his contract. Weird.
  11. You really won't. You aren't that special. But I guess I can just downgrade myself to toe the company line. Hurr duurrr. Hurney bad. Guy high post count said so.
  12. Yeah. I get it. Instead of reading the words I type you just make up my entire point of view (that conflicts with the words I type) and then argue things I never stated. I guess its easier when you can fabricate the things you think people are saying so that you can push a personal narrative. I don't think Hurney is perfect. I don't think he's done an amazing job. My entire point is that he isn't nearly as bad as people are saying *this stint*. If you want to take anything extra from that, that is on you. You are putting words in my mouth. I would prefer you not outright lie about me.
  13. That isn't what I said at all. For someone that lives on the forums I expected a higher degree of reading comprehension with all the practice you get. I literally said Hurney hasn't been perfect. I don't get how "he isn't terrible, he's done a solid job" somehow equates to "its everyone's fault but Hurney" unless you are being willfully trolly.
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