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  1. Other teams getting "achilles rupture" or "acl gone". Honestly between covid and the other injuries teams are getting..we are doing pretty good. IR report for some of these teams out here is insane.
  2. Have they confirmed he actually has it? Something to keep in mind is that the NFL introduced new Covid protocols earlier this month. If I am reading it correctly, anyone with Covid symptoms (which can be nearly anything) can be held out from a game even if they test negative. Multiple negatives over consecutive days is required. He could just be sick with something else, but per new NFL rules because the symptoms are similar being withheld from game until consecutive days of negative testing.
  3. I firmly believe that no player should ever be in the realm of "we wont even consider trading". There is a price on everyone. Bad teams are often targeted by good teams partway into the season to see if they can pick up a piece for a super bowl push. So yeah, I am certain the Jets are listening to offers. I just doubt they pull the trigger until someone overpays. A guy this early on his rookie deal will be expensive. More than 1 team will chalk up his lack of production to "well, he is on the Jets". I wouldn't mind Williams on the Panthers. But I wouldn't want to pay the price I feel would be needed to land him.
  4. Something about his 3 cone time though. He is horrible! Not athletic at all!
  5. He'd make a catch in traffic, in coverage. Drop something wide open. All the friggin time. Best defense was just to leave him.
  6. Anderson catches nearly everything thrown at him. I get the speed angle. But lets not besmirch his good name with a Ted "Dropped the Ball A"Ginn, Jr comparison. 20 KR and 13 PR in 2 years at Temple in 2013/2015. 1 KR in NFL for Jets in 2018.
  7. If franchise QB's start playing defense, I would agree. Defense is what will hold this team back.
  8. Recent number 1 over all picks at QB position. Joe Burrow - TBD Kyler Murray - TBD Baker Mayfield - Still TBD...but.....meh Goff - Anyone impressed? Winston - Mr 30/30 Luck - Colts never achieved anything Newton - We know what happened Sam Bradford - Greatest Conman ever to get those contracts Stafford - ..um ok Jamarcus Russel - No comment Alex Smith - I mean. He was ok I can see why one would think, based on the last 15 years, that a number 1 over all pick QB is required to go to the Superbowl.
  9. How can Bridgewater be good enough to get a team to a superbowl. Its not like he is as good as Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien, Doug Williams, Rex Grossman.
  10. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-early-dividends-and-early-regrets-the-best-and-worst-free-agent-signings-through-nfl-week-3
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