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  1. You don't think a team mate is going to talk up his fellow team mates performance, regardless? Come on man. No team mate is going to say to a reporter that they don't have faith in their QB. I feel like your entire argument is based on assuming every single person you encounter is an idiot and won't see through your silly statements. Team mates will always give biased reviews that support fellow team mates to the press. INB4 you find the 1 time it didnt happen, and pretend like that 1 time out of 50 trillion destroys my argument.
  2. When team mates talk about Cam..you can't go by team mates. They're never going to be objective. Yet when we talk about Kyle Allen..you specifically list how his team mates are talking about him. And imply that I should listen. You keep trying to act like you are being a moderate, you are riding the fence. But you clearly have a proAllen AntiNewton agenda.
  3. The Bucs/Panthers game was fun because both had a return man with a double sounding first name. Ray Ray and Bobo.
  4. Sorta like how Kyle Allen fumbled and lost the ball whenever a stiff breeze came through the stadium...but he shrugged off one Watt potential sack and made a throw and the anti-Cam wagon was ready to call him the next Tom Brady?
  5. While the 99 yard drive was nice..it was also nearly 1/2 of our offense the entire game. We routinely stalled out on short field turnovers, resulting in FGs.
  6. I did. Are we trying to pretend that all of the other games didn't exist? How convenient. Ignore anything that could disagree with your narrative.
  7. I would have to go with Poe/Butler. Primarily because of how low we (myself included) have rated them here on these boards. How much they have stepped up this season. And how little we are recognizing them. But really. So many players on this team could earn that title.
  8. Thats fine. Everyone else in the world knows that our offense rides on CMC's back. TBB shut down CMC yardage wise, had 7 turnovers. And still was able to make is a 2 possession game. Because our offense couldn't reliably move the ball. That 99 yard drive. Wasn't that like near 50% of our entire offense the entire game? (thanks largely to a timely 15 yard penalty) Didn't we have to regularly settle for FGs on short yardage drives from turn overs because CMC was shut down and we couldn't do anything?
  9. Sure, he is about to get paid. 13% less than what he'd have gotten in Jax. That 13% becomes a larger number the more he gets paid. Goff, Gurley, Donald for sure. And the 3 headed monster of Cooks/Woods/Kupp can't be ignored. Or Cory Littleton.
  10. So the entire evidence of the Panthers not being a 1 man offense...is looking at a single game and ignoring the rest of the season? Interesting move. Don't get me wrong. I fully understand why you'd want to ignore everything that contradicts that statement. But its abundantly clear that the Panthers are a 1 man offense. We had to punt 7 times last game, barely moved the ball and had to rely on FGs way too often on short field turn overs...when our 1 man offense got shut down.
  11. Thats a lot of marketing opportunities needed for a DB that won't even be one of the top 3 stars on his team. Not even sure top 5.
  12. Ramsay demanded a trade. Got traded to a much tougher division, and now has what..a 13% state income tax..so he is taking a decent pay cut.
  13. I also found it ironic how apparently you just wanted people to acknowledge that Kyle Allen *COULD* be a good QB in the future. But its clearly apparently you want them to do more than that. You want them to acknowledge he is a good one now.
  14. I don't really care if Steve Smith disagrees. I don't care if his team mates are backing him. Of course they are going to. They are going to say everything possible to keep him motivated. Because that is what team mates do. But hey. I guess we should *only* listen to the figures that agree with what you personally think. Sheesh
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