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  1. https://sports.yahoo.com/cowboys-patriots-fans-are-best-in-the-nfl-chiefs-los-angeles-lagging-study-153035364.html Notables: Cowboys 1, Saints 10, Falcons 13, Buccaneers 23, Panthers 16, Chiefs 31, Rams 32 Key points: Panthers were 22 for Fan Equity, 5 for Social Equity, 27 for Road Equity. Edit : Whoops, didn't see it. Looked for it. But apparently I am blind in the morning. Feel free to funnel your replies to
  2. Or if you are from a major market. And lets be real..thats a much larger factor than merely "playing good".
  3. Darn people with "hope" and "wanting their team to be better!" Why can't the grumpy fuddy duddies be more depressed!
  4. Cam flying coach with no leg room is just being a bad role model for the kids, and he should honestly be ashamed of himself.
  5. This is quickly becoming the mainstay for venues of any entertainment type. I'll be surprised if in 5 years any major entertainment venue is still using paper tickets.
  6. What am I missing? How did the Panthers step in something all on their own? Not salty. I just found some of those twitter posts a bit. Odd.
  7. This tweet took place before the NBA Draft started. The Panthers twitter giving encouragement to a local boy taking the number 1 pick. This morning. Followed by Hilarious calling the Hornets draft class "strong". Anyways. Its slow waiting for camp to start. Just another reason to smh at New Orleans.
  8. This is probably all Hurney's fault. He should definitely be fired.
  9. I could see Reid or T Smith. Not for doing anything wrong. But because they can both be outspoken people and attract the type of sources TMZ uses.
  10. My key takeaway is that there was no Funchess of Benjamin present. I know. I am holding a grudge.
  11. Well. This was basically the perfect time to be firing your GM, right?
  12. The potential is there. But until they hit the field, its just potential.
  13. Sorry, my memory was fuzzy on when the loss was. But the point remains. There were constant articles about how we were the worst 5-0, 6-0, 7-0, etc in nfl history. At one point the power rankings had 1 loss teams ahead of us, I believe at the week 6ish mark. Any other team, they'd be celebrating how well they started. Panthers? Gotta find a negative spin.
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