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    Saints got Dez

    People say he fell off but you have to remember Dak isn't a hall of fame QB. If we don't find a way to get pressure on Brees, this could be a concern because now they will put Thomas or Dez in the slot and we all know that Cap'n can't cover anyone.
  2. The_Apostle610

    Cam Newton is our Blessing

    The issue is they don't let him throw the ball until we are down. There is no reason why he shouldn't have 40 passes a game, with most of those passes coming early and often. I believe if they open up early we will see his passing accuracy get better and better.
  3. The_Apostle610

    Your ideal WR/RB/TE set for Carolina

    This is the line up I use on Madden 19 and it's literally unstoppable. Opponents have to pick their poison. With this type of line up Carolina needs to be a pass 1st team as well.