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  1. The_Apostle610

    Eagles or Vikings?

    Vikings and pulling for the Texans since I'm in Houston and they are in AFC.
  2. The_Apostle610

    Words from my source

    Juliosantos, in the midst of all the speculation, does your source still standby his belief that Rivera is gone? Can't take the suspense any longer!
  3. The_Apostle610

    Saints got Dez

    People say he fell off but you have to remember Dak isn't a hall of fame QB. If we don't find a way to get pressure on Brees, this could be a concern because now they will put Thomas or Dez in the slot and we all know that Cap'n can't cover anyone.
  4. The_Apostle610

    Cam Newton is our Blessing

    The issue is they don't let him throw the ball until we are down. There is no reason why he shouldn't have 40 passes a game, with most of those passes coming early and often. I believe if they open up early we will see his passing accuracy get better and better.
  5. The_Apostle610

    Your ideal WR/RB/TE set for Carolina

    This is the line up I use on Madden 19 and it's literally unstoppable. Opponents have to pick their poison. With this type of line up Carolina needs to be a pass 1st team as well.