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  1. I've changed my stance on masks. I now wear one and I'm fine with it. As long as it keeps businesses from closing again, I'll wear one as long as I need to. Except for outside. Way too darn hot for that thing. But zero problems indoors.
  2. GOOD LUCK, CAM!!! Love ya!!!
  3. I'll get right on that, buddy.
  4. I couldn't care less about that orange Dennis the Menace Cheeto in the White House, but I get a kick out of you crying about him every day. Seriously, how many boxes of tissues have you gone through since he won the election?
  5. I can't imagine there will be any outrage over this decision.
  6. Tell that to the 100s of thousands of people that were protesting for two weeks following George Floyd's murder. And we STILL don't know China's real death toll.
  7. To be fair, I do believe we are testing more than most, and we still don't know what China's real death toll is.
  8. Doofus? DOOFUS? Are you serious, bro? I'm OFFENDED. Consider yourself CANCELLED, buddy.
  9. This season is going to suck, not looking forward to it at all. No Ron, Cam, Olsen, Luke, Davis, etc. Completely new staff, new players, and probably no fans. It's going to be so weird. At least if we had Cam then it would be a little bit better, but I guess Teddy won't be so bad. I'll give him a chance, but it's going to take me some time to get over Cam.
  10. Cam for sure. He still wants to play and still has a lot of offer. As for Kap, that dude couldn't care less about playing. He just likes the spotlight. Teams have showed interest in him in the past, but he said no because he wanted more money or wanted to be a starter. Bro, you have to earn that and you've been out of the game far too long to be asking for more money. The entitlement from this guy.
  11. Man, Trump has really messed you up. That old dude always on your mind.
  12. What's your beef with Mike's Hard Lemonade? Yeah, it's a girly drink, but the black cherry one isn't too bad.
  13. Just five years ago, he led this team to a magically 15-1 season and a Superbowl appearance. Finished the season MVP and now he can't get any offers from any team. I blame the former staff for doing this to him. They refused to address the o-line year after year and Cam took a beating every Sunday that now has probably ended his football career.
  14. Ask electro, he's the one that made that claim about the 75% number, not me. Secondly, you're going to call me out for calling him a dork, but going to ignore him when he said "Whether or not you can think two moves ahead and understand this" which implies I'm slow. He gets a pass, right? And what facts was I trying to pass off in my argument? Everything I said was based on my own personal opinion. I wasn't trying to pass anything off as "facts."
  15. I'm glad I made you laugh But if masks were as significant as these studies claim, then my county would be getting rekted right now, but instead, we've only had a little over 100 cases and just two deaths in 3-months. Agree to disagree and move on dude.
  16. Unemployment benefits aren't supposed to last forever. The lockdown was lifted, so it's time to get back to work. If they didn't, then well, you probably won't have a job to come back to. No one was forced, quit being dramatic. If they didn't like it, then go apply in some warehouse where it will be safer. And like you just said, there's a report that masks decrease transmission by 75%, so wear a mask, some gloves and practice social distancing. It sounds to me, they just wanted free money for not doing anything. And what in the world is "cosplaying sartre's quote about fascists?" You're a weird dude. Must be one of those dorks that scream FASCISTS at everyone they don't like lol
  17. So wait, they were getting unemployment benefits while being employed? Why?
  18. Forced? Yeah, no one was forced to do anything.
  19. Here's what I don't get, this crybaby is getting all upset because I may go to the gym or out to eat, or get a haircut, but it wasn't my decision to open up. But they are, and they need my business more than ever. If I, or anyone for that matter, doesn't try to support our local businesses, who were affected by this shutdown, then they will eventually go under, which means millions more will lose their job, their livelihood. Dude getting mad because I want to support my local businesses to keep them afloat, so they can support themselves and their families. Madness.
  20. And like I said, if they're wearing a mask, but then go on to touch the door down the freezer aisle which is riddled with germs, then go on to touch their debit card, their phone, then wearing a mask becomes pointless. They're still spreading their germs and potentially the virus. I don't do any of those things. I take more precautions than most, except wearing a mask because the straps hurt my ears.
  21. Wearing a mask isn't going to do a darn thing if you don't keep your hands clean and you're really mad right now lol.
  22. Cry more Oh, and I will, get mad.
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