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  1. Was it the mods doing clean up duty or was everyone passed out yesterday from too much drinking to shitpost?
  2. A healthy & happy Cam with a new HC & GM would do wonders for this team and the locker room. The synergy this team had when Cam was healthy & happy was indescribable. We gotta get that back ASAP.
  3. Our season is done, so what harm will it do by signing Kap? Allen just isn't very good.
  4. Rudolph was definitely going for his helmet first, but Garrett went too far with the attempted sack. The play was done but he kept going. He looked like he was going for a body slam but Mason is a big guy, so it didn't work. QB's don't appreciate those kinds of stunts. They think you're trying to hurt them. IMO, both should be fined but Myles should be suspended indefinitely.
  5. And like I said, he has potential. I never said he's going to come in and be the next Tom Brady. But he's tearing it up right now in the SEC which shows huge promise.
  6. If we're taking a QB in next year's draft, then Burrow has my vote. 6'4, 216. Plays for a P5 school, has been killing it this season and just destroyed that Alabama defense.
  7. Refs trying to give the 49ers defense a rest.
  8. Seattle doing everything they can to giveaway this game.
  9. Clowney should be arrested for mass murder. He's killing that o-line.
  10. Before my time, but if they weren't airing out their dirty laundry for everyone to smell in the main forum, that's probably why no one had an issue with the TB back then.
  11. Actually, it's not. Like previously mentioned, what goes on in the TB spills over into the main forum quite frequently now and those posters aren't getting banned for it. Hence, why they keep doing it because they know nothing will happen to them. I honestly couldn't care less what happens to the TB, even though we get enough politics in our daily lives already, but just keep it out of the main forum. That's all.
  12. The NFL has to protect their little precious.
  13. Why? He's done for the year. There's nothing left to discuss until the season has concluded.
  14. Another Alabama QB being exposed.
  15. Not feeling good about this one. We're a bit banged up right now, and we have a tendency to embarrass ourselves on national broadcasted games. Would be amazing to win since I hate Rodgers, but I'm not seeing it. This is a game we have to win, though. Lose and that's it for our season. At least that's how I see it.
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