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  1. To be honest, Kelly lost the team in his 3rd year when he became in charge of personnel and started cutting top players after wearing out the players for 2 years. If we could get his 2 seasons' winning records of 10-6 each and playoffs, I'd let him haunt you for 2 years. IMHO Kelly required yes men. Rhule might have his guys around him but it seems he encouraged them to think outside the box, to challenge him, and the last thing he wants is yes men. Thus Brady and Snow. I hope it's more than just words.
  2. We don't know how much all the players have spoken to our new coaches and staff and there's no history for them to be able to make comparisons (because that's what employees do) to other NFL coaches. They won't know exactly what the new staff is all about until they all get on the practice field together. Coaches and staff have to prove themselves to the players as much as the players have to prove themselves to the coaches and staff. So we're bound to hear more players talk about Rivera especially when he is the only head coach they have known. And some people just don't accept change easily. So take it with a big grain of salt, realize NFL players are human just like the rest of us, and don't disparage a player for it. This isn't Madden.
  3. What we need is depth. We will not survive if Darryl Williams is the backup they have to keep plugging in. He was on a 1 year contract. We'll see if he re-signs but I hope not. And those games with him in at LG didn't help Paradis any more than it didn't help Daley.
  4. Naw, I don't. I decided to learn more about it when we cut Delhomme and still owed him $12M and huddlers were claiming Jake was stealing from the Panthers. I knew Hurney had restructured his contract a few times and wondered if that was the reason. Sure enough, it was. And he still is doing it. It was a bubble that had to break and Gettleman got us through it gently. I use the term "owed" lightly because I can't find another word to describe it but IRL the player is paid the cash when the bonus is awarded. Jake was paid his cash in 2010 and that's when we took the cap hit because it was dead money. You've got the basic idea down. The word "bonus" is used a lot for a lot of different things. Restructuring usually turns base salary into a bonus (called restructure bonus to distinguish it), previously the only guaranteed money in a contract, that can be prorated (up to 5 years per the CBA) but when a player is no longer on the roster the full cap hit is in the current year. Here's a good read if you have the time: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001021617/article/2019-nfl-free-agency-glossary-all-the-terms-you-need-to-know Google is my friend and, being retired, so is the time to read what I find.
  5. Dead cap money is money that was guaranteed and the player is no longer with the team whatever the reason. They are owed that money because that is the contract they and the team signed. The positive for the player is that they get guaranteed money for restructuring; the downside is that it pushes payment back. The positive for the team is that is opens up the cap; the downside is that it can create a dead cap hit if they leave early. That's the one thing I respect Gettleman for, he never restructured contracts. Restructuring contracts is Hurney's MO and one reason he got us in cap hell before: sign big, restructure later. Kalil and Luke both have large dead cap hits because Hurney restructured their contracts handing out large restructuring bonuses (turning base salary into guaranteed bonuses), to open up cap money at that moment. He's also restructured KK and Trai so there's the potential for dead cap hits there. And I see a restructure in Shaq Thompson's future. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/cap/ And that's the big reason I don't like Hurney as our GM.
  6. Does no one remember that we drafted Ryan Kalil in the 2nd round in 2007? He fell right into our lap. But didn't start until the last 3 games of 2008. And Travelle Wharton was drafted in the 3rd round in 2004, started the last 11 games of 2004 on one of the best O-lines we've had. And Trai Turner was drafted in the 3rd round in 2014 and didn't start until week 5 in 2014. Sometimes gold happens in later rounds.
  7. Sorry. I was thinking somehow the conversation got back to 2019. You know, more like real time. Come one, Aggie. Even you have to see this. Huddlers arguing over 2012 because of something one of them said .... in 2012? Both posting long, essay-type replies. It hurt you that bad? In 2012? Yeah, it's a stupid argument and, no, I don't want any part of it. Even Cam acknowledged it in his interview and quickly turned the focus to how things have changed for the better. That's the conversation I want to have. How to continue making things better. But not on a football forum either lol.
  8. Hindsight is 20/20. Think back to draft day. We didn't have glaring holes at LG or C. Pradis was rehabbing but apparently passed the physical and GVR wasn't injured. LT was a big enough hole to drive a semi through. I can't speak to Hurney's choice with Little but I don't think he made the choice totally by himself. And, except for injuries, our O-line was fixed. You are a tool, you're attitude towards anyone that disagrees is myopic and toxic. Must be nice to consider yourself a typing warrior.
  9. Thomas will be in his 3rd year and has had the opportunity to learn from one of the best. The "raw" label no longer applies and adequate just isn't good enough. I fully expect him to be very good this year, able to be on the field the entire game blocking or chipping and running routes. Maybe not full Olsen capabilities but at least to Kris Magnum capabilities. I have my doubts. And Manhertz stays. He's the only Canisius College alumni in the NFL.
  10. I don't want to jump into this *stupid* thread killing argument. I'd say, take it outside boys. But the short, correct answer to your question is that Kyle was healthy and Cam was not.
  11. We had to do it in reverse and I don't see that it's as bad as you think. Who did we have for LT before the draft? Darryl Williams????? We waived Matt Kalil for good reason and Little was worth taking a chance on. No one foresaw his concussions which led to his not even being there for practices to learn by watching. The problem with the O-line started when Norwell left. That was Hurney's 1st mistake. Lack of good depth for our many injuries was the 2nd. I think we'll see a big uptick in Pardis' play this year with him having a good total offseason especially if Turner can stay healthy. IIRC every single O-line position except center had subs in at some point because of injuries. You can't have consistent good play with that and you can't put the problems all on the center. Pardis is no Ryan Kalil, no one would be, but IMO he will be better than most.
  12. Talking about Greg. Not Cam. Josh Allen is going nowhere for sure and Cam will not be in Buffalo. Whether here (God, I hope so) or elsewhere, Cam needs to start. But Buffalo already has some good TE's.
  13. Or an exclamation point. You know, like .... Dude! Go back to English class.
  14. Just a guess here. But I think the "big news" is that Cam won the Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award and the Panthers and he already know it. Or Sam finally made the Hall Of Fame.
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