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  1. Would be willing to bet we are the bucs opponent next year in London. The NFL has gone on record as saying they want to get the remaining teams over there who haven’t made the trip. I’m just glad we’re not losing a home game to it. https://mobile.twitter.com/nflfootballinfo/status/1072903364147585026?s=21 FYI: the panthers, packers and Texans are the only teams never to have played over there. The texans play at the chargers, jaguars and the Bucs next year. packers play at the chargers as well. Here’s how it could look to get the last three teams over for their first London/ international game: panthers at bucs packers at chargers texans at jaguars
  2. It’s insane moton hasn’t gotten snaps at LT this season. Experience would be huge for him there and we may even find we have two very good tackles in him and Williams.
  3. bigdog10


    Which is exactly the reason we need to start allocating some draft resources to develop a qb behind Cam.
  4. bigdog10

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    Listen taint stain. You can come in here and bash our team all you want but leave bojangles the hell out of it.
  5. bigdog10

    Couple observations

    I’d rather take my lumps with inexperience than continue to watch Munnerlyn’s lazy effort and Time continue to show Mike Adams the door. Let the young guys play Ron. Whats the worst that could happen? We give up five plays for 250 yards instead of four plays for 200 yards.
  6. bigdog10

    Cam was in MVP conversation JUST last month

    He was and then we decided not to block TJ Watt and allow a clean head first spear at the throwing shoulder of our 100 million QB. He hasn’t been the same since and needs to be put on the shelf.
  7. bigdog10

    We are the new Cleveland Browns

    You guys are just injured. We’re old. I’d honestly rather be in your spot than ours.
  8. That play encapsulates this defense to a T. Luke is the only one giving any effort.
  9. Signing Eric reid was the death nail for this team. Not because of what he brings as a player because he has done well. The nfl just isn’t going to let him get anywhere and will take the panthers down with him. You think this is bad, wait until next week against the saints on a national stage. They are going to walk the saints down the field to embarrass us.
  10. Cam just isn’t healthy. It’s a shame we are jeopardizing his future in a wasted season
  11. bigdog10

    Halftime thoughts....

    Chris Clark is worse than Matt Kalil.
  12. Idk, but I’m watching Fournette getting stuffed twice by the Titans and can’t get over how wrong I was in wanting him over CMac. We got ourselves a good one.
  13. No he won’t be around to make that decision. Ron will be turned loose next week after Cleveland’s rookie qb carves up this defense. We are in the last moments of the Rivera tenure.
  14. The next revolutionary GM is going to be the one who drafts a qb in the early rounds every other year and let’s his franchise qb walk after the five year mark. It is going to be brilliant and completely bashed by the outside world. It is going to have to be a team with a progressive owner since that owner is going to need to be on board with it. That team is going to be able to keep a consistent group of talent around young qbs and should be in contention more years than not.
  15. The firings haven’t. The general ineptitude of the rest of the nfc has. That feeling will last until Sunday when the browns blow us out and slam the window shut.
  16. It was Plain as day that this needed to happen after the Bucs came storming back in Charlotte and then we got obliterated against Pitt. Ron cost himself his own job with his loyalty.
  17. Dontari Poe taking the loss harder than I thought he would.
  18. Tepper is going to ask Rivera to fire Washington. Rivera won’t do it and will be relieved on Monday. This is my prediction.
  19. Keep pounding that F5 button waiting for the news of a coaching change.
  20. 7-9. Falcons are a dumpster fire.
  21. bigdog10

    Who is feeling 'ok' right now?

    You shouldn’t feel fine watching that by Cam. The shoulder is toast. Probably the major reason Norv has been having him throw Short all year.
  22. Awful qb play. Looks like a damn rookie.