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  1. Couldn’t have said it better. His progression this year has got me more excited for his future than ever.
  2. If we plan on using him accordingly, I wouldn’t be mad with Pitts. That dude is a monster and could give us an option we haven’t had since Olsen’s prime years.
  3. According to PFF he didn’t allow a single sack last year. Very surprising no one would trade for him, at least a late rounder. Maybe it was his salary? Makes you wonder what’s up with him
  4. His reaction to the Jeremy Chinn interception and the Robbie Anderson diving catch were priceless rofl
  5. I was thinking the same when it happened and then they put him on the cart to take him off the field. Probably cracked one unfortunately.
  6. That’s pretty much how I explain it to everyone. It’s been a pleasant surprise through the first 6 games. We’re going to lose games, probably more than we win. But, it’s how we play from week to week that I’m looking at. As others have said- progress isn’t linear, we’ll have our ups and downs. A 3 game win streak kind of got some people forgetting that we’ve still got growing pains to go through.
  7. That is probably the only time I’ve ever read “fears Trubisky’s presence”. Not really discounting that report, just noticing the wording lol
  8. I agree. Right now, probably not. But we’ll see how the rest of the year plays out. I’m still shocked they didn’t roll with Cam. Though, that would have been a lot of pressure on Bisky with Cam on the sideline waiting for him to screw up.
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