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  1. In addition to saving the Texans game, Short also helped preserve the Packers game by pressuring Rodgers on their final drive, forcing him to miss a wide open Randall Cobb in the end zone..
  2. Is that Glanton out there? I could've sworn I saw he was waived the other day
  3. Mixon is a horrible announcer, just throwin that out there.
  4. Very weird we are not passing the ball at all, I can only remember the Corey catch and the misconnection with williams
  5. Looks like Norman may have a concussion. Makes you wonder if he should've even been in the game at all tonight. At least we have some good depth at DB with Bene and Tillman in case Norman has to miss week 1
  6. If we tried to put Corey on the practice squad, another team would scoop him up in a heartbeat.
  7. Wouldn't this also mean that we'd be looking at not just risking Cam's health this year behind Oher, but the next 2 years? I hope Oher turns out to be better than everyone thinks with his health back and good coaching with Matsko.
  8. Hope the rams move to LA, don't like Gurley's ACL on that turf in the dome
  9. I know and I respect that, just giving you a hard time.