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  1. If the Hornets don't win the lottery, I would like to see them trade down. They should target some of the teams that have any excess of talent. Indiana,Sacramento,OKC, NO teams like that have some good young talent sitting on the bench that could help the Hornets immediately. I like the hire. Read somewhere he may try and lure Darvin Ham here as his lead assistant since they have history together.
  2. The idea of trading back is not to get weaker prospect. If they can get an established young veteran that can contribute and still make a pick in the 7-10 range that would be ideal. Knect, McClain , Flipowski, or maybe a Castle or Holland would still be there.
  3. If the Hornets trade back in a weak draft. Maybe they can get a young veteran that can contribute right away. I like Terrance Shannon from Illinois as wing prospect for the Hornets.
  4. Just reading through this thread is mind blowing on how many of ya'll are poo-pooing on Miller. A 6'9 or 6'10 wing with position versatility and can shoot the cover off the ball and ya'll don't want that??...Scoot Henderson is a 6'2 guard that need the ball in his hands to be effective. Dynamic point guards do not win NBA Championships, Damain Lillard anyone? Wings are what NBA teams covet. Scoot Henderson is a dynamic talent no doubt, but the NBA have seen that kind of act before. A Melo/Scoot Henderson backcourt would get eaten alive defensively. This just my opinion. With the 27th pick I would like to see them go Colby Jones or the Swather kid from Gonzaga.
  5. why is no one mentioning the tight end from the U Will Mallory as a possible pick for the Panthers in round 2-3??
  6. I'm a Panthers fan currently living in the Columbia/Baltimore MD area. Baltimore does have it's problems for sure but the city does have some nice qualities. They have some tremendous restaurants in the city and the downtown is very walkable with a of attractions to enjoy. You do have to be carful and aware of your surroundings like you do in any other big city. As far a Charlotte being a bland city I guess that's a matter of opinion. The city have three professional sports teams, plenty of restaurants and bars, mostly all the major concerts and plays and other forms of entertainment come to the city so I don't understand the criticism. But like I said different strokes for different folks.
  7. My pick would be Jerry Porter CB Penn St. Him and Jaycee Horn would be incredible.
  8. I agree with the original poster. I am a Panthers fan and I am proud of how they continued to compete and make the season not a total waste. I think everyone knows they are a few players short, but it seem like everyone in the NFL knows the Panthers are onto something good but this fanbase. The total crap fest on this team every week is truly amazing. I don't have rose colored glasses on, the nucleus is there for them to be a good team for an extended period. This draft is crucial to their future. Being up 21-10 and losing stings no doubt, but the everything sucks and everything stinks narrative many try to paint is truly draining.
  9. Concerning Bouknight... I always though the Hornets should have chosen Durate or Moody in that draft. At least you would have guards with prototypical size and a willingness to defend. Bouknight reminds me too much of Monk
  10. @cuttingedge..Not a Duke fan...but people are acting like we passed on Shaq or something. 12 other teams passed on Duren including the Spurs who everybody thought would take him. I'm a basketball fan period and I still think Mark Williams is a fine pick. Like I said earlier the trade was confusing.
  11. Ya'll must remember it takes two to tango far as trades. Maybe they have something in the works who knows? Only thing I didn't like was that they couldn't get a young vet who could contribute right away for the pick..
  12. Have you guys actually seen Duren play??...He is the same rim running/lob threat that Mark Williams is. Duren is more athletic overall but from what I've seen of Duren he doesn't have much of an offensive game.
  13. Mark Williams is a good pick. Duren is raw and the youngest player in the draft. How much realistically do ya'll think he would have contributed next year??..We already have that player on the roster by the name of Kai Jones. Mark Williams will come in and play at least 20 minutes a game.
  14. While the trade is confusing. It's been known that the Hornets didn't want both picks. You already have Jones and Bouknight that still need to be developed. Adding two rookies would have made the Hornets too young. I do wish they could have acquired a young vet with one of the picks though.
  15. While his stats say he 6"5 he looked smallish when he was on the court. Boukinght is a talent no doubt that. I hope my feelings about him change. It won't be the first time I was wrong. I think Thor and Kai is more of what we need. Nice long athletic players with a chance to help us improve defensively
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