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  1. Cam isn't smiling. He hates this just like the rest of us. He hates loosing remember. Remember the people that talked about Cam having a fake smile. This is when his smile is fake. I miss the dude that hated loosing because it made me feel like the Absolute beast that used to play QB for us on Sunday was as pissed as I was when we lost.
  2. Desperate yes, but check Rivera's games against Rookie or back up QBs. Not Good. Also No healthy Cam to save his ass, then a long week, new coach, traveling to AZ. Desperate yes, well coached no.
  3. Maybe as a team offensively the Panthers have historically picked coaches, who if they dont have a run game cant win. I bet you Jake's stats are very similar to Cam's when it comes to that stat, but we all knew when Jake was the QB he wasn't winning it himself. Cam missed a poo load of throws, Rivera is trying to save a job that he shouldn't have. He can't ride the coat tails of a broken qb anymore and now we are learning how this mother fuger still has a job. Missed opportunities and Cam picking up the coaching slack when he was healthy.
  4. This forum has become either Cam Haters or Lovers and or Apologists and the same could be said with Rivera. The man is not right. He will not get better. That dude used to make up for shortcomings in his game by trucking fools and having a cannon of a arm. I don't understand how anyone can think that there is any kind of future that includes him at this point. The organization wasted his career by having Rivera as a coach. Cam used to be one of the most gifted and almost impossible to game plan for QBs in the history of the NFL. He's no longer that guy. I fuging hate it but it may be time to move on.
  5. Pros The staff that should have been fired last year will be gone. Cons Cams waisted his whole career with a limp dick coach that has retained his job because he's a good guy.
  6. Yet the consensus around the league at least from what we are told is that Ron is a good head coach. I dont get it, maybe Teppers hands were tied because of All or Nothing. I dont know and dont care. Just hope that we get this poo turned around or that Ron gets fired by the end of the season.
  7. How many games have we lost because our interchangeable "free safety" has been beat? Seriously I can think of maybe 10 in the last 4 years. How many times last year did we hold a team to zero or negative yards only to give up 3rd and longs? We couldnt beat atl or the saints, or the God damn browns last year because we get beat over the top every fuging time. It's been the case since Rivera has been here because we haven't had a safety that can cover anyone but a running back. Ohh poo I forgot, Odell threw a bomb to a ruining back on us too.
  8. The greatest white running back before that guy from the Redskins and since ever. He used to drink beer with his oline. Peyton hillis was a product of being a minority of a position and was the only reason we know his name along with a bs madden cover. Cmc is damn good.
  9. Things like this are not acceptable now even though the group of people that you singled out don't care about it. You should know this and accept it.
  10. I want to see the fear in Wilson's eyes up close and personal!
  11. It's funny how cowboys fans are calling him Scam, not to long ago they thought Romo might be done and they were saying they were going to Steal Cam away from us.
  12. Man and if he does still have some gas left in the tank that would be awesome. I know we would probably want to restructure and that gman drafts based on bpa but that was a glaring hole. It would be nice to head into the off season with one more addressed.
  13. Imagine how fast Chip Kelly would run his offensive plays on us with this lineup. He's an incredible acquisition but that game would scare me even if the iggles aren't doing that well this year.
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