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  1. It's the Kyle Allen thing. QB's a lot of times perform fairly well on their first start when people don't have tape on them. Last year it was the same thing. After 3 games they were talking about long term deals for Kyle Allen. However after a few weeks everyone goes.. oh... that's why he was an undrafted free agent. Teddy has put up far better peformances and if our Defense played half as good we would have won more games. As the announcer said, we are/were historically bad at 3rd downs. Historically the worse coming into the game since 1972. However people here tend to fixate on the last play. So a lot of the blame falls on the QB, which is what happens. If our Defense can maintain even a semblance of todays play we won't have to have a game winning drive with 1:45 left on the clock every week. Then Teddy won't get the blame after us scoring 30 points.
  2. Candy corn is in the waiting room to hell. Matter of fact, that beer is probably O'doul's.
  3. Not sure how much of that is Atlanta fugging sucks.. But it's good to see a someone else get picked apart on defense. If this teams learns to stop the run.. .. ...
  4. Spaceships don't have rearview mirrors.....
  5. So we should use probably one of the most dynamic players in the league as a regular player? smh...
  6. We as a team are playing better because the defense has given up aveage 17.6 points respectively the last 3 games. First 2 games we averaged 32.5 points per game.
  7. I think we all can agree that this is the best QB play in the last 4 years. I'm good with that.
  8. I loved that he said it. Sometimes you need wood to build a big ole bonfire of hate. Matt saying get off the field. The Saints and there insufferable arrogance after the Superbowl completely ignoring the years upon years of sucking. The Buc's and .. well they are the Buc's.
  9. Also , think about if "most" people weren't trying to actively protect themselves from catching Covid? No lockdowns, no mask, no social distancing.... what would the numbers be then?
  10. Man, .everything I get positive out of the Panthers this year is just gravy. I conditioned myself into not expecting anything and just be prepared for whatever. Watching the new players get better every week has been great imo. Very excited to see our trending upward defense against the Falcons offense. Even without Julio, they have a bunch of weapons and Ryan has had a field day picking our defense apart the last few years. Also very excited to see our Offense against the depleted Atlanta secondary. But, it's a division game so..who knows wtf is going to happen.
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