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  1. Or TMJ. It's sad that there are so many players we really don't have a grasp of their abilities due to the complete incompetence of Rhule and his coaching staff.
  2. They set themselves up in case of failure. Definitely a much better approach than going all in on Mitch Trubisky.
  3. Carolina "won" because we hopefully ended up with our franchise QB. Chicago "won" because they've set themselves up to see if Fields has "it" or not. If he doesn't and they falter, high draft pick. If BY has a typical NFL rookie season, Carolina's pick could be a good one. It's possible they could get both a top QB and Harrison Jr. Both teams accomplished what they were trying to do. Whether that works out in the long run, we'll see.
  4. Depends on if I make it or not. If I order out it's usually medium well. If I make my own patties, then it's med rare/medium.
  5. Cut determines the level of cook for me. I never go above medium and that's only for a fatty ribeye. My preferred cooking method though is Pittsburgh. When I used to cook professionally, I always cringed when I got the extra well done order but they wanted it juicy. Usually that always ended up with a discussion with the server about why that wasn't going to happen.
  6. No. After a properly rested steak, even at medium rare, there should be very little juices on the plate. Any juices though I will run my steak through like a steak sauce. My steaks all have a heavy salt crust so that extra juice just absorbs right into it.
  7. I'd love to have Nuke but before we go there we need to get a edge. That's a bigger hole right now I think. If we can get a Floyd or Houston and Nuke, I'd be really happy but I don't see it happening unfortunately.
  8. Me too. Funniest thing was when I told my Dr what I had been eating and he got serious then looked at my cholesterol levels. LdL was down over 100 points. Only time I've ever heard a doctor cuss.
  9. No. Gravy is its own food group.
  10. Too many injuries. Too few scorers. Ran into a hot playoff team that everyone had written off heading into the playoffs. The only good part of all of this is the Bruins got knocked out early. I hate the fuggin Bruins.
  11. Matt Rhule era: Mac n cheese made using the noodles from the generic brand box but no sauce packet because you made extra cheesy the other night, so you grind up some old cheese balls your grandmama gave you when you were 12 that have been sitting in a zip lock bag under some old Sears catalogs before you discovered your dad's Playboy stash. Reich:
  12. Excellent. Good to see him coming in and getting right into it. It's feels so much better not relying on a T2G, Darnold or Baker.
  13. They really should. That's the one position you can't really plug and play anyone your bring in off the street. And as we saw in the NFCCG, an injury to both can happen quickly and there is no way to recover.
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