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  1. 2 things that haven't been a priority. Getting a solid kicker after Butker got poached, and building an offensive line with FA that don't spend the majority of their time on a bike. No wonder we went down in those 2 areas.
  2. Speaking on a conference call with New York media on Thursday, Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said "I haven't done any work on anyone else" and "I believe Sam (Darnold) will be a great quarterback for the Carolina Panthers." That's it. We're trading for Watson. That's the Rhule kiss of death.
  3. I blame Brady and coaches mostly. Dallas was a tough game against a team that looks really good right now. But the other 2 our offense looked unprepared, pedestrian and just plain boring. Obviously some falls onto Darnold and our WR, but all in all, the team looked unprepared. Can't expect a defense to hold out forever. Offense has to score points. It's a lot easier to win when you can score 30 points.
  4. CmC would best be used like Patterson if we want to maximize durability. RB that spreads wide as a receiver to maximize defenses inability to cover him.. He doesn't need to touch the ball every play to have an impact.
  5. I liken it to shooting. If you give me time to think about the process, I'll miss wide left every time. If I just let muscle memory take over, I'm good. He just does not do well when he's given unexpected time to think.
  6. At least when we make the playoffs we go to the Super Bowl almost 30% of the time
  7. By the start of the 4th quarter yesterday I was pretty tanked..
  8. I agree with you unless it can be proved that these games are putting the players at an excess risk that they wouldn't normally face. Wouldn't be too statistically difficult I would think. For now the die is cast, but I would definitely be voicing my concerns to the NFLPA if they feel the same as CMC.
  9. Of course they like getting paid. But they can get paid just as easily on a Sunday as a Thursday. Open the season on Thursday, fine. Thanksgiving, teams off a bye week. These guys are getting hurt on short weeks. Just using Panthers, Cam gets hurt and hasn't been the same. His next mega contract doesn't happen because he's not the same guy. CMC pulls a hammy and now that's 2 years in a row with significant injury, does he get another big contract? Burris goes down, gotta consider that on his contract. 1 game vs career implications is a big deal especially when there's no reason the game can't be played on Sunday. As more and more of these injuries keep piling up, it's going to get looked at. Recovery is part of health and health is supposed to be one of the big concerns of the NFL now with concussions, early death, CTE etc. The NFLPA should be looking at this from a player safety point. If they want Thursday night games fine, just have the teams coming off a bye. Sometimes you have to protect the players, even from themselves. Cam is a perfect example with that Lisfranc.
  10. I feel sorry for Sam playing behind this line. I feel sorry for Sam that his first 3 years were under the Jets. I have sorry for Sam because his offensive coordinator hasn't recognized he plays his best ball when, by design, he doesn't have time to think. Sam has done some pretty crappy things the past 3 weeks but he's also shown he can do some pretty special things too. TB isn't making that 4th quarter drive. Sam definitely needs to step it up, but it's not all on him. This team isn't performing like it's been well coached and that concerns me more than Darnold does right now.
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