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  1. It doesn't matter if we take a QB in the next draft if we still design an offense that doesn't do anything other than the most basic high school plays and is fits someone who is not our QB. If you listen to the experts, they all keep saying the same thing. No presnap movement. No play action. No middle of the field stuff. Generic routes. No creativity. It makes our offense easy for defenses to scheme against. Baker has tons of faults, but trying to turn him into a pocket passer 5 years into his NFL career when he's never been one is a recipe for disaster and we're witnessing it every Sunday.
  2. Baker may suck ass right now but I never thought I'd see the day I miss Joe Brady or even worse, Mike Shula. McAdoo isn't helping him at all.
  3. When I watched him stumble then said it was his back I totally got it. I have had the same issue from a back injury where I'm walking, my back locks, my legs just go and I end up stumbling and have to have help to move. My first thought was I walk like that sometimes even though I did think he had a concussion.
  4. We aren't getting anything if we tried to trade TMJ for any other position or draft pick. It's likely he ends up getting cut if he can't see the field. It's a trade for a player in the exact same position, the coach's dog house. While it could very well end up being a net zero, it's the best value I think we could get for him. If he ends up getting cut, we would end up in the same spot as we would have with TMJ. Yeah. I saw that. It baffles me though with as bad as that WR corps is that Toney cannot get on the field as good as he looks when he's on it.
  5. He's quick, good hands, played majority of 2021 in the slot and is in the dog house for whatever reason. He's more talented than Shi and would be an upgrade if he got on the field.
  6. I would too but given what we've seen from hin this year, what are you realistically going to get? Shi Smith
  7. If Toney rides the pine tonight like he has most of the seasonwould it make sense to possibly pursue a trade with the NYG for Kedarius Toney? Both guys have talent and are oft injured. Both guys appear to be in the doghouse with their respective coaches and aren't getting snaps. Could they both use a trade of scenery to get their careers back on track? Just a random thought before the game tonight. Sorry, but I'm bored and don't want to hear about Rhule, Baker, Tepper or McAdoo any more today.
  8. It's like Rivera ball, only more predictable, and I didn't think that was possible.
  9. No. They just choose which players get to play, which coordinators and position coaches to get, what type of offense to run, whether to bench guys who look like ass week in and week out, and put their players in a position to succeed. Rhule has no responsibility at all.
  10. It would really help if he actually designed a game plan to play to Baker's strengths instead of hammering one that showcases his weaknesses. Baker has never been a pocket passer. Add in no presnap motion and a basic route tree, and this is an offense doomed to failure. I'm not defending Baker's poor play on the field because that is on him, but for fugs sake put him in a position to have a chance to succeed.
  11. If you watched this game and think we deserved to win, you're delusional.
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