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  1. Bandwagon fan is all the people that started showing up for Panthers games in 2015 saying they had been there all along. Nobody "jumps on the bandwagon" for 3 decades and watches only 7 winning seasons in all that time. David Tepper has poisoned this franchise and its fanbase. If someone wants to walk away from this toxic mess, I don't blame them. At this point the only hope I have left is some ridiculous scandal forces the sale of the team.
  2. Tepper is a toxic boss. No way in hell Harbaugh is leaving his cushy spa at the big house to come woller in the sewage dump that is the Panthers.
  3. Imagine trading 4 1sts, 2 seconds and DJ Moore only to end up with Justin Fields. Lawd help us.
  4. At least the Panthers are scoring points for me in fantasy. Streaming defenses against Carolina is a winning strategy.
  5. Against college level players when Bama is heads and shoulders a over other teams with talent. What he did at Bama means poo. I'd rather have Jake Browing even with the pick 6.
  6. Playing the Saints D in FF tomorrow. Seemed like a good idea.
  7. Dalton needs to start. We need to know what we have in Mingo and any other WR that might give a damn. Part of me thinks it might help the oline play better with a QB who knows more about what NFL defenses are going to do and also isn't going to go down if a defensive player gets a mitt on him.
  8. It will be interesting to see what happens when Johnson and Slowik get their shots at HC.
  9. Having an offensive minded HC allows you to not have to replace your OC constantly when good ones are hired away to be HCs. Offensive or defensive HC, you still need to have some kind of team identity and plan to make it happen. Right now we're a clusterfug.
  10. The team needs a direction, a bedrock principal to stand on. Everything needs to be based on that. And it needs to be followed regardless of who walks in the door. Right now, it's whatever whim happens to strike. That's why keep pounding has meant so much to so many fans. We understand what it means, what it embodies. It's everything you have, every day. Fans gave, players gave. You could see it in certain players more than others. When you think of Keep Pounding, names like Sam, Cam, TD, Luke, Beason, Olsen, Kalil, Smitty, and so on, come to mind immediately. There's very little, if any of that present in the leadership of this team and its something this franchise needs desperately. I love what keep pounding represents. But for this franchise, I think accountability needs to be the focus. Be accountable for your decisions, as well as the results. It starts at the top. Here's looking at you Dave.
  11. "And this is what I'm going to do to the hearts of Panthers fans everywhere." - Dave
  12. As to the first 2 questions, there's no way to know. I'm not even sure what that even remotely has to do with the topic. It's an absolutely justified question to ask why is she in the room. What qualifications does she have to would make her the appropriate choice vs the hundreds of thousands of other female executives in the work place? It's usually very easy to find the work history and experience of women in that powerful of a position. Nicole has none that we have seen. The quote says her input has been key in making several of the right decisions. We'll at 1-10 with the HC fired, our traded for QB looking atrocious, and nearly every other decision looking like the wrong one, I'd say there is no reason to believe that she has any business being in that room. Dave can include her all he wants to, but he hasn't shown he should be making those decisions either.
  13. So we're now making football decisions based on women's intuition. I don't even...
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