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  1. As much as I despise him for doing it, Loomis can work magic with the cap. But it also gives more opportunity to see what guys in the front office can do if given the chance I think. Part of opportunity is having that chance to be seen. Might open up some doors for creative thinking that weren't really considered before.
  2. The reason I say this draft was more Rhule and less Hurney is the picks themselves arent characteristic of past Hurney picks after the first. His picks seemed to always boom or bust. A lot of the profiles used the term raw and needs development to compete at the next level. YGM and Chinn were both considered starting material coming out from what I remember reading. That's what I expect from rds 2-3. Its just not what we're used to seeing.
  3. If we dont like the QB crop or all top 4 are gone by 8, I'm fine with trading back. We have multiple holes on our line. Add some picks in 2 and 3 if possible, get some guards and a RT if we cant keep Moton, LB possibly a DB. We need a lot and if "the guy" isnt there, let's fill our other needs as best as we can.
  4. Agree. 3rd round picks can be very important, especially when you are talking about positions like interior linemen. Thats a potential 10 year vet or pro bowler. I would have no problem however changing it to say a $2 mil cap boost league wide per hire per year for 2 years. Everyone benefits equally.
  5. They also spend a lot of time with their receivers practicing what to do when a play breaks down. All that miracle passing doesn't just happen. Once or twice, call it a miracle. This is the result of constant practice.
  6. Or if you look at that you see that maybe a particular GM was really bad at assembling an entire roster. Franchise QBs are great, but it takes a team to win it all.
  7. Good goalies and good linemen have a lot in common.
  8. Would have been a little awkward if he said no.
  9. I hear Jase is quite knowledgeable in all things man buns.
  10. Not really upset about the depth of the class, just the amount of effort Ron put in trying to win against us.
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