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  1. Grier got all his attention before the draft because everyone in the NFL knew he was being taken at 100.
  2. I'd be ok with it if we take Jimmy G and his salary, SF gives us a 2nd in exchange for a 7th similar to the Osweiller to Cleveland deal. Otherwise, Fug off.
  3. I just left the restroom in such a state that the guy walking in behind me turned around and left. As the wise George Carlin once said, there's no need to eat enough fiber to build your own wicker furniture set. But to answer the question, I'm feeling pretty good right now and much lighter on my feet.
  4. When you're starting running back has been injured as often as CMC, you need a backup with similar skills, especially if you plan to have the majority of your offense running through him. Based off last season, Chuba catches like he's wearing oven mitts and Foreman has never been much of a pass threat. So half of our current RBs skills will be lost when/if he gets injured. We are not good at the backup position currently, especially given CMCs history.
  5. I'm not even sure I would attend home games this year. Why would I pay to go somewhere else and watch this.
  6. KB looks like someone photoshopped a tiny head on a big body.
  7. Funny. I didn't mention Darnold at all. All QBs can get happy feet. Getting rhythmic timing can help anyone doing any sort of repetitive task. It takes time to develop muscle memory. I think part of why Darnold has issues in a clean pocket, and I could be wrong, is he's expecting to have to run or get hit at any second. He's more comfortable in quick routes because the ball is gone before he can get leveled. Maybe he gets better with an improved line, maybe not I still don't think he's the long term answer at our QB position.
  8. My first thought is rhythm training. Helping to dial in timing for drops and get happy feet under control.
  9. You don't take the heart and soul of a fan base and discard it like it's trash. You can build a new brand. You can try and draw in a younger generation. But never forget where you came from.
  10. I'm just looking forward to seeing any of them play before week 14.
  11. Rookie pay scale is one of the best things the NFL has done in the past 20 years. I remember cringing when I saw the deals those rookie QBs were getting without ever playing a down.
  12. Yep. I remember way back when I was a server and drivers would come in and just talk shop with me. I loved it. Met DW, Sr, Gantt, RW, DA, the Bodine bros, and Richard Childress. Talking to them was just like talking to your buddies drinking a beer outside grilling a steak. When those guys started leaving, it lost its appeal for me. They tried to make Jr Into Sr and it never worked.
  13. He's probably a little nervous about Darnold and the hospital balls he tosses.
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