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  1. Probably trying to wait as long as possible to get it right, or as right as the NFL does. Suspending him a season would be considered a slap on the wrist depending on what he admits.
  2. Interesting question because while not likely, it is still possible to have an outbreak among vaccinated players. I would assume rescheduling would be required but how long would teams get to allow their players to recover? 2 weeks. 4. Could be an interesting conundrum if teams are forced to forfeit even if they are vaccinated because they can't reschedule in time.
  3. Look at how Gase used Leveon Bell. Bell was at one time a prolific receiver out of the backfield and Gase turned him into a between the tackles power back. He didn't know how to use players and it was painfully obvious. I would rather have Mike Shula leading my offense than Adam Gase. I don't know if Darnold will be any good or if he will suck. But I can't think of a worse situation for any QB to come into as a rookie.
  4. It kind of is though. That's a roster spot for a guy who has been injured a lot and when he had played, he hasn't been more than average. I'd rather use that roster spot for a guy with more upside than KK right now.
  5. I appreciate the effort you put in. No one knows exactly what's going to happen until draft day and there's a lot more misinformation being thrown around than truth I would imagine. Much appreciation for your contributions.
  6. My optimism actually has nothing to do with Darnold and more to do with Gase. He rode the coattails of one of the greatest QB savants to ever play. He had no business as a head coach or any of the other positions he tried to fill. I see Darnold as a rookie in terms of knowledge that's seen game speed for 3 years. If he's good, excellent, if not, he cost us a 2nd rounder. If we weren't sold on Fields then that's OK too. The risk vs reward is very good for us IMO.
  7. It does add more cap space but agents are going to know that as well. I would expect the asking price between 20-25% of the team’s projected cap space, maybe between $50-60m per year will be the asking price. How often does a QB of his caliber come up for availability? That is 3-4 high end position contracts. Would the sum of those be greater with Darnold than Watson by himself. Even more questions surround the Darnold situation than before if this is true.
  8. I know Watson is an insane talent but the cost is still likely going to be too high. We’ve already seen what happens when you have a franchise QB with a lack of talent surrounding them. You can only go so far. Being cap strapped and likely down 3 1sts and some 2nds would seriously hamper this team’s ability to contend.
  9. Better get some maple syrup for all those pancakes.
  10. I wouldn't really consider yahoo sports as a Panthers fan post. I think it's too early to call as far as best/worst moves go. If Darnold balls out and Irving works at LT, taking Horn will look amazing as long as he works out. I'm not sure I would have taken Fields at 8 if he's the 4th qb on your board. I know the value of the position, but if the coaches aren't sold on him, and they sure have watched a lot more game tape than me, I'm ok with that. I would have liked to have seen a more direct effort to address LT. I wasn't happy about Irving on day 1 of FA when there were goi
  11. I thought we would end up with Sweat. Good thing Snyder wanted Haskins.
  12. Id be ok cutting Grier and looking for a QB with upside that could be a big project. 3rd string QB has some room to play and taking that risk is acceptable. Theres a lot of garbage but every once in a while you find a guy thats worthwhile. Grier isnt good enough and we can do better, or worse. If we are relying on our 3rd string we’re already in trouble anyway.
  13. Bradberry was easily worth more than Shaq. Good corners are hard to find and when you get one you damn sure don't let him walk to keep a LB unless that linebacker is HoF and that definitely isn't Shaq.
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