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  1. When he starts playing for an organization that isn't being run like a Delta Tau Chi party.
  2. Because blaming Carr is easier than saying they fuged up bringing in McDaniel.
  3. The real question is how much is he going to want. If he's asking 25 or 30m per year I don't think we're going to get involved. 10-15, I don't have an issue going after him on a 2-3 year deal. I'd rather MC and rookie QB actually have time to learn like Mahomes did in KC.
  4. I've used this site and managed to end up with 16 2024 1st and a dozen 24 2nds. I now just use it to see if I can end up with 20, then 25 1sts for next year.
  5. The face you make because you won the"special" bet with your wife that you couldn't get Fitts to draft Chuba.
  6. I'm not so sure Gilmore was about making a playoff run vs teaching the young CB room things that coaches just can't. I remember listening to an interview with him talking about how there's things he shows the other guys regarding body language, hand movement, eyes, shifts in body weight, anticipating breaks etc. during a play. He was saying coaches can tell you about it, but there's things that you don't see unless you're doing it with some of these receivers. The way he spoke led me to believe that might have been part of the reason he was here. Having a player of his caliber showing them these little things would be worth it if he could take 2-3 years off their development would easily be worth a 6th rd pick.
  7. That's been my feeling all along. It's one of 32 jobs in the NFL and you never know if you're going to get another shot. At last year's season ending presser, I thought it pretty obvious through his tone and body language, he expected Rhule to be fired. Fitts doesn't strike me as a stupid man and I don't think he ever bought into the bullshit that is Matt Rhule's existence. Whether or not he is a good GM remains to be seen, but you never know if you never get a shot.
  8. I went back and subjected myself to the Rhule defenders in that thread. Parts of it are rather humerous.
  9. Telling your wife that yes, those jeans in fact do make her ass look fat, is always a good idea.
  10. Mahomes and Watson are both obviously more talented than Trubisky, but you have to wonder where would Mahomes' career have ended up playing Fox ball instead of learning under Reid. I know Fox wanted Watson, but just food for thought.
  11. Part of it is with replay getting better and better, you can see the mistakes. But the majority of it really is there is no consistency from one game to the next on what "insert penalty here" really is. DJ gets an unsportsmanlike for taking his helmet off outside the field of play. Countless other players take theirs off in the middle of the field to celebrate and crickets. What defines a catch? What is PI? Holding? WTF is considered a sack vs roughing the passer? You can't expect coaches, players, and fans not to constantly call bullshit when there is zero continuity on how a game is called.
  12. NFL quality guys on an NFL team. Already starting out different than Rhule.
  13. With aspirations for becoming a HC, becoming Panthers OC with the revolving door QB room of Carolina is probably a bad career move.
  14. The Panther fan in me says CJ Stroud if we can manage it. The Wolverine in me... I can barely begin to think about it.
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