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  1. The men aren't just guys on a football field anymore. They're constantly part of an interaction with the fan base through press conferences and actions and events outside of the football field. John Madden was one of the best commentators of all time because of how well he could relate to the audience. There's been a laundry list of terrible ones. You don't know Cam or Sam any more than I do. So for to pass judgement that I somehow can't be a football fan because I relate to one player more than I do another is stupid. Cam is one of the best players to lace up for Carolina and that is truly sad. Not because of anything Cam did, but because this team has been historically so bad. I like Cam the player and loved how he played so passionately. I also don't think he's a HoF QB or even gets onto the ballot once. I don't think his game rose to that level except one magical season. You can disagree and that's fine. But just because we don't agree doesn't qualify my opinion as hateful or uneducated. It's just different than yours.
  2. I know a lot of people who don't think Cam is the QB god he's made out to be. They don't hate him, but they also don't think he's a HoF qb. They were more tired of the fans falling all over him and ignoring some of his weaknesses because he could truck a LB without slowing down. Same people like Darnold because He's a likable enough guy and easy to root for. They also realize he has talent, but is scatterbrained and gonna make a lot of money as a career backup. Cam has a very different personality and I think you either relate to it or you don't. The whole outfit thing caused a disconnect for a lot of people, coupled with a lack of winning, changed people's perspective about him. Doesn't mean they were right, I think it just caused a disconnect.
  3. Was always a weird thing for me. I had finished working on the punch list for his house. Was a nice enough fellow to me. I had also worked on Fred Lane's house a couple of weeks prior to what happened.
  4. I took some advice from a Rodney Carrington show and we play golf with penalty. Loser buys the first round at the bar after wearing his Im a loser crown and sash. That poo is hilarious until it's you.
  5. The Panthers aren't entertainment right now. There's better things to do with 3 hours than watch Panthers football. Just how I feel about it. Spending 4 hours taking in 18 with the boys on the links is better for the soul than another season of Tepper ball.
  6. While I hated keeping Rhule, I thought if he still kept sucking, it would be an easy path to number 1. Firing him 5 games into the season then winning meaningless games just made it worse. We weren't making a deep run even if we made the wildcard with a losing record. That whole season was pointless, but at least I was optimistic an owner with 1/4 of a brain couldn't muck it up. Ahhh Dave....
  7. I have almost zero interest at this point. I have no desire to go to a game, watch one unless there's nothing else to do, or buy clearance merchandise for $0.01. Until this team can actually do something, anything, to prove it's marching towards success, there's no point in investing any emotion other than an enthusiastic "fug Tepper."
  8. You can pay this kind of money for a WR1 as long as you can draft a WR2 like Minnesota did.
  9. Hamstring injuries can linger for months. I pulled mine and the recovery was 2 months in when I reinjured walking up stairs then another 3 months. You don't realize how much you use it until you can't.
  10. I don't care about wins or losses or stats. I want to see visible improvements in BY's ability as QB at the NFL level.
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