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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2021/04/05/monday-afternoon-quarterback-sam-darnold-trade-panthers-jets Good read. Sorry if already posted. Teddy appears stuck with us
  2. Welp it was nice dream to get him in a Panthers uniform but that ship is sailing fast and soon will disappear over the horizon. If the draft doesn’t work out then rolling with Teddy will be all that’s left.
  3. So can I finally become optimistic about this happening? Seriously asking.
  4. Great now I’m gonna be on here every ten minutes the rest of the day hoping for a miracle (because I think it’s going to take one to make it happen)
  5. Kelly Davis is as stunning as ever.
  6. If they really will take Teddy then I would do the deal
  7. I’m having a hard time buying that story as it’s being presented. One or two missed assignments I get but Remmers needed help on at least a third of the snaps. If a player didn’t give him help at all then it’s on the coaches to remind him or switch up players or schemes. If Rivera wouldn’t do that then it’s all on him. If they did remind Tolbert and he still wouldn’t do it then he should have been cut.
  8. Some people get their kicks by being scummy online. After being on here 15+ years one gets numb to it.
  9. When this placed crashed in ‘08 I have a vague memory of Neil diamond YouTube videos being the only thing we could watch here for days until it was fixed. (not that I spent 10 hours a day refreshing this page every 2 minutes)
  10. Two firsts is a vague statement. Two firsts from say a playoff team with a bright future like the Colts is no more valuable than our #8 pick this year.
  11. Lance would be a perfect pick for Detroit since they could sit him and let him learn from a playoff experienced veteran for a year or two while they use the draft to build talent around him
  12. We might have insisted they take Teddy. If so that probably ruined the deal
  13. If anybody enjoys good jazz recommendations I’ll be happy to post plenty. Like this one
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