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  1. Hopefully Melo plays well and puts up a highlight or two.
  2. In case anyone was wondering (or cares) of all the kickers who attempted at least 10 FGs this season, Slye’s made percentage ranked him 22nd. Butker ranked 9th Gano ranked 3rd
  3. Crap. I have tickets and planned my whole weekend around a1:00 pm start.
  4. Pleasantly surprised. The last significant piece of the old regime is gone.
  5. Sewell to the Bengals is just about written in stone.
  6. I hope Coastal beats the ever loving sh!t out of them and gets a BCS bowl. Think about where Coastal’s athletic program was 10-15 years ago and now they have a College World Series national championship and a shot at a BCS game.
  7. He was one year older than me. I think I’ll go hug my kids now.
  8. I loved seeing Cannon kick in the turbo as soon as he got the block.
  9. I realize Williams is a great player and would thrive on our D but our rookies are also thriving and we will have many needs and holes to fill after this season (multiple OL’s, MLB, TE, all our WR’s except DJ and Robbie are free agents and so is Mike Davis). Yes some will be re-signed but Moton alone will cost us a lot of our cap space. We need those early picks.
  10. I think the nfc east champ will field a playoff team with only 6 wins...maybe 5
  11. We only rushed 3 and Matty was forced out of pocket in under three seconds.
  12. Things have to get a lot worse for that to happen. Some games may be permanently cancelled like in the ncaa. But not the whole league.
  13. This is horrible. DB’s impact will set this franchise back 15 years.
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