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  1. It’s looking more and more that Carr will be cut before Feb 15. Doing so will save the Raiders 29 million and they will only take a 5-6 million dead cap hit next season by doing so
  2. More and more mocks have Stroud as the 3rd qb off the board and being picked at 5th or 6th. With Bryce’s small size and Levis’ mediocre season one would think CJ’s performance against Georgia would move him up and not down. But every year, NFL scouts swarm the bowl games and let trickle out nuggets of information about how they really see certain players and mocks always adjust in January. Still I think Stroud is the best of the bunch.
  3. Winning the game at hand is always top priority. What the Texans did yesterday should put to rest any “franchise building trumps winning games” philosophy that many armchair GM’s embrace
  4. Happy for TCU. Proof that guts, heart and some old school can still win
  5. Please correct me if I’m wrong but IF we beat Tampa next weekend and the saints lose to Philadelphia, we clinch the division and the final week of games is irrelevant.?.
  6. To answer the op’s question; more posters need to up their meds
  7. Any recent curse on us was lifted when Rhule was canned. Think about where this team was two months ago. Now we are the hottest team in the south and only one game behind the division leader. Holy poo this is getting fun!
  8. An offensive lineman has never won ROTY so the odds don’t look good.
  9. Always give them 3 years minimum unless they show horrible regression in year 2.
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