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  1. I’m confused. Last week didn’t a poll here show 70% of the Huddle didn’t want this guy? Why so much excitement?
  2. No thank you. This organization doesn’t need another sexual predator. Especially one whose actions were worse than the previous one.
  3. If this blows up and becomes a league wide scandal, Michigan may hold off on hiring Rhule until the investigation is over which will obviously be too late.
  4. With Flores still on the market I’m very interested in Rhule leaving. But I think things need to happen fast
  5. It’s official. This has been the greatest weekend of playoff football I’ve ever seen
  6. Well, Brady back in the Super Bowl is looking probable now
  7. We’re so far away from that. When was the last time the Panthers had a bad QB and bad coaching for a full season? The Pickles season with lame duck John Fox?
  8. Sacked 10 times and still won. Damn
  9. I loved watching Dallas lose this way
  10. Speaking of ST here’s an interesting factoid. Zane Gonzalez, Joey Slye and another kicker finished tied for 7th in FG% at 91%. But Slye was a perfect 6/6 from 50+.
  11. If Tampa gets that #2 seed and an extra week to heal, I’m penciling them in the Super Bowl right now. I don’t care how awesome Rogers has been.
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