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  1. Found this nugget from CBS Sports stating, once again, it’s the coaching Even with Christian McCaffreygetting more involved, the Panthers looked lifeless on offense as they search for continuity. Carolina is only getting beat 13.2% of the time on the offensive line, seventh-best in the NFL. It's on Matt Rhule and Ben McAdoo to inject life into this offense.
  2. God I hope Arizona State or Nebraska is in talks with Rhule’s agent by now about his availability.
  3. I never thought this would happen. Seriously.
  4. I’m a little confused by the reaction on here and elsewhere. This incident happened during the 23 others. Plus many of them did not give all the sordid details by choice. Why is this incident the straw that broke the camel’s back? Did everyone assume he got no messy happy endings the previous 23 times?
  5. Perhaps Sir Purr will add bear ears to his head to allow the idiots who can’t identify him feel better about themselves.
  6. I’m confused. Last week didn’t a poll here show 70% of the Huddle didn’t want this guy? Why so much excitement?
  7. No thank you. This organization doesn’t need another sexual predator. Especially one whose actions were worse than the previous one.
  8. If this blows up and becomes a league wide scandal, Michigan may hold off on hiring Rhule until the investigation is over which will obviously be too late.
  9. With Flores still on the market I’m very interested in Rhule leaving. But I think things need to happen fast
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