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  1. We would have beaten Dallas. We never lose to Dallas in the playoffs
  2. My final prediction 1 Panthers Bryce 2 Texans Will Anderson 3 Seahawks trade up from 5 to 3 for AR-15 4 Colts Levis 5 Cardinals Witherspoon
  3. The NFC is seriously behind the AFC in quality QB’s. I mean it’s like right now: 1) Hurts 2)Stafford, Geno Smith or Brock Purdy (although I think Purdy will level out once defenses see enough tape of him) 5) D. Jones, Dak, maybe Goff?
  4. I guess this is why Stroud visited the Falcons. I’m starting to think he will fall to the third QB taken. But we should be thrilled with Young’s score. What a prospect! This is, far and away, the greatest off-season in this franchise’s history. What a bright future!
  5. I think Seattle is going to jump on Richardson at 5 and sit him behind Geno for 1-2 years. Carroll will have his new franchise QB for the next decade.
  6. Didn’t the FO say that the sweet spot in this draft is right where our pick is at 39? I’ve heard others say there will be lots of 1st round talent in the first half of the 2nd round. I think Klein is talking out his a$$
  7. Trubisky with a pro bowl appearance is a miss but Baker Mayfield is a mixed result?
  8. Does Zane have to be on SF’s roster week 1 for this trade compensation to stick?
  9. The annual owners meeting begins March 26 so if the new owners want to be there they better get a deal done soon.
  10. When was the last time the Panthers signed a big time free agent safety in his prime to a large contract? That has rarely happened in 25+ years
  11. I’ve always loved been under the radar
  12. Get #12 from Houston. Draft CJ and then this guy and call it a night
  13. When I remember what Washington gave up to move up three spots to #2 to get RG3 our trade looks like a steal.
  14. So let’s say Houston wants Young and we demand #2 and #12 for them to move up and it only costs us our 3rd and a 5th. Think they would take it?
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