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  1. I don’t think Jaun’s parents had “the talk” with him.
  2. Two more friends with a Chris Long and Reggie White jersey join the group and retake the photo.
  3. IMO the 2nd greatest defensive football player of all time behind only LT. RIP
  4. I’ve stopped watching while I’m sober. It’s the best damn decision I’ve made in a long time
  5. Good Lord. How many years has Storm Duck played? Seems like a decade. Weird seeing him at Louisville
  6. South Carolina is a very good team talent wise. They just didn’t show it Saturday and we’re completely unprepared for UNC’s aggressive scheme on D. They started slow last year and turned into giant killers. I fully expect them to win 8-9 games this year.
  7. Whoopsie on McCall making it.
  8. He was mainly drafted to sell tickets? John Fox didn’t want him? We gave ip the 33rd pick in the following draft to get that? I’m hoping he is exaggerating or was misinformed because that is horrible.
  9. Wow! Incredible skin tone! (and the rest of her is quite amazing also)
  10. Way too early to rely on a general rumor around the league. Scoot is still a strong possibility for us.
  11. We would have beaten Dallas. We never lose to Dallas in the playoffs
  12. My final prediction 1 Panthers Bryce 2 Texans Will Anderson 3 Seahawks trade up from 5 to 3 for AR-15 4 Colts Levis 5 Cardinals Witherspoon
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