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  1. But......... what they offer a 1st and a 2nd next year and two more 1st I would jump all over that
  2. I don’t know why people think cam was great the first half of last season. was his completion % up sure it was, but he was no more than a game manager throwing short passes heck I thought something was still wrong with him to be honest. His best days are behind him we should move on and get what we can, some teams would give a lot for a healthy cam.
  3. Ok Howard would make a lot of sense he is in the wrong scheme and would blossom here with Greg
  4. If cam does come back this year it would be a miracle this injury takes a year and a half to heal same injury ended TD’s career
  5. If Williams stays at LT Allen may not finish the game so we may see both QB’s it’s certainly possible
  6. If he sucked he will just suck but that would also say this organization did everything possible to put a winning team on the field
  7. Time to sign Kap he is ready and better than anything we have on our team. Just suck it up and make the call and if one team will sight him it will be us
  8. I want who creates the saints play book cause it sure is fun to play in madden!!
  9. The state of things are absolutely horrible the most vanilla we routes offense sucks but not as bad as the QB ,Winston made some throws that were slight above average. Cam was nowhere near that just to think about this in years past most qbs couldn’t where cams jock. Now we have to look at this on the field the dude looks lost ...
  10. Why does it seem we run the most vanilla routes compared to everyone else. It’s like when you choose to play with another teams playbook in madden and you slant delayed drag routes and a plethora other combinations to choose from. Just random thoughts....
  11. Offensive line looked horrible all preseason so for that reason we get destroyed cam has no time to do anything we start with a L hope I am wrong I really do.
  12. Now they can unleash the secret playbook !!
  13. Well considering cam couldn’t throw more than 5 yards your not really using the speed we have on the outside up to potential. So no it’s not the same offense
  14. We are all in this year. Ron knows how special this defense is and he is getting all the pieces love it...
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