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  1. No 2nd stringers this time around we will get Seattle’s best and the saints best cause they are playing for seeds in the playoffs
  2. Pretty much sit the starters play everyone on the bench lets go get that pick I know the redskins Dolphins bucks a few others got some more wins in them
  3. Does Will Grier get the start Sunday?
  4. Me too!!!! Why not give the next coach a good pick come on Ron be a giver
  5. I think he will get a contact from Chicago
  6. Is or did anyone watch the live stream on YouTube. Did we have anyone from the team there? I watched a little of it he has bad footwork at times but I would still sign him.
  7. But they also know what the offense is going to do their lies the issue we have been predicable for years this is a coaching issue and Ron needs to go wonder if we can trade him ..
  8. Panthers safety Tre Boston on #49ers offense: "They knew what we were in. They knew the schemes and how they wanted to get to us. Our hats go off to them." I think it was von Miller in the super bowl that basically said they have changed anything that’s why they had our number. This is the reason for our Mediocrity we need a offense of minded with creativity, imagine that with our talent that’s able to compete even though everyone already knows what we are doing.
  9. So what would it take to get josh McDaniel from the pats or Lincoln riley from OU. I know tepper will spare no expense on this hire because he wants a winning program. These are my top 2 what are some other names out there..
  10. But......... what they offer a 1st and a 2nd next year and two more 1st I would jump all over that
  11. I don’t know why people think cam was great the first half of last season. was his completion % up sure it was, but he was no more than a game manager throwing short passes heck I thought something was still wrong with him to be honest. His best days are behind him we should move on and get what we can, some teams would give a lot for a healthy cam.
  12. Ok Howard would make a lot of sense he is in the wrong scheme and would blossom here with Greg
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