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  1. Greg liked white women. Both of them.
  2. I believe you missed that. Suicidal thoughts and depression.
  3. Read the article, Football players do not count as full time employees in SC. Sales tax and property tax may be cheaper, not sure about income tax based on part time employment.
  4. Understood. However, the article discusses the players living in SC. Just thought this was interesting.
  5. Is this just political posturing to get more money out of NC, or will the Panthers really move to SC? This article seems to suggest that the Panthers could be on the move? Why am I just now seeing this??? https://myfox8.com/2019/03/13/carolina-panthers-in-talks-with-south-carolina-legislators-over-possible-move-across-border/
  6. I believe we were not far off this year. The 6-2 record proves that. Hate to say this but Captain was our biggest liability! We still found ways to score, but teams would just focus on Captain and poof third and long becomes a first down.
  7. Maybe if that [email protected]&khead wins one more he will retire. Tired of seeing Brees and Brady.
  8. philit99

    New Panthers mascot for 2019

    Now what shall we talk about?
  9. I like it, a legitimate coach!
  10. Wonder if they will follow the cheerleaders into the dressing room and assault a camera guy again?
  11. philit99

    The Interview Circuit

    I think its more to do with Patrick Mahomes, and Baker Mayfield myself, with the Air Raid. Lets see how that looks in the NFL, or Not For Long league.
  12. philit99

    The Interview Circuit

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/pac12/2019/01/05/kliff-kingsbury-blocked-usc-having-jets-cardinals-interviews/2491321002/ posted one day ago. Its crazy because the article states with the new NFL rules a NFL team must honor a block from a college team. If the rule is broken it could be considered conduct detrimental to the league. Kliff was considering buying his own contract out, that was the last I heard.