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  1. Remind me again where Michael Thomas lined up? That was the go to, and I don’t believe that was the right side.
  2. I’m pretty sure Cam has impregnated many wives, behind many backs.
  3. Chuck Norris got Covid-19 and it died on a ventilator.
  4. Regardless how you feel about CNN, Chris Cuomo has been diagnosed with Covid-19. This disease is unbelievable, we have not faced a problem like this since, the early 1900’s. I think we will be fighting this for the next 4 months, then battle it again in the fall.
  5. Gov Roy Cooper has ordered all North Carolinians to stay at home and close non essential businesses. https://www.greensboro.com/news/local_news/gov-cooper-orders-north-carolina-to-stay-at-home-closes/article_50ff5c69-507b-5f5f-87ef-673963bc31f2.html
  6. This video is very powerful. I try to remain in the middle myself, but if you ever wanted to see Mr Trumps lies in 35 secs, this video is for you. Goes to show politicians will say anything, you simply can trust any one of them.
  7. I agree, it will be between two to three months from now, but we will make it.
  8. From Mr. Webster I suppose we should define kinship? Are we really debating this? It must be a slow day..
  9. I’ll miss him too, but he hasn’t really been on this team since 2017. I think the injures took their toll. It’s like a hot but crazy ex girlfriend, it’s just better to not think about it and move on.
  10. It can’t be nepotism, as Tepper or Rhule haven’t hired any family members. It is cronyism if you hire your friends.
  11. I actually started to say, that my eagle doesn’t have replica on the side! Cheerio, have a caravan.
  12. Those trying to pillage. I’m not sure of your argument? No one is advocating violence, I’m simply stating that I am prepared if the worst happens. Your right, I’m probably dead either way, but at least I can go on my own terms, not standing there looking at my wife or little girl and saying Daddy’s sorry I couldn’t do anything for us.
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