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  1. Brown is still a rookie in a position that is not favorable for rookies. You will see much more from Brown if not next year, then the year after Mark my words.
  2. Who is Isaiah Simmons? I can't remember. Chinn could be a DPOY candidate in a year or two, he may already have the DROY in the bag if things continue on this course, barring injury of course. I am not certain Simmons would have played this way for us, I know Arizona is not utilizing him correctly either.
  3. I think Kerr has been magnificent. However, Robbie Anderson changes how other teams play defense against us. It may not happen this year, but if we ever get Robbie, DJ Moore, CMC, Samuel, and a solid pass catching TE all on the same page, their chemistry set, and healthy this offense will be in the top 3 in the NFL. Now how can we keep Samuel moving forward? I am not taking anything away from Kerr, Zach is a seven year veteran and deserves a payday, he has been a force on mediocre defense that is gaining momentum. I love what he is teaching the other DT's as well. Robbie's signing is bigger because of how it affects the game. The same may be said of Kerr once we have enough complimentary pieces to allow him and Brown to shine and force other teams to change their protections because of them, you can't double team them all. I think we are a solid CB, FS, and Mike or Will away. Once we can cover the pass for longer than 4 seconds, it will be nite nite for the other teams (IF WE RUSH 4, got damn it).
  4. I am upset because the defensive calls are not changing. We lose anyways, why do we insist on 3 down linemen with no pressure and lose? Until the defensive coaching staff learns from their mistakes I can’t say that I am excited about our future. Talent is one thing, being predictable is another. The talent is not as far back as some on here suggest. We need one CB, one Safety, and a good Mike.
  5. I have watched too many Carolina Hurricanes games and I’ll trade you the Entresto for Marley drug. Especially the hot chick commercial. Kayte Giralt yummy! No pointy elbows. Daddy like.
  6. I’m sure you are right, Ron would agree with me. lol. Mr. Scot they scored in less than 1 minute. What is worse, rush 4 and they score on a 80 yard bomb, or rush three and force them to score on 4 plays, and chew up 1 minute? I guess it doesn’t really matter. I want Phil Snow to succeed, but he has to make some adjustments to his calls. You have to be unpredictable especially in a predicable scenario. If we would have sent a blind side CB bitz on the first 3 down linemen play, it would have been a sack and maybe even a strip sack. However, it would have changed the Vikings play calling because they would not know if we were blitzing or play prevent. We are too vanilla, and too predictable.
  7. In the NFL, if you don’t move the QB, pressure the QB, or rush the QB, they will find an open receiver especially if you give them 9 seconds to throw the ball. Unless you are Teddy Bridgewater. You have to rush 4. Sh!t play quarters if you have to, but rush 4. 3 linemen 1 LB, 3 linemen 1CB. It doesn’t matter you can’t just sit back there and let receivers uncover, it is useless.
  8. We are playing for draft position anyways at this point. I like walker, I love his mobility. Give him the reigns and see how much he can learn for next year. Evaluate the QB position in July.
  9. I am not as down on Teddy B as most on here are, but I completely agree. Walker should be the starting QB from here on out.
  10. Bingo. I don’t know how many times you need to get scored on playing 3 man prevent, before your prevent yourself from running that defense. If you wanted them to score I get it, but you can’t substitute or change the call. At least you could have kept an addition line backer in, and spied or rushed or something. It is so enraging watching that got damn sorry ass defensive alignment. We suck at it. I think we should deduct 100,000 dollars from Phil Snow’s paycheck every time we call it in.
  11. I knew what your point was, I guess I’m just saying Thomas couldn’t even catch it to boot. We need to just burn this tape, or bring it back out the next time we play the Vikings. It was an all around terrible showing today.
  12. LOL......And Ian Thomas still couldn’t catch it. Has Ian Thomas made a catch this season? Just asking?
  13. I’ll give you the horrible line backing core, but I have seen huge improvements from the secondary and the defensive line. I suppose I more upset that our coaching staff is not adjusting to their own tendencies. If it hasn’t worked for 11 straight games, why would it work on the 12th? I like our coaching staff, but they have to learn from their own mistakes, and they are either unable to learn or losing on purpose.
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