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  1. My apologies gentlemen, Just thought I would beat the traffic to it. You know this is supposed to be an odd year too!
  2. Maybe Cam just "ckecked out", maybe Cam is hanging with Thelma and Louise mentally. Maybe his next job is Kevin Costner's Bodyguard? Maybe the dude is sick of Football? Maybe Cam will come out looking like Big Papa Pump next week?
  3. I’d honestly take Wade Phillips. The offense might suck, but nobody would want to play our D. He is too old though, but I would still give him a chance.
  4. That dude refused to tackle anyone last night. It was a shame too. Three or four times he had the angle to stop the ball carrier and he just pushed them towards the safety and let the safety make the tackle. It was bad.
  5. Please insert Donte Jackson run support or lack there of. Dude refuses to tackle anyone.
  6. Man, Tampa has gotten away with so many offensive holding calls. I have seen four so far. It’s pretty sad too cause we are getting pressure.
  7. Donte Jackson does not want to tackle anyone. He either makes a play on the ball or let’s the safety make the play. He has done that 5 times so far tonight. So frustrating.
  8. I still cannot understand why we don't roll out, bootleg, screen more, and run some 21 and 22 personnel to allow for more time. Maybe, Cam is not accurate on the move, that is the only reason I can think as to why we don't bootleg. Hell, Atlanta and Michael Vick made a living torching teams with bootlegs.
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