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  1. philit99

    It all about the money

    No Santa Claus? That’s not true! (There are kids on this board you know)
  2. No doubt which is why I prayed we would get someone before the trade deadline like Campbell, or someone who has success rushing the QB. I just don't see us fixing that problem this year. Worse fact is that it take three years to groom a new DE. I think we may be f*cked for a few years on D.
  3. philit99

    Dez Bryant tears achilles in practice

    Wow, I want to laugh, but this is another human being. Very sad.
  4. This but rookies don’t get that call. This game is over but we will be better for it
  5. Going to need the refs to keep it close
  6. It started with the return, Samuel should have never come out of the endzone
  7. Holy shot. Can’t we press on third and long just once. Just once that is all I ask for just once.
  8. philit99

    Fun Bucs Stat

    There is some truth to this! They will never see it coming!
  9. philit99

    Who should we trade?

    There is some truth to this.
  10. philit99

    FYI: the panthers have no cap space

    The problem is, if the Saints win the superbowl then they could care less about what they have to do next year. I'm not for mortgaging the next 5 years, but I am ok to invest in something we need this year, because we start falling apart next year. This is our last shot at a run for a year or two, maybe three.
  11. Now that snacks has been traded to Detroit, this is the best option for the Panthers. Marty make it so!
  12. This ^^^^. If we want him, and Jacksonville is willing to part with him, this could be the trade we need to be a Super Bowl Contender. It fixes two to three problems at once. Upgrade Run Defense, Upgrade Pass Rush, and Help DB's. Check, Check, and Check.
  13. Especially if Super Mario needs anytime off.
  14. Unfortunately, this is sad...........................................................................but true.
  15. I don't see this as a stretch. Fournette will be sidelined a few additional games and the QB is terrible. They can sell high, get a third round pick, and we can get a legitimate Pass Rush going.