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  1. Funny cause now Tampa fires Mike Smith as DC! LOL
  2. How about constantly having a lineman get to the second level to block him. Maybe Poe is the issue, where Star was constantly giving Luke some ability to roam around the linebacker level.
  3. Pass rush, more pass rush, then even more pass rush. We could be a Super Bowl team with a better pass rush.
  4. philit99

    Lighten Up....

    Wow just wow. Brought on chills! I travel to LA often and the good friends there have been so gracious to invite me to a game, and unfortunately I haven been able to make it yet. Unbelievable to see this type of excitement that far away from BOA! The look on the lone Bronco fan bartender is priceless.
  5. philit99

    Gano and Panther win Pie

    I’m a pie whore
  6. philit99

    PFF: Oline Grades so far

    You can say that again, especially considering the Bengals have a legitimate NFL defense, and I can only remember one sack, maybe two with the strip sack.
  7. philit99

    PFF: Oline Grades so far

    I think Chris Clark is left handed and plays a natural Left Tackle. I agree though, but I think that is why they moved Moton to Right Tackle when they started Chris Clark.
  8. Temper expectations. This guy played a fantastic game, but came into the game in the 3rd quarter. I think he will develop into a wonderful player, he just may not light up the stat sheet each week. I'll take a solid young DE who can apply pressure AND keep contain AND play the run game!
  9. Here an idea, lets find someone that will take him in a trade. He is a LT, and I know he sucks, but someone will pay his salary if he is serviceable. The real question is can he be serviceable again. Ill take two donuts and bag of Fritos, and dump his nasty salary on someone else.
  10. Obada will be, but that patchwork offensive line is playing out of their minds!
  11. Yep they will call that back, shame too.