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  1. Atlanta is owning us in all three phases. No one within 10 yards of Barner on every return so far.
  2. I agree, his O lineman's shoulder was in the way and that help, it was pure luck.
  3. What about the guy who was bleeding from his ear? Was that a busted eardrum? Man what a game, sad, sad, game.
  4. I suppose I have defaulted to the fact that if Grier comes in, we are losing. I have no idea what he could bring to the table.
  5. It’s probably bigger than that, they had been chirping all game. Garrett did rough the passer, but you know the league they have to set an example.
  6. Come on now Igo, we got to turn it around. I honestly don’t want to see Grier next year either. When can we get back to having a winning season.
  7. ^^^This is what I saw. I believe Rudolph will get suspended too because Garrett definitely will. You can’t suspend one without the other and Rudolph played a part in instigating the issue. The whole game was chippy, so I’m sure most of this was in frustration.
  8. Will Grier will learn behind Allen. We are still technically in the playoff race and Allen gives us the best chance to make the playoffs. Once we are eliminated from the playoffs, then expect to see Grier.
  9. I didn’t say that other teammates could handle him, I’m saying he was the big dog, the loud dog, and no Panther wanted to mess with him. My opinion. Agent 89 strikes me as the type of guy where issues linger, they don’t go away. Doesn’t matter if he wasn’t the biggest or baddest, it was too much trouble messing with him.
  10. All teammates, ALL TEAMMATES were afraid of 89. Correction: Except one.
  11. I’m not saying that Pouncey is the man, but I am saying that good for him for sticking up for his QB. He did it the wrong way, but the only way to keep it from happening again is to show them you mean business. Bad deal all around and a Blackeye for the NFL.
  12. Man the look in Tomlin’s eyes. Retribution is coming sooner rather than later. They play again in a couple of weeks, that may be the highest watched game of the year.
  13. And Tomlin will be waiting for him.
  14. Something tells me that wasn’t Pouncey’s first curb stomping.
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