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  1. Excellent question, I assume the state that gives them the beat Tax incentive.
  2. He knows the location of buried call girls that JR had...maybe others?
  3. How about sweet Caroline playing, you could hear the crowd! Reminded me of a Panther game when we won. So loud! 115DBs on the scoreboard.
  4. Jeremy I love this pick! This is fantastic news especially if we run a base 3-4
  5. And TJ Oshie is done for the year, he had surgery today. We have to match their speed but they hit hard, everyone is scared of Ovi, time to knock him out.
  6. I believe you missed that. Suicidal thoughts and depression.
  7. Read the article, Football players do not count as full time employees in SC. Sales tax and property tax may be cheaper, not sure about income tax based on part time employment.
  8. Is this just political posturing to get more money out of NC, or will the Panthers really move to SC? This article seems to suggest that the Panthers could be on the move? Why am I just now seeing this??? https://myfox8.com/2019/03/13/carolina-panthers-in-talks-with-south-carolina-legislators-over-possible-move-across-border/
  9. Cam solidified MVP for the conference game and the entire NFL
  10. I'm worried the most about Valasco than any other injury.
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