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  1. I tend to agree. Go ask Fred Smoot, he is still bitter.
  2. Fixed it for you, and now that Brown has been drafted Short will feast again. Count on it.
  3. And just like that, McMahon officially squashed this rumor. He will not attempt to buy back the league. Oh well.
  4. That’s the thing, it doesn’t have to compete. It starts after the NFL season and gives football fans more football to enjoy.
  5. In our time of instant gratification and stat Kings it is easy to say that Brown will not be a great DT. If Brown commands a double team every play does it matter if Brown or Short, or Burns gets the sack or pressure. I don’t think people realize how dangerous Star made this defense when he was here, spoiler he made Short look like a hall of famer. Brown will be a stud for us and the best pick we could have had this year. I predict we will wreak havoc this year or next on that D line.
  6. I enjoyed the XFL for two reasons. They were innovative and not afraid to be different and try different things, some good some bad; and more football for me. It’s like guilt free desserts are you really going to bash it if it’s free and delicious?
  7. This is the main reason we traded up for Chinn, to play defensive chess. He is a stud as well.
  8. I think the league will be back, there is way to much money left on the shelf and football is too popular. If McMahon is trying to buy his league back from creditors, it tells me his league may have been forecasted to turn a profit. There is no way McMahon would spend more money to get those rights back, if the league was not financially feasible. McMahon could have some NFL support, who knows. I also find it interesting that Oliver Luck was fired, and he has filed a lawsuit over wrongful termination, maybe he knew McMahon was bankrupting the company just to buy it back later. If the Olympics had a medal for C-Level exec games, McMahon would win gold every time, crazy frugal bastard.
  9. I just hope our Head Coach puts talent in front of tenure. I'm not used to seeing that happening.
  10. It seems Vince McMahon just can’t get enough football. Word on the street is that the league still employs certain positions and they have reached out to Seattle and St Louis to inquire about a lease moving forward. So was the bankruptcy was just a ploy by McMahon to navigate around his creditors and avoid financial loss during the Pandemic? Maybe so, we may see the XFL once again. Our fellow North Carolinian McMahon, sure is a crusty, tight, financial genius. Maybe he will find a way to keep football alive after his rasslin business is sold to ESPN or Fox Sports. https://fox2now.com/news/is-the-xfl-coming-back-league-looking-at-reinstating-st-louis-dome-lease/amp/
  11. Been watching Cobra Kai all morning myself. Damn, I miss those 80’s days! BTW both of these guys could use some dojo training.
  12. Yep it was Marcus. He was also Black balled for using a bat during the teams entrance. I can’t remember if that was a different issue or the same issue that involved Thomas Davis and Olsen.
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