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  1. This is beginning to feel like the part in space balls, where Pizza-the-hut is locked in his limousine. Will Antonio Brown eat himself to death?
  2. If the Guru of Guru's and QB whisper Arians can't get him in shape, ah sorry excuse me for a sec (ah damn Jameis, threw another pick six), how do you think we can make him better?
  3. Jameis just threw another pick six.
  4. A couple of months ago I got on a plane with Gerry Austin who was wearing a Raiders cap. That’s when I asked him why? He lives in Greensboro. His answer is that he left Monday Night Football to join Gruden’s staff and play umpire for practices and umpire training. Maybe Daddy Bigbucks can get us a good retired Umpire for training camp and practices?
  5. I agree Mr. Scot, but Steve Smith is a generational player. It may be decades before we see that type of player, especially at his position, again.
  6. I totally agree and the first eligible HOF panther player. Peppers will be in the HOF, but that is 4 years away. Smith has a chance to get in before Julius. I know others are in the HOF that played for Carolina, but no player is in the hall as a Panther.
  7. Should we retire Steve Smith's Jersey? https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/20/panthers-steve-smith-retire-jersey-comments/
  8. True but BOA is the one that keeps the sellout streak alive. Otherwise, we the Stadium would not get on TV.
  9. Thank you BOA for buying those unpurchased tickets. That is who keeps the sellouts going.
  10. The WFNZ MAC Attack show interviewed Jack McDowell who is now accusing Tony La Russa of sign stealing while coaching for the white Sox back in the late 70’s until the 80’s. Jack stated that La Russa installed cameras just to steal signs. MLB pretty much has two black eyes at this point, it is becoming a movement. I suspect other people and clubs will come forward soon, stay tuned...
  11. See CMC is different, he has already “pulled out” of the pro bowl!
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