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    • I wouldn't start Grier, but keep Allen as the starter to give him more seasoning. Yep, it has been a baptism by fire, but that's what happens in the NFL. Young QBs don't get thrown out there with perfect O-lines and innovative coaching -- they generally get thrown out there in desperation and into injury-riddled lineups. They get beat senseless, and then they either learn from their many mistakes or wither under the pressure. Almost all the good to great QBs in this league started off that way except for Rogers. That's what has happened here. The Kid came out firing on all cylinders better than anyone had a right to expect, but now he has returned to the mean for rookie QBs (and yes, he had one prior game's experience, but otherwise he was as close to a rookie as can be). Allen has to stick with it and suffer the lumps and learn from them. He won't on the bench and he won't get the leadership skills necessary if he does need to be the starting QB next season. I loved seeing Cam play but I just don't have much faith in his recovery from injury this time. Should Grier get into the games? Yes, indeed. If we are getting blown out, send him in, let him see the elephant (so to say). He might do something spectacular, but most likely will do the rookie QB mistake-filled shuffle, but we can go ahead and start getting some of those steps out of the way. Dropping Kyle as the starter, though? No. We may or may not have something in the Kid, and it will take time to tell. If we bail on him, we'll never find out until someone else picks him up and gives him a shot. 
    • #1 ron had to.  #2 is just flat out wrong.  norv wanted grier.  ron lets norv handle the O.  this makes #3 just incorrect.   norv loves grier.  he was taken as a project.  he did not show up like wilson and take the team over.  he's not ready, and was never expected to be ready.  he was here to sit behind cam and kyle and watch.  there is no conspiracy behind this.  the only reason he got taken at the bottom of the 3rd is our FO and coaches wanted him.   nobody else did.  their basket was attached to cam and cam only.   how do you get a 2nd qb ready when the 1st one isn't quite ready?  they only get to practice so much.  you may get your wish before the season is over.  its gonna probably be hilarious in the bad way
    • does someone know how to make 1 of his eyes point sideways.  i'll walk myself out now
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