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  1. Ehh NYR had more scoring opportunities and Florida is healthy with an elite net minder. Only fault I have on Rod is his goalie decision. At some point, the players deserve some balme.
  2. Yeah I’m all for Raleigh > Charlotte but there are just as many, if not more out-of-towners residing in Raleigh than Charlotte.
  3. https://x.com/HockeyNewsHub/status/1792581646262124776
  4. Hearing we might be able to get Nikishin over before the draft.
  5. I disagree. “The system” did not fail. It’s what gets us to the playoffs and has us competing in every series. The system dominated 5v5. Freddie and Special Teams cost the Canes this series. The injuries of Pesce and Fast definitely impacted the effectiveness of the PK.
  6. What does that have to do with running out of gas? Which was my initial point. 5v5 we dominated. Not sure what point you’re trying to make.
  7. We need a 2C. You think they give Jarvis a chance there next year or load up on wingers?
  8. The system works fine. Special teams and goaltending failed us. We owned the rangers 5v5 and I really don’t know what series you two were watching. Just more sensationalism.
  9. lol. there is some all-time hot takes in this thread. y’all must be the posters that keep the Canes Facebook page alive.
  10. The guys didn’t wear down. They outskated NY the whole series lol.
  11. I’ll believe Guentz gets resigned when it happens. We have yet to see this team give an aging star a long term contract.
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