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Panthers Wish List - Leave Feedback..

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I think the Panthers biggest needs are as followed in this order:

1. WR

2. DT

3. DE

4. Offensive Line Depth

5. CB


I watched the team do some wonderful things through the years and some atrocious things through the years especially in the draft. I think with the WR position they should be target Mardy Gilyard (Cincy), Damien Williams (USC), Golden Tate (ND), and Demayrius Thomas (GT). I believe if Thomas fell that far he would be the best pick for us because not only does he give you a tall, big target with speed he also give s you a WR who comes from a run first attack and the guy knows how to block. I think Gilyard and Tate are kind of the same mold of receiver and i know that Damien Williams is a USC guy and our pick ups of wideouts have not been great when choosing one of them but this guy is a beast...then again so was Dwayne Jarrett.

As far as DTs go i believe if Linval Joseph (ECU) fell into our laps with the 3rd round pick we should jump on the guy immediately. The guy comes from a defensive unit that not only showed up against big competition against bigger ranked schools but the unit single handly was the reason ECU pirates won those games and this guy was a big part (6'6" 320) of that. And the last time we had a big athletic DT i believe we had one the best if not the best defensive line in the league. If we cant get him Geno Atkins (UGA) Jeff Owens (UGA) and Lamar Houston (Texas) should be with in reach.

I like our DE rotation. These guys work hard and they get to quarterback pressure wise at least. But I beileve we need to find another end to turn those pressure into sacks. I really like and feel Corey Wootton (NW), Greg Hardy (Ole Miss), Alex Carrington (ASU) Jerry Hughes (TCU), and George Selvie (USF) fit our attacking Tampa 2 defense tremendously. I know its a stretch to ask for all these guys to be avalible in the fourth round but Im thinking maybe at least one or two of these guys could be around.

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My personal wish list would have to be

1. WR

2. DE

3. QB

4. OL (any position really)

5. CB

I am sure I'll get ripped for having QB so high but honestly we do need depth. At the very least we need depth. I like Matt Moore as much as the next guy but Hunter Cantwell is the only other QB we have on the roster. I think it is evident that we need a QB either in the draft or as a UDFA.

Also, I am not quite sure why everyone is so seemingly in love with Demaryius Thomas. I just don't see too much there and I have watched Highlight videos of him and Lowlights and all that good stuff...I think I watched 1 GT game and was just blown away at how bored I was with them running essentially the same play every down. During that game I don't think he did too much. I believe it was the Clemson vs GT game...I digress.

I think OL depth can be found in the late rounds as we have a pretty decent history of picking up late picks that fill in ably and I say CB just because we don't know whats going on with Richard Marshall. Yes we tendered him but to my knowledge he hasn't signed that tender and has not been attending voluntary workouts. Yeah I know its voluntary but still.


As far as DT goes I don't really see that as too much of a need like everyone else is. I don't think that we will be in a position to draft anyone that would really be an upgrade over what we already have. That's just my thought process as far as that goes.

2nd Edit:

Welcome to the board!

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In that order of need.. Yes, OLB remains our biggest hole...

I had OLB up there but since the FO's comments I think they are pretty confident in Connor or Anderson. I wouldn't take a OLB unless we could get weatherspoon. We should still go after a OLB or two for depth.

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As far as a wish list goes I really only have a few guys that I love...partly bc I think we are in a bad spot in round 2. If we don't move up or down we could potentially reach for a player that doesn't give us much value. I love the idea of drafting two WR's and I think Taylor price, Marty gilyard, and maybe Andre Roberts could OR had in rounds 2-4. I really love Blair white out of Michigan st...I think he could be that solid number two receiver that we've been looking for and he could be had in rounds 4-6.

As far as other positions I really don't have too many favorites...I like DE Daniel te'o neshiem from washington as a late round guy, I like the strong safety from south Carolina Darian Stewart as a late round prospect, I like Lamar Houston and geno atkins as mid round guys...but again I don't really have any favorites just guys I like.

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Damn people... Do I really have to explain how I come to my conclusions again?

I base our needs on a formula that takes talent, depth, and importance in our overall schemes into consideration...

At OLB and MLB, we have a whopping total of 4 players I expect to make the final cut... If you want to make the argument for guys like Jordan Senn, then that go right ahead...

Davis and Anderson are currently penciled in as starters at OLB... We have absolutely nobody behind them...

Don't forget that Davis is coming back from a pretty severe injury and Anderson, while he may have done well in his opportunities in the past, hasn't really shown he is capable of starting...

Sure, he and Connor may battle it out, but Connor is naturally an MLB... Beason is still ahead of him, and we have nobody behind them either...

LB, particularly OLB, is a huge need at this point, and it outweighs even WR by a little...

Don't be disappointed when we trade up and it is for Weatherspoon or Kindle if they slide a little...

The only saving grace that will allow us to take another position first is that LB is pretty deep and even, talent wise, after you get past those top two guys... The same can be said for WR, at least, until there is a run on them in the beginning/middle of the third round... and that may be why we go WR first (to beat that run on them in the third)...

I'm also not going to be too surprised to see a QB like McCoy at #48 or even earlier...

I've always been against drafting a QB (thanks, John Fox) but I think it will happen at some point this draft... I don't know that they'll have it as high as a priority as I do, and if not, I hope Moore does well and doesn't get hurt...

I still say it'll be best to trade next year's first to get into the end of round 1/beginning of round two... then use our #48 pick to slide to the end of the 2nd and pick up an extra 4th or a 5th... Positionally, this would allow us to grab one of the LBs if they slide, or a top WR like Tate... then maybe whichever position we don't address with that pick, we could address at the end of the second... This will allow us to beat the run on WRs like Gilyard, Shipley, Decker, Mitchell, etc. that will be coming in the third... allowing us to address any number of needs with our third rounder...

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Okay, we'll go into the season with Davis and Anderson starting, one of them goes down in the preseason with an injury and is replaced by Connor...

You are now in a position where you go into the season with 3 LBs, a few scrubs backing them up, no pass rush or run stopping ability in front of them, and a decent secondary behind them... We'll get carved up like a turkey on Thanksgiving by opposing RBs...

On offense, we have one of the best WRs of all time, a WR who has never really gotten an opportunity, TEs that can catch, a dual headed rushing attack that is quite possibly the best of all time, and a great offensive line leading the way...

Unless we can get Golden Tate or Dez Bryant, we are losing value at #48 by picking a WR... The next tier are simply graded in the 50's, 60's, and 70's overall...

IF we don't move up to the late 20's/early 30's, I'm almost 100% positive that we won't pick a WR with our first pick unless we trade down to the late 50's or early 60's...

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Whilst I completely agree that OLB is a glaring need, WR is in exactly the same situation. We have 3 WRs who are slated to make the cut, however only one is known starting quality, the other two have significantly less experience than our LBs slated to fill in.

I suppose it will all depend on how the chips fall, however I can see us filling the depth at LB much more capably in the later rounds than getting the depth at WR.

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I don't think a starting olb is that important depth is but we don't need 3 studs to make the playoffs. Not having 3 studs has never held us back but a lack of pass rush and no #2 WR has.

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