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  1. I'm just a dick to Jeremy and Saca.  Because I legit don't care for the poo they post.  

    1. UpstatePanther


      Fair enough lol

  2. Could you imagine just a random onlooker on this website?  They would think we're all gay.  

    1. therealmjl


      Hahaha...just a friendly eggplant passing around

  3. I'm pursuing my MBA from State, so probably State.  Once I graduate from there, I'll be a full Statey.  So, I'll be done with UNC.  Because I would sound like a complete moron rooting for UNC, but Graduating from State.  

  4. HAHAHA, they moved it.  So predictable.  This place is a poo show.  

    1. imminent rogaine

      imminent rogaine

      Yea the poo they care about is retarded. They always give you poo for posting important NFL happenings and then you turn around and there are 5 threads about how we should trade 17 picks for cordarelle patterson

    2. imminent rogaine
    3. nctarheel0619


      Isn't it ridiculous, and you can't even curse on here.  Place is a joke.  

  5. Hey, is there a way we can get a slap button by the pie button?  The slap button wouldn't ruin the persons pie rating.  Just shows how many people dislike the post.  Just a suggestion.  

  6. This is it.  It's bad dude.  So, so, bad.  So many idiots in that thread sucking off GMAN.  

    1. nctarheel0619


      I kind of deflected from it for the most part.  Smart on my part.  

  7. Where you watching the game Saturday night, dude?  

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    2. nctarheel0619


      Na man, me, my friend, my lady, and his wife are trying to watch it somewhere.  Not sure where though.  

      For sure want to venture out for it.  Ordering in, and going to grab some brews from the store is a good bet too.

      Because I'm going to be loud, and obnoxious.  HAHA.  

    3. imminent rogaine

      imminent rogaine

      ha. well if you go out I am sure you will find some transplant Ohio State fans where ever you go.

    4. nctarheel0619


      Yeah, God I hope we win.  That bed shitting the past two weeks from our teams have me pissed off.  

  8. Yeah, LB's are awful.  Only lineman getting push is Charles Walker.  The lack of recruiting the prior three years is showing up on defense.  Also, Dakota Austin and Parish Cobb are not good.  Just terrible.  

    1. imminent rogaine

      imminent rogaine

      Walker did look pretty good. Corners got torched all day

    2. nctarheel0619


      Mostly Austin and Cobb, honestly.  I'm not completely doom and gloom like the other OU fans yet.  I still believe they'll figure out the O-Line, and WR position by the Ohio State game.  

  9. That's fair. I hope you're right, but Hell, all of us didn't see him making that risky decision last evening. So who knows?
  10. Na, I just think he'll be overvalued. Teams are corner needy.
  11. Well, then say he's not on the Panthers radar in the first round. Don't say he's not a first round pick, when clearly, some team will take him in the first. And it's not that serious man, somebody needs to take you down from your high horse on occasion.
  12. You do know Fuller is predicted to go in the first right? http://www.wdbj7.com/content/news/Kendall-Fullers-NFL-Draft-stock-continues-to-rise-376273221.html Sigh, and you want to revoke my thread making privileges for your lack of knowledge? SMH.
  13. I don't recall anyone calling Henry the next AP. While Fournette was being called that all year long in college. But thank you.
  14. When it comes to RB's is picking one in the first round that isn't a guarantee a horrible thing to do? Isn't this common sense in today's NFL? I mean, I don't know more than Gettlemen when it comes to football. But common sense should be common, right?
  15. Now, if Henry is picked in the 2nd round. I'm okay with that. I just wouldn't use a first rounder on a guy that ran 40+ times a damn game this past year at Bama.
  16. Don't worry, when he starts sucking ass. You'll be sure to take that poo out of your sig in a heartbeat. Name an RB that turned out to be worth a first round pick that was 6'3+ and 230+. Don't worry, I'll wait.
  17. Here's a simple fact. If you spend a first round pick on anybody not named Adrian Peterson, Todd Gurley, Leonard Fournette, or Samaje Perine at the RB position. You probably need to rethink your skills as a GM.
  18. This is my thing as well. Next years RB class is fuging stacked. Fournette, Chubb, Perine, just to name a few. Derrick Henry will be the first pick in the Gettlemen era that I will say "yeah, even I could've done better than that."
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