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  1. I hope so. Go ahead and be done with him so we can get over this drama. We will be dealing with it every offseason as long as he’s our OC.
  2. Don’t wanna finish it....but tonight will be it’s final night
  3. QTNA Somebody actually sent it over to me. Was bored enough to make a thread about it.
  4. In your opinion (and that's fine, it's your opinion) Point is - he's wasting his time on Twitter trying to persuade folks to believe what he believes. It's foolish - and silly to say "our population is incapable of rationale dialog" when he's literally part of that problem.
  5. This ought to be moved to the tinderbox eventually - but, if you’re bored - take a scroll down Greg Olsen’s Twitter timeline. He’s got some interesting hot takes on what teachers should be doing. In the words of Herm Edwards “Don’t press send!”
  6. I’ve seen some others mention it as well. But, by all means, if you want to captain the ship go for it.
  7. I love how y’all are just pissing on Seattle saying they haven’t been relevant for a while. They are in the playoffs literally every year....I sure would love to be that irrelevant.
  8. So why exactly did we press release an “offer” ? This is bizarre wording, timing, etc. Why not just wait until he agrees?
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