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  1. and if the alarm goes off, all of my hue lights flash frantically in an attempt to cause said intruder to have a panic attack.
  2. I've also configured my Abode system to run through an IFTTT applet with noonlight that will result in a live person calling me at any point in the event the alarm was triggered. So essentially, it's being monitored for free.
  3. I use Abode and have been really pleased with it. That and a couple of Nest outdoor cameras have worked well.
  4. I interpreted it as, the damage was already done by the previous staff. Not sure why Hurney and Rhule didn’t at least give him a shot, so both. Just a failure on either side of the spectrum.
  5. Definitely this is Igor @uncfan888
  6. Say what you want about Gano, but this is a bad look for us. Pretty pathetic. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/ny-graham-gano-panthers-misdiagnosed-injury-20211020-uxbnnkqzkrfj5eqoq3uhmg6w5q-story.html “It was potentially career-ending,” Gano said. “That whole thing was mismanaged. They told me I had one injury when it was actually a lot worse than that. What really needed to be fixed wasn’t. I shouldn’t have missed the full season I did. But there’s no changing it now, so I’m just thankful to be playing here.” A Panthers spokesperson declined comment on behalf of the organization. “I think it was actually the day I was coming back to kick in front of the new coaches [in July 2020],” Gano said. “I was walking out the door and they stopped me and said, ‘Just wait.’ And they cut me right then. That was gonna be my first day kicking in front of the new staff.”
  7. He’s very close to being unrepairable, so ima go with done
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