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  1. Back to clemsoning. It’ll be 3 when South Carolina gets through with them at Willy B.
  2. Oh snap. I remember him quite well. He use to be a Cam stan then he fell off and started hating on him.
  3. I just call a spade a spade. You make a dumb post you get dealt with. You know how it is that avatar ain't gonna save him from the wrath.
  4. @poundawayhey genius: From Wednesday's presser - 4:40 mark Joe Person: "Frank, when did you find out that Bryce was hurt? Frank: "Monday night, just heard that he had been in for treatment" --- poundaway: WHY HE DIDNT COME IN SOONER!!!!!!!
  5. I'm just salty that the most pied post in here is that nonsense from poundaway. Like are ya'll not laughing at his biggest point being Bryce getting treatment on Monday when the game was on Monday??!?!?!? or am I alone here
  6. Same here. Mostly because I'd planned on going to this game for a long time and I don't want to watch Andy Dalton.
  7. Pain the whole picture @Jackie Lee. I'm listening to the presser. Don't give these tin-foil hats more ammo.
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