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  1. I’d take Uzomah, tremble and a rookie. Still time to cut Ian Thomas. Uzomah isn’t flashy but he is a good tight end. Jets let him go because they had given him a fat contract and also signed Conklin. Grab 2 WRs in the draft to go w DJ and AT and we are cooking.
  2. Sounds like 10x the production that DJ Johnson will ever have
  3. Extend now before he drives his price up again
  4. That defense could be scary with Quinn.
  5. Someone called this in another thread. number one question: will fans still use the “Luuuuuuuuuke” chant every time a white guy tackles someone.
  6. Sure. Prob going to need some stop-gap vets on 1-2 yr contracts just to plug holes.
  7. Barret to dolphins. id take Dupree in a heartbeat. I Always felt like he was solid.
  8. It would be kind of like Adam Thielen except at a position where the age-related decline is even steeper. Signing old RBs is dumb.
  9. Ravens should target him but I saw they are interested in Henry.
  10. Comp pick maybe!?!? umm, set up perfectly for BPA in the draft!?
  11. I mean, literally anyone from this gd website can hit at a higher rate. Anyone. Throw a god damn dart. Anyone.
  12. Cj Uzomah, Calvin Ridley, a center, like 4 edge rushers, a few linebackers, at least one safety, like 2 corners, a good rb, probably a diesel nose tackle, another wr….
  13. DJ Johnson is literally the worst pick the panthers ever made. Worse than pickles. Worse than Armanti…. Okay maybe not worse than armanti. Worse than a long snapper in the 4th. Man I hate this team.
  14. I’d take CJ Uzomah. But of course I would have done that after cutting Ian Thomas; not extending him.
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