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  1. Yep. And not drafting any of the many linemen starting as rookies on playoff teams. And the genius combo of drafting TMJ AND signing robby Anderson.
  2. A fan base of Marty Hurneys. When someone is washed, they are washed. They don’t earn extra contracts, or another shot with new support around them just because we like them. Cam was fun, Cam was good, Cam was never given a complete Offensive roster around him, Cam had to deal with questionable coaches and GMs during his entire tenure here. Now cam is done. That’s it. We don’t get to go back and have a do-over. Let it go.
  3. Flores gone. Zimmer gone too? Both teams were infinitely more threatening than the panthers and we still have Fatty Matty.
  4. He would still need some carries in that scenario, for sure. Given the nature of his injuries I’m not certain that any position that requires running and being tackled will keep him safe.
  5. This seems very reasonable. Those thinking we can just flip him to a WR 100% of the time lose sight of the matchup advantage that he’d be losing. I like him all day against LBs and even most safeties but corners won’t be as easy to shed. I would like to see him coming out of the backfield but catching more balls, especially on early downs. That seems like the sweet spot for him. High percentage throws that are getting us 5-8 yds without him getting popped by 300 pound men. Seems like there could even be some effective 2-back options if the panthers are ever able to land a proficient offensive coordinator.
  6. Only a year too late, Matty. Although… we could use a true slot receiver, maybe another corner? A backup longsnapper? Definitely some other options to consider other than the ones that would actually address the issue.
  7. lol that was my plan last year along with half the board, I think. What do we know, I’m sure Erving, Elfein, Paradis, and john Miller can handle it.
  8. You don’t want to trade back and get some more outside skill position players?
  9. Good thing we got really good BPA value w Terrace. Would have been a shame to have another lineman instead of getting the privilege to see him ride pine or be misplayed in the slot.
  10. I worked in personal finance for a while. Our Step-by-step guidance on selling a motorist assistance add-on product was “step 1: it sells itself. Get out there and sell!”.
  11. It’s very clear that the offensive line is limiting the deep plays.
  12. Neither David Moore made the team. Sooo, not under contract? also, Kenny Robinson still there at Safety.
  13. Agree. Royce plays for the Texans now, though. But Abdullah had filled in nicely and gives us some dynamicism w catching and returning.
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