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  1. Pretty sub-par and uninteresting song made insufferable by sing alongs from sorority girls and other people without real personalities.
  2. We always have some good JAG LB play. Draft, Diggs, and Anderson all fit that role. Al Wallace back in the day showed up big time as kind of a no-name backup.
  3. “I know you didn’t get into those jeans by yourself” Jerry Richardson
  4. Just crushed a pitcher of smoothie. Yogurt, banana, a steamed broccoli stalk (because my kids only eat the florets), two cups of power greens, a bag of frozen blueberries.
  5. Look at that fuging tree trunk:
  6. Built like a chest freezer. Love it.
  7. Like some sort of dynastic class or caste system. I like it. It’s about time NC sports saw a dynasty of some sort.
  8. People in South Carolina don’t count as a full person.
  9. Pumped for the Frankie Luvu revenge game week one. Media is going to be a circus talking about it. 11-6. 5-0, lose 4, win 4, finish L,W,W,L
  10. That and the competition. Same for FCS - they just had a few drafted. It’s prob hard to justify sending a scout out to a lot of the games. Why go to a tiny school to see one guy when you can go to an FBS game and scout 10 or 15? I’m really pulling for Moore. I got on the hype train even before the senior bowl. I’m hoping his long arms, athleticism and attitude more than make up for the height.
  11. I still remember when Deonte got him and his friends kicked out of class for beatboxing right before they absolutely punished the pizza buffet. Epic, Deonte, but we gotta cut that out going forward.
  12. While we are at it, put this one in the think-bank, too. Name four panthers players that play the same position where two of them have the same last name but not the other two. hint: not Chase Blackburn hint: the position rhymes with Pluciever hint: it’s not Kevin Dyson. David Moore, DJ Moore, Robbie Anderson, Brandon Zylstra
  13. Hope he was planning on being a second round pick and is motherfuging every team that passed on him - Every team except us of course.
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