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  1. Sick. Can’t wait for Rhule to hide him in the slot all season.
  2. Still waiting for him or Curtis Samuel to make a contested catch. Any year now.
  3. Good. It made me sick how he made michael and them move that pile of rocks back and forth in the yard.
  4. I’d expect spread to be one of the better formations for a QB to run out of, especially in college and especially if you are using the play action look that comes with the rpo. Seems like it would help your QB find space and maybe get out of bounds.
  5. That’s read option. It’s different. With rpo, I think the QB just reads a particular player at the snap, maybe a lineback or a safety, and either hands it off or throws a pass. I think we did do this with Newton some and it often looked like a jumbled, poorly timed, play action where he had no time to actually pass and ended up taking a sack.
  6. Why are people acting like this is a hot take? it’s truthful and has been said before lots of places. It seems pretty obvious that he is shutting it down until he is completely 100% heathy which just isn’t a reasonable expectation in the nfl.
  7. Heel bruise but he’s going to be cautious with it. See you in 2023, Christian.
  8. That power station is right by my house - like a couple good shots with a driver. Sad and somber dose of humanity. Hope he finds some peace.
  9. Nailed it. Not sure why Fit hasn’t called us yet but I’m sure it will happens soon.
  10. Domann gone to Indy. My guy Dustin Crum to KC.
  11. She knew exactly what she was doing there. Putting on a show
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