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  1. If we were earmarking any money to use on a future Horn extension, we can go ahead and use that on Burns. One guy is in on every play, the other can’t run down a football field. Bright side is that maybe we get more chances to see CJ Henderson grab, tug, hold and get toasted play after play!
  2. Are we still in need of pass rush help?
  3. I’m just excited about making Reich and Blitz jokes!
  4. Exactly. I’d almost rather have a little bowling ball back there behind the line to punch it in but back-versatility keeps the defense from selling out. Eagles’ goal line package seemed to always use Gainwell or Scott. They are both like 200lbs and didn’t seem to have much trouble. Chiefs liked to sub in McKinnon at the goal line - their smaller pass catching guy. Seems like a good staff w a decent line can figure out how to get it done.
  5. Would have rather had Riley Moss, ji’ayer brown, Trenton Simpson and Darnell Washington. Can’t wait to see this guy eat up a blocker for two years before we cut him.
  6. Would have rather had Moss than the schmuck we got
  7. Looks like the Ian Thomas of edge rushers. Sweet.
  8. Sweet. I was big on Kendre Miller. We brought him in. And now I get to watch him in a saints uni. Awesome.
  9. Yea but the connections purposely didn’t use Swift at all. They sat his ass on the bench and rolled with Jamaal Williams.
  10. They give away very good interior linemen from big name schools every single year, even RTs can be had fairly late. I would grab a guy every single year without fail.
  11. After signing Montgomery to pair w Swift. So dumb.
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