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  1. I’ve been a Djax hater and I was counting down the days until he was kicked down the road. He is looking much more committed and improved. It’s refreshing to see him actually pretty solid in run support. Now I’m glad he is here and hope he stays.
  2. Hassan Reddick is going to knock his head off.
  3. Just spend 90% of our draft capital on line his year. If tackle isn’t there in round 1 and we spend a first round pick on a guard or a center, so be it. Time for talent infusion.
  4. I don’t believe that it isn’t just bud light at like 30 of the stadiums.
  5. That was rough. I kept waiting for something. He seemed extra small out there.
  6. Excellent analogy. It’s like I’ve got a Ferrari but it doesn’t have any gas and I just keep it under the cover all the time anyway but when I take it out, it’s just to wash it. And my neighbor has a Porsche. He probably has more fun and didn’t spend as much. But his wife cheats on him and he has a little dick. Our house has more sq ft though. know what I’m saying?
  7. Felt like Shula was calling plays at times. How about some quick routes for WRs?
  8. Or my brain hurt. Most sites are absolutely unusable.
  9. Joey Slye getting the start in houston
  10. We have to win this Luvu revenge game. Excitement has been building. The world will be watching the panthers and jets under a microscope. This is one of those moments where everyone will be able to remember exactly where they were sitting when Dan Arnold caught that 6 yard pass for a first down in the early first quarter, exactly what they were eating and drinking when Sam Franklin tackled Denzel Mims for a 7 yard gain late in the third quarter. We will be able hear Tiki Barber struggling to recall the names of 80% of our roster as we look back and reflect on the lasting importance of this game.
  11. Joe Biden is trying to take our football! From my cold dead hands, sleepy joe!
  12. XM? I think the upgraded package has a separate channel for every game.
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