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  1. Agree. Completely washed up. See if Ron will give us a 5th. what a fuging tool.
  2. Maybe a more casual feel? How about blue-jeans Friday!?
  3. Not sure why people can’t understand what happened. The CNS and Brain stem extend beyond just the lobesof brain in the skull. There was compression to his neck and brain stem. It doesn’t have to be a head injury to be a concussion. I’d imagine that a scan would show zero swelling in his brain and some moderate swelling in his neck extending into the base of the brain. Choking is a lack of oxygen... that’s not even close to what happened. You don’t run out of oxygen and pass out in .2 seconds while you are being tackled. Also, he could be bleeding out of his ass with Ebola
  4. Can we trade future rights to Luke Kuechly as a player? They give us draft picks and if Luke ever returns he is a member of their team? if so, I think we can get at least a 4th
  5. Trade back. It really looks like there is a ton of talent here in the 2nd and 3rd that could go a long way in patching holes in the roster.
  6. First order of business: make Chase Young the highest paid player in the history of the NFL. Second: trade up to 3 to draft a running back.
  7. I like trading back because there are some corner and LB prospects I think are good in the middle rounds. This one had Wilson sitting there at 8 so I just stayed out and let it ride. 8. Zach Wilson QB 39. Wyatt Davis OG 73. Creed Humphrey C 105. Adrian Ealy T 136. Ben Cleveland OG 170. Dashaun White LB Royce Newman, G/T, was sitting there. I’d like him late. I also like Dashaun White, LB, but more as a hopeful Shaq replacement and not an MLB - he is pretty good in coverage.
  8. Isn’t he a free agent? He is better than teddy. Maybe we should consider him if all else fails.
  9. Man, can’t believe we had Luke, Beason, and TD on the same field
  10. If we do trade back, we should target Jay Tufele with one of our picks.
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