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  1. Trading back for Hendon Hooker. I’ve got an inside source. My buddy busses tables at the Applebees in Rock Hill. He said Tepper and Reich and Fitterer were in there and they told him it was Hooker. And also Adam Thielen came in too.
  2. Tbh, the jury is still out on Corral. We haven’t seen anything at all.
  3. Corey Davis is prob on par. Not a #1 but could be a decent #2 vet presence. Jets are going to have to let some people go for sure. mims for cheap speed could be a thing too
  4. I think that’s why people wanted to sign OBJ. Each one can just play 1/3 of the season. We’d be set.
  5. Please bring Foreman back. Multiple RBs is the recipe. Chubba is doo doo.
  6. I said this elsewhere: if Baker goes to Tampa, sign 6’8” Calais Campbell to play DE and you lock up 2 wins. After seeing what Baker did for us, there is absolutely no way that he can throw over Campbell.
  7. Or the time we had three kickers on the roster -three. 1,2,3. Three kickers. and instead of keeping the youngest, cheapest and best kicker on the roster, he picked the most expensive.
  8. Hey man, if we get Thielen and OBJ, we’ll be one of the best teams of 2016. Josh Gordon anyone?
  9. Thought you meant Schultz.. haha lol fuxk me. God damnit.
  10. Maybe the jets will cut Corey Davis. Would take him over the FAs out there
  11. Yea, I was thinking about Moore too. Would be in on him if available. Seems like they are about to be 10 deep at WR.
  12. I bet Shi Smith has more yards than both of them next year.
  13. Lol. The board’s desperation for a WR signing and insatiable appetite for receivers on the fumes of their career made me think of him.
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