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  1. Mail-insert coupon to try hello fresh for a week.
  2. Wasn’t it Wilks that blitzed an insane amount?
  3. Brutal! We completely quit throwing to cmc. He was a battering ram last week. He beats linebackers on routes 100% of the time. Throwing to him early and often is a lock for 6yds a pop. He should get a minimum of 8 targets a game. We did this with Allen, we did this with Sam. Baker gets out there and CMC is either picking up blockers or running straight up the gut. Jesus, just trade the guy and start Foreman if that is our game plan. Idk, man, maybe mix a fuging screen in sometime? What the fug are we doing? and no poo the defenses are pinning their ears back, we run 3 fuging plays a game! There is no chance they come even close to getting gassed. I was very hopeful about Mcadoo and am very disappointed so far.
  4. He is a very good running back and his advantage against linebackers goes out the window if you use him as a slot wr. We need to stop with that nonsense. Analytics and eyeballs say we should simply throw to him out of the backfield more and especially on early downs. It’s a high percentage play that picks up 6-8 yards a pop. The only change I’d make in his utilization is to pull him on goal to go situations for a power back because he simply isn’t good there.
  5. Don’t get why they hate Kenny Robinson so much. The antics? Just seemed like whenever I got to see him on the field, he was around the ball and in on the action. I think recent history dictates that wherever our released defensive backs sign, that team will go to the Super Bowl. KC, CIN, Tampa
  6. Smart trade by the Titans. Now they don’t have to deal with the inevitable bidding war that would have ensued if we had cut him.
  7. Would rather trade for someone that fills that actual-nfl-receiver type role.
  8. And it feels like we are always taking these guys (chuba, long snapper, TMJ) instead of addressing our needs on the line. Starting center, All-pro guard or a skill guy that we might cut in two years, hmmm?
  9. Matt rhule pulled cmc’s hamstring.
  10. Sure as fug haven’t seen a Panthers qb with pocket awareness.
  11. If we win, and I could see it, it’s cmc healthy, line absolutely owning, Baker completely buying In to macadoo and buckling down to go on an F-U tour. On defense, it’s Horn back healthy and YGM stepping up. T
  12. The touch looks way beyond Cam’s ability. That was always super frustrating to watch.
  13. Sick. Can’t wait for Rhule to hide him in the slot all season.
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