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  1. Use the hype for those players to maximize return for trading back.
  2. D’ante Smith is going to be a real good player. I saw some people struggling in the senior bowl 1 on 1s. He was not one of them. Easily imposing his will. It looked easy for him.
  3. I like his mobility in that clip - both when actually running and when moving laterally to throw. I can’t think of a panthers QB that was good at that. I hope we see plenty more of these type of highlights. watching Teddy repeatedly take off like he was Vick and then lumbering down the field like he was Eli was infuriating.
  4. Sometimes when I’m trying to last longer I bed, I try to name all of our linemen including backups and practice squad. I dream of the day when I can’t last beyond the starting 5 because of how big, mean, and nasty they are.
  5. You guys are super bowl or bust? Man, just give me some playoff runs for now. Just no more shitty seasons for a while.
  6. What if Sam throws his girlfriend onto a futon full of weapons and gets put on the commissioner’s exempt list? You didn’t account for that scenario.
  7. I like the idea of drafting Moton insurance. Give the guy a year to develop. If he looks promising, then why not keep a 22 yr old on a rookie deal rather than paying top dollar to a vet, and maybe we land a comp pick along the way.
  8. So relieved that we didn’t give up 30 first round picks. I’m fully behind loading up the line for Darnold. And if he blows, we have the line ready to block for Crum. I can hear it now: CRUUUUMM! POOUUNDDING! CRUM!! POOUUNDING!
  9. Alright, here is my month out mock: I think we are stuck with a shitty hand and need to just sit on it and ride it out. No real QBs to be had and Plenty of opportunity for a desperate team to fug up their future. I want to trade back and fill roster spots. In earlier drafts, I wanted to snag a late round QB but as they’ve all gone back to school, I’m punting that until next year and looking for Crum or Ridder If we can’t make a move up for Rattler. In this mock, I took a two of the offered trade backs wary on. I think we could realistically trade from 8 back to the early teens an
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