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  1. Hey, if you need a recipe, I have a few, from some of the older of our generation that might serve you well...just let me know, and I'll pull them out, and get you a copy.

  2. It's called an Icebox Fruitcake......Merry Christmas buddy. :cheers2:

  3. They are chillin as I type, but you won't get any, cause you are hard headed! :finger:

  4. I used to love you....but now I belong to Cooter. Get over it already! :D

  5. TAKE THAT PIC DOWN, or no oysters. :D

  6. Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 9Lives

    He's just a big tease....****bird! :D

  8. Hey dudeeeeeeeeeeee............

  9. How's it hanging? :D

  10. Yep...you got it. No problem on the tic. stub.

  11. Sup F U C Ktard!?! :D

  12. What's going on buddy. :D

  13. Hey boooooootiful! :D

  14. I've shot people for less.

  15. I've shot people for less.

  16. It's me darling. :hug:

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