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  1. that last play in the clip where he caused the fumble is one of my favorite plays of all time. I'm pretty sure it came in the preseason, because I remember a tweet or post from some reporter with the caption "Luke Kuechley is ready for the regular season."
  2. heading into the draft we'll try to find some guys who can help us this...however, we'll also be keeping an eye on who we may be losing after the 2023 season....Spotrac has a list. We'll work a deal with Burns, and Derrick Brown can be optioned. Some positions we'll need to address. Chark and Shenault are in their last year, so may need to get a young guy onboard, even if it's a later pick. Chinn is in a pivotal year..he's got talent...can we find the right place for him? On the DL, we'll need to replace/re-sign Haynes, Gross-Motos and Henderson from the CB room...for some reason, Spotrac thinks he'll be wroth 14 mill per year...can't imagine he'll get closed to that. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/2024/all/carolina-panthers//
  3. appreciate this thread. I've wanted us to run the 3-4 for years but have no idea what the players would look like, especially DE. Would appreciate another thread on linebackers. Looking forward to learning this year.
  4. we've got some talent, a great coaching staff, probably best we've had.
  5. wow! would open up the draft for us
  6. I've been thinking about this since we restructured Thomas. I wanted us to sign one and draft one, and cut Thomas. I know we can afford to cut him, maybe it was a precautionary move. Tremble is a good blocker we took at 83 in 2021. I'd hate to give up on a pick that high so soon. But our new staff may see him as cuttable. After signing Hurst I still want to draft one. If either Thomas or Tremble get cut, I'm ok with spending our second on a potentially elite pass catching TE if the top tier WRs are gone. It give the rookie at least a year to learn behind a vet. We know Frank wants to throw the ball, and wants an offense that can move the ball downfield by throwing it. Tremble may or may not fit that offense.
  7. I've been thinking the same, noted over the last couple of days carving out some small space I didn't think we'd really need unless we want a strong vet WR to pair with Terrace. May spend second pick on another position (CB), and draft some depth later.
  8. I was going to ask someone to put one together, got it saved in my Panthers file. Makes it so much easier to look at the roster this way
  9. yep, I really wish Zay had a couple more inches on him, despite having seen what Smitty could do. I've read that the teams think there is better value for WRs in late second, third and even fourth, but no to really get excited about. The past two or three years have seen a bunch of really good receivers....has to even out sometime. Really hope Terrace can be at least a solid 2.
  10. Fitt continuing to clean up Marty's messes....stupid contract to begin with.
  11. fug odell and my favorite moment from the same game...odell getting laughed at for being a punk and talking trash till he realized he got flagged. he's a free agent for a reason.
  12. Frank or Fitt one said we wanted a fast linebacker. Chinn runs sub 4.5 iirc. Like the way the defense is setting up. Fast and hard hitting. Bell and Chinn on the same D is fun to think about
  13. that can't be right...highest paid center right now is Ragnow at 13.5 according to spotrac.
  14. had never heard of him before this post...6'3'', 4.43 speed, huge catch radius, great hands....coming out of the Ivey league, that will be an adjustment, but sounds like a great pickup in 4th or 5th
  15. our first and both seconds this year give us 2152 in draft capitol....that's more than enough to get us to #4, not enough for #3...but that's on the chart. Atlanta and Vegas will be able to offer higher picks in the first this year, and but not as much in the second round. It will take at least next year's first to outbid them to get to #3. Indy and Houston can move up for far less capitol because they are so close to #1, and the Bears can still get a great defensive player. Getting to #3 is doable but will hurt...getting to #1 will really hurt....we can do it by the chart, but competition from other teams for 3 or 1 will cost everyone. Bears in a great position...they could trade back twice and still pick in the top 6 or 7 and get a ton of draft capitol.
  16. it's true Walter football does have some connections with scouts, but they are generally regarded as one of the worst websites for football, and for a reason. I don't think even the more respected sites have any true sources inside our team, we're too far out of the national spotlight. Sure, we may love the guy, 32 teams probably love the guy, but it doesnt mean we or any other team drafts him over the other 40 guy we like. It's just that time of year.
  17. CJ hasn't given me much hope in the short time he's been with us, but let's remember his welcome to the NFL has been Urban Meyer and Matt Rhule....he's got a year to earn another contract, with us or someone else.
  18. Fitt wants a fast LB...watch for Pappoes 40 time.
  19. thanks, I just got home a little while ago, looks like I missed it...re watching now
  20. I can't get the stream on their youtube channel, but our reporters are tweeting...it's happening...can anyone see it?
  21. sounds perfect...2 or 3 year deal, backloaded so he's cheap this year with an out for us after a couple of years
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