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  1. Giants getting close to having more penalties yards than our offense has given us.
  2. welp Gano hits the fg, Bradberry with the int. Our former players are playing better than our current players.
  3. if the receivers are covered here in the red zone Sam needs to run
  4. what a tackle by Stantley. Our offense is gonna have our defense gassed in the first half.
  5. Chinn is the only guy making plays for us so far, on either side of the ball.
  6. we really need Daniel Jones to do Daniel Jones things in this game
  7. got a long way to go. I really wish Sam would tuck and run more when no one is open. He easily could have had the first down on that 3rd and 2 before we went for it on 4th if he's just run.
  8. I've been worried before every game this year, but not today. We're going to win this one.
  9. got to have a Pauli girl...this was the one on my dorm room wall.
  10. A buddy of mine in Florence SC gave some red gravy one time that was similar. Liked it enough to get the recipe. It was a little spicy and fairly thin. I've seen some folks eat tomatoes like that over grits.
  11. what is that? I've lived all over North Carolina but have never heard much about that.
  12. at the start of football season I usually get away from healthier eating habits and dive headlong into burgers, pizza, chili and comfort foods, so it's time to get back to some healthier options. I had some hibachi shrimp this week and remembered how easy that is to do at home, all while being a healthier option and still very good. So that's on the menu today, along with beer. And scotch. since I've got a couple of zucchinis, I'm gonna air fry some in panko and parmesan and dip those into ranch for second half munching too We're going to win this game, so eat well and be merry. What's on your menu?
  13. and now Army tied with #16 Wake Forest 21 all in the first. It is very weird saying Wake Forest is ranked.
  14. some interesting scores in the early games. Kansas, who may be the worst football team in the P5, is leading #3 Oklahoma 10-0
  15. Melo turned 20 two months ago. He's going to keep getting better. Not that I know anything but I was disappointed when we got Oubre. He's been a pleasant surprise. Do wish we start getting Bouk some minutes.
  16. could have been. Needed to be talked about either way. Expecting at least one make up call in the second.
  17. Cavs shooting 41 percent from 3, we're shooting 27. They have had some open looks.
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