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  1. now that I've watched the video, I feel even better about my suspicions that we've drafted our best corner ever, and a chance to be the best player we've ever drafted. Kollman, who I've never heard of, obviously knows what he's talking about, and for him to say Jaycee is the best he's seen since Ramsey is pretty impressive. I'm not sure I've ever been more excited about a draft pick. Also, I hope to see more posts from Kollman.
  2. puts him back late October. Don't forget their DT Onyemata has a 6 game suspension to start the season and we're still waiting to see the punishment Lattimore will get for his felony arrest.
  3. I'll never forget DJax telling that offensive lineman "That's Julius Peppers. Choose your battles, man"
  4. and while that ranking is for offensive weapons, consider our defensive weapons...Burns, Chinn, Brown, Reddick, Donte, and now add Jaycee.....dadgum boys and girls, the future is bright. Please Sam, be the man.
  5. hopefully Darnold becomes our franchise QB. If so, we need to spend a 4th or 5th next year on backup.
  6. only the Jets, Jaguars and Broncos have more cap space than we do this year, but we're 14th for next year.
  7. career earnings of 40 million....good career. Enjoy your retirement.
  8. South Carolina just increased regulations for flounder... " The results from a 2019 study of the Southeast’s flounder, one of the region’s most sought-after saltwater fish, were sobering: the research showed that southern flounder numbers were at historically low levels across the region due to overfishing. Following the regional study, biologists from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) confirmed similar trends in South Carolina waters: the overall abundance, number of young fish produced and average size of southern flounder were all down. A public surve
  9. all 26 of them over the last 2 weeks. " The first thing that jumps out to me is the fact that Jalen Johnson got his own individual workout. That’s more likely by design from his camp rather than special interest from the Hornets, but I found it notable nonetheless. Johnson, James Bouknight, Keon Johnson, and Isaiah Jackson all have the potential to come off the board when the Hornets make their selection at 11 overall. Charles Bassey, JT Thor, Joshua Primo, Jaden Springer, Chris Duarte, and Roko Prkacin, among others, are all projected to go in the late first or early second r
  10. you take someone with that kind of athletic ability, and the work ethic he's shown so far, the desire to surpass and define greatness....
  11. I'm so starved for some Panthers info I don't care if all you report on is shoe colors.
  12. surprised Cam got it and not Shaq. Growing more concerned about LT by the day.
  13. we also have Perryman under contract next year at a very good deal for us, allowing us to keep him cheap or cut and run. Let's hope he can be the guy. We'll need a new OLB next year, but with Perryman and Jermaine, I hope we have our ILB situation firmed up in the short term.
  14. not a lot of fat to cut after Shaq....we are in excellent shape. I was looking at numbers this morning...hopefully we can get a LT in the first round next year...we need linebackers, and a FS, and a stud guard and center would be nice. However, we have the cash now to sign a top flight OT next year, and Jessie Bates is a free agent next year at free safety. The market, as always, for LT next year is very tight and very expensive...but we can be players. We're closer than we think....if Darnold can be the guy.
  15. hope we give a healthy Daley a shot in the new system with an offseason.
  16. Enjoy the last season with Shaq. His cap hit next year is 18.2 mill (lol). We'll cut him and save 12 mill post June 1.
  17. interesting, but like you said, depends on who is there
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