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  1. Interesting article. I know Slater did a great job with ROY Chase Young, and that means a lot. I don't want to miss on a starting LT this year. I don't want to trade back and miss all 3. If 2 of the 3 are available when we pick, I wouldn't trade back more than to 10 and only if we know one will be there. Pitts is the player that will make things interesting...Falcons love him, Cowboys love him, and Verge suggested today we like him so much we could trade up to get him. I don't think Pitts will get close enough to our pick to make a trade, and knowing he'll be one of the non-Q
  2. also, schedule heads up! We play at 1 pm tomorrow...facing the Hawks, who at one time was supposed to be our big rival. Their record is very similar to ours, so it should be a interesting game. Can McDaniels keep it going? Also, Scary Terry is due to go off sometime soon...could be tomorrow.
  3. for casual fans who don't follow much, we did go on the road and beat the 3rd best team in the conference (Hornets still are 4th despite all our injuries), but the Bucks were missing all 5 of their starters. Loving McDaniels!
  4. remember when we got Wannamaker for nothing and most of us still didn't think it was quite worth it? It was worth it.
  5. things couldn't be going better in the 1st...up by 8 most of the time. would be nice to keep that margin all the way through
  6. Enjoy the win and still being 4th in the conference. 24 hours later, we play the Bucks. 9 pm start, gonna need a better Terry than last night, and more help to beat these guys.
  7. a lot of teams are structuring 2 and 3 year deals because of the lower cap this year. It could mean we give him a deal that makes it easy to cut him next year, or it could mean we like him that much. We'll find out in a year.
  8. McDaniels did look like a rookie though. Turnovers, out of place at times, but he's young and hasn't had much playing time. Glad to see him get time on the floor, it looked like he was having fun. Hope he keeps developing.
  9. Hornets win by double digits, and are 3-2 on this road trip. Leading scorer was Jalen McDaniels with 21! Our young guys showing we have more depth than we think.
  10. Joe Person @josephperson · 1m Panthers are signing free agent CB A.J. Bouye, league source confirms. @MikeKlis first.
  11. Hornets up big early, 16-6....keep it going.
  12. at the Thunder tonight, 8 pm, but they have a 9-16 record at home, so there is a chance. We'll need Terry to be Terry, but two other guys at least need to step up
  13. welcome OP, I appreciate you coming here to say that. I am optimistic about Sam, and think he has a very good chance. Apologies for the bad posts you'll read here, hope you'll enjoy the good ones.
  14. not many people with more insight in this situation than Robby.
  15. Natalie M. @Nat_NFLDraft · 2h Of all the QBs you have heard the Broncos be "in" on, Teddy Bridgewater is the only legitimate one. I imagine Teddy will either end up in Denver, New Orleans, or San Francisco.
  16. Natalie M. @Nat_NFLDraft · 9m Of all the QBs you have heard the Broncos be "in" on, Teddy Bridgewater is the only legitimate one. I imagine Teddy will either end up in Denver, New Orleans, or San Francisco.
  17. A team will trade for Teddy. We won't get much, but we will not be sending a pick with him. He has value, just not to us. A pre-June 1st trade leaves us with 15 mill in dead cap over the next 2 years with almost 34 million in cap space gained, and post-June 1st trade leaves us with 10 million dead cap and almost 39 million cap space saved. All figures over the next 2 years. Since most teams are cash strapped this year, and we are not, the bargaining chip is how much of the cap we eat in the trade. We can say we'll make it pre-June 1st, eat more cap space (which again, we have) a
  18. at least now we have hope at QB...it is possible the Jets ruined his career until now. Don't like the 2nd, but worth a flyer considering our situation. BPA and let's build.
  19. "It is unusual to have 3 players of their magnitude out at the same time, but it's the time of the year when teams are dealing with injuries. Don't feel sorry for yourself, this happens to everyone, try to find a way back." Asked about trade deadline and standing pat. "with Cody and Bismack being free agents, we don't know if they will be back, we looked at a trade but didn't find anything we thought was fair. We're going to make the best of the season, develop our players." how to you build with the 3rd youngest team in the NBA. Around Melo? "Rozier doesn't get as much
  20. Hornets actually led the 1st quarter, but Celtics now have their biggest lead in the 2nd quarter. Line was 9.
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