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  1. Joe Person @josephperson · 54m Morgan: Plan to keep Ikem Ekwonu at left tackle. “He’s young. … He’s only going to get better and better.”
  2. Joe Person @josephperson · 44m Morgan also says CAR wants to extend Derrick Brown. Have had conversations with his agent Drew Rosenhaus. David Newton @DNewtonespn · 49m Panthers’ GM Dan Morgan says QB Bryce Young is ‘’just one piece of the puzzle’’ when asked how much of the NFL Combine and offseason is about Young.
  3. especially with the situation he was thrown in to. A lot of our recent draft picks have looked bad, but consider how many coaches and coordinators they've been handed. Some of these guys have had 2 different head coaches in the same season twice. We need stability to give these guys a chance to get better.
  4. He called DJ Moore his spirit animal. Also called Kupp his #1 choice.
  5. the difference between our board's perception of Burns and the Falcons board. They have a thread about PFF's Top 50 free agents and they have fans who really want him...including this post " CombatFalcon Senior Member Posts: 2,229 Posted: yesterday at 3:08pm Post by CombatFalcon on yesterday at 3:08pm Open up the vaults for Brian Burns if he hits free agency. That man is a terror. I'd take Burns over Hunter or Allen.
  6. and the following year we have the most cap space in the league. 254 million. We do not have a cap problem.
  7. with this WR class being so deep, I've read a team can great value in rds 3-4. I was our first pick to be WR, and I'm not against another WR later. All we know we have is Thielen, and he's short term. Also, this apparently a good TE class, so if we can't find one at the right spot, 2 wrs makes even more sense. We need help everywhere, but getting Bryce weapons is the priority in this draft.
  8. one good think he may be able to bring from Tampa...Mike Evans. He's a free agent next year and the Bucs have said they want to bring him back, although they make not be able to do that because of cap space. The FA receivers offer very few options...Evans is one of the best available. My thoughts are to sign one, draft one to go with Thielen. And though we can wave a bunch of cash at him, I thought he wouldn't be interested in the Panthers. Now maby he is..
  9. gotta put props on Demeco...he has put together a team with a great defense and a great young QB. Texans were a laughingstock and playing on the road for a chance to go the championship game.....he deserves credit, along with the front office.\ Meanwhile, Watson and the Browns are eating popcorn
  10. I don't read many NFL team message boards, but the few I do all have the same kind of thread as this one. Boycott pay per view.
  11. Pistons in Charlotte tonight....ESPN giving up a 63% chance of winning. Should be 2-0 when Brooklyn comes to town Monday.
  12. we're going to be picking in the top 3 more than likely, so we have a chance to get one good player who could start. Our 3 biggest needs, imho, are receiver, CB and edge. I've been going back and forth on what is the biggest need. I've come to the decision that we should go WR, because Reich wants to the offense to be the driving force of this team. Aside from Franklin, the two guys at Florida State could be available. We need someone who can get open. Maybe get some CB depth in the third....doubt we'll see an edge that can be a game changer in the 3rd.
  13. Joe Person @josephperson · 2m That's seven false start penalties by Panthers' offensive linemen today. There's still 8 minutes left.
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