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  1. Just heard they actually signed him. Good for him I hope he has a good redemption arc.
  2. I have 1. Terrace Marshall jr beating out David moore 2. Jeremy chinn and Brian burns making the all pro roster 3 Sam darnold with 25+ td 4. Greg little putting it together 5. Sam Franklin starting over Justin Burris
  3. This guy is sick he can come out the backfield like curto and is a 3rd down machine.
  4. He lost his mother and was bullied for his weight in the same year and still being bullied and memed about to this day. I just hope he’s okay mentally.
  5. Chin is going to play the same role he always has. He’s just labeled as a linebacker because we need to put him somewhere on the depth chart
  6. Image we land a Kyle pitts or ja’marr chase. To replace samuel. This offense would be scary AF. So yes I’m excited
  7. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1379471423232737282?s=20
  8. People on this forum wanted to trade the house for an unproven rookie yet are upset about getting darnold for peanuts. Wtf
  9. The number #1 jersey is close to us but its also close to fields too. What would you do?
  10. This board needs to stop looking at XFL highlights. PJ walker is a career jag.
  11. Mac Jones is starting to grow on me.
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