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  1. How many of these "matt rhule bad he need go" threads do we need? we all know he sucks but for everyone's mental health i recommend some of you go take a break and go support the hornets who are the most exciting young team in the league and a bright spot in carolina pro sports right bow.
  2. It’s going to be a lot of threads like this bumped if Matt Rhule leads the panthers to the playoffs next season. I don’t know if that would ever happen but this board is full of so many hypocrites I hope it does.
  3. I swear some of the people on this board want to drive to the stadium and ask for a manager
  4. I may check out on the season but i'll never check out on my team
  5. Has one player currently on the team said anything bad about matt rhule? anyone at all
  6. So many threads like this are going to get bumped if rhule by some miracle turns it around.
  7. Im always upset when the team loses but it's what needs to be done i guess.
  8. Yeah rhule sucks i get it but the way the fanbase is going on about it is kind of classless
  9. If you want the team to lose you're an embarrassment to this fanbase
  10. I'm sorry but most of you are only fans when this team is winning.
  11. Youre really living up to your name because you really do know nothing do you huh
  12. He we make a change and he doesn’t win the Super Bowl immediately this place will be calling for his head too.
  13. I remember everyone calling Luke a bust before he switched positions. I remember Charles Johnson being a bust before his third season. The more things change the more they stay the same.
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