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  1. yall really be getting hooked on names huh? lets just forget that NuK is 30 and hasnt had a 1000 yeard season in 3 years.
  2. Young is going to straight ball. The opposite always happens with this type of negative. It's the universe and poo.
  3. The bust potential on AR is just too high to take at #1
  4. Apart from the atlanta debacle Eddy Solid AF
  5. Fat Rhule benching this guy was so stupid fug fat Rhule and his stupid face
  6. Remember when free agency started and panther fans didn't even bother getting excited until like the 3rd week when we got to suck the meat off the bones left in the pile.
  7. It’s just bears fans that don’t want to accept that fields is just average at best
  8. This thread is getting a little misogynistic-ish I’m going get some popcorn and hang on the sidelines
  9. he clearly said people outside the organization AKA fans wanted the team to tank. Why is this thread still active?
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