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  1. Troy Aikman was a average QB carried by a legendary team.
  2. Running backs need reps. have you ever tried to lift after just waking up?
  3. Watch Chuba ball the fug out the next month or so
  4. I love how aikman and buck go from gargling mills to making excuses
  5. This board PMS's more than a high school girl
  6. Wasnt everyone here ready to kill themselves 45 mins ago?
  7. All chuba needs is to get going. The guy was a workhorse last season in college
  8. ill still take 4 yards a carry if he's just going to fall down
  9. Honestly if the mccaffrey injury is minor and its just a broken foot for horn i think all is still right
  10. its a broken bone in his foot. he could be back before the end of the season.
  11. Don't let this rook think he's something he's not
  12. see ya next season rookie. AJ bouye come on down
  13. i had no idea the huddle had so many doctors
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