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  1. i wonder what this team would look like iwth melo and mark
  2. CMC was dead to me the moment he left carolina.
  3. How come as soon as PJ washinton leaves the hornets hes a potential all start? make it make sense
  4. You don't give up on a first overall pick after 1 season. Are y'all dumb
  5. imagine if he had better protection and a #1 reciever.
  6. Bryce is our future and will lead this team to a Super Bowl within 5 years. Give him some protection and a weapon or two and let him cook.
  7. MVP is the no quit attitude of the team
  8. i still think bryce young is the guy. once we get ben johnson and some guys come back from injury next season will be a step in the right direction
  9. No denying this team is still playing hard despite what our whine ass fans think
  10. bill could no show these last few sundays and still be in the hall of fame
  11. Why would they trade the rookie of the year
  12. we really do have the worst fuging fans in the league. No support whatsoever just whine whine whine. smell like bitch in here every fuging day. pussies
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