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  1. That was basically my thinking
  2. Are any of our corners, now that we have a plethera of good / great players back there, capable of playing meaningful snaps at safety? I could see DeeJax back there, tbh.. What say you?
  3. This was basically a throw away game. Keep as much off tape as you can.
  4. Yep. First TD had me like wtf but after about the 3rd catch, I was with it
  5. I hope your HC shares his vicodin this season season.
  6. Last time I tries to change the name, it wouldn't let me so I said fug it for a while. Yeah, it needs to go. I agree
  7. Did you watch him in the playoffs?
  8. It looked like DJ rolled his ankle on like his first touch and I kind of felt that was a turf deal. It looked like his foot stopped moving before he expected it to.
  9. Probably because your immune system hasn't been compromised..
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