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  1. PJ with the best throw in there. 50 yards in the year com'on
  2. Snow needs to give him one free flag per game to tag some fannies over the middle. That was one of the best parts about that defense when Mike Mitchell was back there banging bodies. One good hit a game was all he needed to make people miss catches in his area. Give me that again, please.
  3. There is no other way to talk player ratings on a scale of 0-100 without the conversation divulging into a madden discussion. I get it. That's why I mentioned it in the op but also, this is more as to where do people actually rate the top rookies in a class, on a scale of 0-100, if we can consider someone the best at their position to be in the high 90's.
  4. and THAT is my point. It's a madden thread for sure.. but i'm curious where people feel the top of the draft should be rated. Like your top five players should be, if not busts, what? upper 80's?
  5. If he admires Kobe as much as he says he does, then work ethic is probably very well apart of his admiration. Let's hope that is so.
  6. This is not a madden conversation, per say, but when I create my draft classes, I usually make most of the first round guys high 70ovr to low to mid 80ovr with an occasional freak at 90ovr. My theory is some of these guys come out being top five at their position in the league and I think that is a fair analysis. At what point do you guys see that cliff from mid 80ovr to mid 70ovr? What are steals in the later rounds worth? Should Tom Brady have been an 80ovr from the beginning? Please keep this civil. I'm simply curious on how we actually view our rookies, relative to the og's
  7. I'm a sociopath. Not a bigot. There's a difference.
  8. Good thread. I'm glad we really kept this on topic guys. Good job. fuging lunatics.
  9. It's it when we're on a god damn sports message board.
  10. I hate a bigot as much as the next guy but I also hate a punk calling out things without providing any context or evidence. This was an appreciation thread for someone doing something you wouldn't do and not a thread for your constant and needless bating of people. Maybe that's what's wrong with today's culture. The entire planet is filled with little kids in the back seat just constantly bitching over nothing. "mommy, he touched me, he touched me!" That's all I fuging hear from people now days. GTF over yourselves.
  11. If we're going all in, I'd rather mortgage for a younger entity. He'd be q good qb for us for a few years. But that's it.
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