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  1. Our 6'5 245-260 lbs QB was used as a goal line back for his entire career. Not the same.
  2. Yes we Cam was a great movement. I want Cam for us and us only but if he has a shot at playing, I'd like that for him too.
  3. The Steelers saved $8m in cutting LB Myles Jack a few days ago. He is basically a vet JAG now, best used in the run game. He'd be a solid rotation piece for goal line situations and 1st down. Would you kick the tires on him for $4m? What would you pay for him? Is there a better prospect you want for the same / cheaper number? We need guys like him for a 3-4 on run expected plays. What say you? edit: sorry if this topic has been made already.
  4. THIS. We want dogs but we don't want untrained dogs.
  5. Well. Hate to call this depth but it better be.
  6. How is Ian at blocking? I thought he's always been a Mercedes Lewis type of guy?
  7. I see you're stuck in the last century. He did a retreat which is considered would wide as a mechanism of self realization and healing. It has cultural significance centuries older than this country and certainly, older that this nation's hypocritical viewpoints on what constitutes as derogatory drug use. You speaking ill on the use of DMT by respective shamans is only a statement to your insecurity in your own self and beliefs. I'm sorry you have been lied to and I'm even more sorry you bought into those narratives. Speaking of drug use, have you had your booster lately?
  8. Foreman has already spent several seasons on "prove it" deals and by all accounts, had a great season last year. This is his only remaining shot to get paid. I don't hate him for it.
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