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  1. If we're going all in, I'd rather mortgage for a younger entity. He'd be q good qb for us for a few years. But that's it.
  2. Was this him? https://youtu.be/NnkUzBlNQes
  3. "actions that caused public harm" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shill
  4. Quick, can anyone spot the shill in this post?
  5. That was a fun ending. I think Keek did a bear hug on their receiver in the endzone as Brady high sided a pass over their head. The ref deemed it uncatchable and after the throw was made, so no PI. Tommy was bitching about it and giving the ref the business all the way off the field. One of the best memories from the "Yes We Cam" era.
  6. It sounds like our deal was for less, which would have been good. Oh well.
  7. It's okay, man. Let it go. It's not his fault. It's not his fault he has been indoctrinated into thinking every shortcoming ever experienced by anyone of any non-white race has been because "white privilege". It's not his fault he plays the victim card so well. It's not his fault he's a hurt bitch.
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