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  1. That's actually quite impressive. I'm not even upset.
  2. I know he used to do radio spots every week, going over games but I've never heard him do anything like commentating. I'm sure there are some clauses in that contract and I'm sure he'll never make the full 10 year commitment but at least he's tied up, I guess.
  3. First of all, friendo, please don't make someone work so hard to reply to you. Quote people, please. Don't @ them. I have no idea what I said an hour ago, let alone however long ago you were. Secondly, what did I say? lol
  4. yeah. This one never quite played out..
  5. Oh, calm down, Francis. All he's saying is the media over projected him, leading with his character story, like they often do. He had a great story and it maybe carried him a little further with the media. That's all. lol
  6. Damn. I don't think I'm saying anything sideways if I say that's saying something coming from Steve Smith. You know what I'm saying? All I'm saying is Steve is the type of guy, seemingly, to understand not to mess with a man's bread publicly. Sounds like danger if fugging Smitty is pointing it out.
  7. We're not fugging trading for Deebo. We already have a Deebo on our team. WTF is this thread still alive?
  8. you can take the cowboy out of Dallas but you can't take the Dallas out of the cowboy..
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